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I Spy With My Little Eye…
Although nobody at GoldenEye really pushes the James Bond thing, Ian Fleming wrote the Bond books here. His house, from which the resort takes its name, overlooks the sea, and there are cottages with names such as Vesper and Solitaire.
Designed With Kids In Mind (Part 2)
For those who really want to spoil the kids, Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has a Barbie Suite with hot pink furnishings. Or try The Plaza, New York , which has an Eloise Suite, themed around Kay Thompson’s Eloise book series.
Designed With Kids In Mind (Part 1)
From ice-cream-flavored spa treatments to Barbie-themed rooms, Priyanka Shewakramani reports on hotels and resorts going the extra mile to keep families entertained.
Climbing The Cuillins
Mention Skye to ramblers worth their saltand the word Cuillins with swiftly appear in the conversation. In terms of grandiose and brutal terrain, few mountain ranges in Britain can compare.
Britain's Most Curious Villages (Part 3) - Plague village, The model chocolate village
We started this feature with the image of a chocolate-box village, and we end it with a chocolate-based village. Officially “one of the nicest places to live in Britain”, Bournville, south of Birmingham’s city center, was created by Quaker brothers George and Richard Cadbury for their workers when they relocated their chocolate-making factory in 1879.
Britain's Most Curious Villages (Part 2) - Scandinavian influence, Stone age village
Perched on the edge of a limestone quarry, the hill-top parish church of St Mary ay Breedon-on-the-Hill contains some of the most remarkable examples of Saxon carvings in the shole of northern Europe.
Britain's Most Curious Villages (Part 1) - Scandinavian influence, Stone age village
Rose-framed cottages and the ancient church tower cluster protectively around the oak-shaded green. Here, in summer, the crack of willow on leather indicates that cricketers are conducting their weekly ritual, to utter bemusement of foreign visitors.
An Urban Legend
Don’t be confused: regular visitors to Chennai will know the name Chola from as far back as 35 years ago, but that hotel has since been rebranded (it’s now known as My Fortune, Chennai).
A Glimpse of Gandhi - The Grandeur of Gandhi Circuit
Gujarat is a land with vibrant scenery, rich culture and delicious food. From pristine beaches and breathtaking hill stations to heritage monuments and the scenic Rann of Kutch, you’ll find everything you need for an enjoyable holiday here. Gujarat is also the birthplace of the Father of the Nation. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Olympic Show Tours Britain
As part of the 2012 countdown to the London Olympics the National Portrait Gallery and BT will be showing over 30 stunning printed panels in major UK cities.
London's Top 10 : Live Music Venues - Top 10 Nightclubs
This legendary London jazz club was opened by saxophonist Ronnie Scott (1929–96) in 1959. Intimate lamplit tables surround a tiny stage that has hosted such stars as Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, and continues to attract top names .
London's Top 10 : Performing Arts Venues
Wannsee has long been a popular destination for Berliners, and it is well worth visiting Strandbad Wannsee. Europe’s largest inland beach, it attracts some 40,000 visitors a day who sunbathe on its beautifully white, artificial beach and swim in the lake.
Berlin's Top 10 : Lakes, Rivers & Canals
Wannsee has long been a popular destination for Berliners, and it is well worth visiting Strandbad Wannsee. Europe’s largest inland beach, it attracts some 40,000 visitors a day who sunbathe on its beautifully white, artificial beach and swim in the lake.
Berlin's Top 10 : Children's Attractions
If you are visiting Berlin with children you should not miss out on the Zoo. Particular favourites are the Monkey House (with baby gorillas and chimpanzees) and the Baby Zoo, where children are allowed to touch and feed the young of various animal species.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Bars - Top 10 San Francisco Tipples
Right in historic Jackson Square, this very upscale, multi-roomed champagne bar features around 300 bubblies on its list. The main room is very beautiful, in a traditionally clubby sort of way .
San Francisco's Top 10 : Cafés - Top 10 Sunday Brunch Venues
A North Beach landmark that must be experienced if you have any interest whatsoever in this quarter’s colorful history – either from the literary and artistic or the Italian points of view. It’s a really great place for a cup of whatever warm liquid you favor, and to sit and people-watch, or dip into one of the city’s free weekly papers .
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Theaters - Top 10 Entertainment Venues
The tragedy of Lincoln’s assassination here in 1865 kept this theater closed for over 100 years, but now it is the home of a vibrant theater company as well as being a museum and historic landmark. Top-notch performers and directors stage exciting plays here .
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Shopping Areas
This mall is worth a visit even for nonshoppers. The architecture in the four-story space is inspired, and there are quiet areas to have a coffee. The shops are mainly boutiques and small emporiums.
Rome's Top 10 : Underground Sights (part 2) - Top 10 Vistas
St Peter’s colonnade and Castel Sant’Angelo can be seen from Michelangelo’s dome .
Rome's Top 10 : Underground Sights (part 1)
The burial tunnels of Rome’s early Christians are like a honey­comb beneath the consular roads out of Rome, especially along Via Appia Antica. Grave niches stacked like shelving along dark corridors are carved into the tufa, with some precious remnants of fresco and engraved marble slabs .
Hong Kong's Top 10 : Nightclubs
A slacker alternative to the unremitting trendiness of SoHo and BoHo, Visage Free is the kind of bar that can disregard commercial imperatives to mount monthly poetry readings. The crowd is loyal and diverse.
Hong Kong's Top 10 : Hong Kong Dishes - Top 10 Dim Sum (Dumplings)
This is virtually Hong Kong’s national dish. The name literally means “fork roast”. The tender fillets of pork are roasted and glazed in honey and spices, and hung in the windows of specialist roast meat shops. Cha siu is classically served thinly sliced, with steamed rice and strips of vegetables.
Madrid's Top 10 : Nights Out
Madrid’s best known disco celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2001. Once a 19th-century theatre, staging zarzuela operettas and music hall, visitors can still gaze down at the dancers from the tiered balconies.
Madrid's Top 10 : Sporting Venues
Bullfighting aficionados are divided over whether it is a sport or an art form Corridas (fights) take place in the Las Ventas stadium (capacity 25,000), which opened in 1931 and even has its own chapel and hospital.
Beijing's Top 10 : Chinese Restaurants - Top 10 Teahouses
Lots of restaurants specialize in Beijing’s most famous dish, and debate rages endlessly over who serves the best fowl. This place is less over-blown and over-priced than many of its rivals, and for that it gets our vote .
Beijing's Top 10 : Beijing Dishes - Top 10 Beijing Street Foods
The best-known dish in north Chinese cuisine. The duck, a local Beijing variety, is dried and brushed with a sweet marinade before being roasted over fragrant wood chips. It is carved by the chef and eaten wrapped in pancakes with slivered scallions (spring onions) and cucumber.
Chicago's Top 10 : Shopping Destinations - Top 10 Souvenirs
A slew of chain stores line this legendary street , but it’s the two old-time department stores that make it unique. The former Marshall Field’s, now Macy’s, here since 1907, has merchandise to satisfy every wealthy woman’s needs.
Chicago's Top 10 : Kids' Chicago
Kids make a beeline for Navy Pier’s old-fashioned carnival rides including a 10-storey Ferris Wheel and musical carousel. The ships that line the docks, from sleek, tall-masted schooners to powerful motor boats will also grab their attention.
Munich's Top 10 : Bars & Cafés - Top 10 Bars, Cafés & Pubs with Live Music
Historic coffee house in the Hofgarten, open morning to night. Take a seat inside and be transported back to the 1800s. In summer, there are two patios, one on Odeonsplatz, the other beneath linden trees on the Hofgarten side. Live music is occasionally performed by music students.
Munich's Top 10 : Nightlife - Top 10 Singles Bars & Cafés
With its bright orange 1960s decor, the Atomic has been a popular club for years. You’ll find a broad spectrum of live music here, from Brit pop, indie, and hip-hop, to rock and soul.
Seattle's Top 10 : Stores & Shopping Centers
Both Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines have praised the Swiss-born kitchen wizard, Kaspar Donier, who combines exotic flavors with local fish and seafood such as Penn Cove mussels, Alaskan king salmon, and crab dishes.
Seattle's Top 10 : Restaurants - Top 10 Sushi Restaurants
Both Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines have praised the Swiss-born kitchen wizard, Kaspar Donier, who combines exotic flavors with local fish and seafood such as Penn Cove mussels, Alaskan king salmon, and crab dishes.
Barcelona's Top 10 : City Views
Montjuïc offers myriad viewpoints. The best is from the castle and gardens with their superb panoramas over the port and the city. Take the cable car up to the castle and walk down through ever-changing vistas to the Font del Gat café to enjoy a cool drink in its romantic gardens.
Barcelona's Top 10 : Most Fascinating Markets
Barcelona’s best flea market, Els Encants (east of the city) is where you’ll find everything you want, from second-hand clothes, electrical appliances and toys to home-made pottery and used books.
Toronto's Top 10 : Brunches - Top 10 Best Snacks
This elegant restaurant in the venerable Windsor Arms Hotel has for decades been a city favorite for a romantic Sunday brunch. The traditional-style buffet includes salmon, made-to-order omelets, roasts, and desserts.
Toronto's Top 10 : Restaurants
Stellar views from the 54th floor of the Toronto Dominion Bank Tower make this one of the most enchanting rooms in the city. Lunchtime business crowds may close deals over lobster clubhouse sandwiches on brioche, but the evening ambience is decidedly more romantic.
Boston's Top 10 : Essential Shopping Experiences
Being presented with a grilled salmon fillet may be more appealing than cooking one yourself, but this 350-year-old outdoor produce market still holds undeniable charm for visitors. Witness the feeding frenzy as fishmongers try to undercut each other on the day’s catch.
Boston's Top 10 : Festivals & Events - Top 10 Sporting Traditions
Given Boston’s indispensable role in securing independence for the original 13 colonies, Independence Day adopts a certain poignancy here. With beer-fueled barbecues and a fireworks display on the Charles River banks, Boston throws the nation a rousing birthday party.
New York's Top 10 : Romantic Settings - Top 10 City Oases
The horse-drawn hansom cabs lined up at the edge of Central Park are romance personified. The driver, appropriately attired in fancy dress and top hat, will help you up as you nestle in for a 20-minute trot past park landmarks .
New York's Top 10 : Cabarets - Top 10 Comedy Clubs
Chic and classy Café Carlyle is New York at its best and is well worth the steep cover charge; Eartha Kitt was a regular, and Woody Allen is often part of Monday night jam sessions. Bemelmans Bar features pianists like Barbara Carroll, and a cheaper tab.
Paris Top 10 : Cafés and Bars
A hang-out for artists and intellectuals since the 1920s, its regulars have included Salvador Dali and Albert Camus. During World War II Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir “more or less set up house in the Flore”.
Paris Top 10 : Walks in Paris - Top 10 Outdoor Activities
A stroll through the beautiful Tuileries Gardens is one of the must-dos of Paris. Before the Revolution this was a prime spot for the aristocracy to show off their latest fashions. The gardens are now part of the Musée du Louvre .
London's Top 10 : Royal London - Top 10 Royals in Everyday London Life
The finest piece of Tudor architecture in Britain, Hampton Court was begun by Henry VIII’s ally Cardinal Wolsey in 1514 and later given to the king. It was enlarged first by Henry and then by William and Mary, who employed Christopher Wren as architect. Its many rooms include a huge kitchen, a Renaissance Picture Gallery, the Chapel Royal and fine royal apartments.
London's Top 10 : Famous Residents - Top 10 Blue Plaques
The famous but fictitious detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle first appeared in 1891. He still gets regular fan mail sent to his equally fictitious address of 221b Baker Street .
Berlin's Top 10 : Festivals & Fairs - Sports Highlights
For one night, entrance to many of Berlin’s museums is free. Many institutions also put on special events for that weekend, and the street artists and sellers entertain the public, who normally wait in long queues.
Berlin's Top 10 : Shops & Markets
Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here, in Europe’s largest temple of consumption. On eight floors, the venerable KaDeWe (department store of the West) offers more than three million products. On its gourmet floor, West Berlin’s former “shop window”, you can choose from 1,800 cheeses, 1,400 breads and pastries and 2,000 cold meats.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Restaurants - Top 10 Romantic Dinner Spots
More perfect food than this, in a more quietly refined setting, or with more elegantly considerate service is hard to imagine. When you want to give yourself a treat, make a reservation here and prepare to be pampered with the very best food and wines .
San Francisco's Top 10 : Scenic Drives - Top 10 Hair-raising Hills
More famous panoramas await you here, as you wind your way up the two mountains. You can get 360-degree views of the city to the east, the ocean to the west, the Bay to the north, and the valleys to the south .
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Places of Politics and Intrigue - Top 10 Congressional Leaders in History
The Watergate complex became the most infamous apartment and office complex in the world when a bungled burglary there, as part of an espionage campaign against President Nixon’s opponents, led to his resignation .
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Children's Attractions
The animals in Washington, D.C.’s zoo are housed in large, recreated natural habitats and are close enough to be clearly observed. Sea lion demonstrations never fail to delight. The Kids’ Farm is an educational, interactive, outdoor exhibit, where children can touch and learn about farmyard animals .
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