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48 Hours In Sydney (Part 1)
Sydney is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A glimpse from the air reveals sparkling sails of the Opera House (Opera House), the Harbour Bridge and the channels create an incomparable Sydney. In this aerial beach picture, glasses and chromes fly high, marking the center business city (or CBD) of shopping area.
10 Trips To Consider. Hurry up!
Let use your walking shoes if you can. When the rains pour down your plan in June, you may have to wait all year to climb the high mountains. Let's sign up 8-day trip to Har Ki Dun in the western Garhwal to combine the emotion of walking and rafting in this season (fixed departure on May 6th and 9th).
Fateh Sagar Lake: New Royalty
A few years ago, the idea of ​ ​a new "palace hotel" at Udaipur would seem so audacious. For a city of history and affluent lifestyle, the POP roofs surely cannot compete. And Lake Palace, mobile scene of main real estate, right? Is it Genuine Heritage Royal Hotel, so who dares to bring down something like that?
Madrid - Around Town : Chueca and Malasaña (part 3) - Places to Eat and Drink, Tabernas
Chueca’s best haute cuisine restaurant is not cheap, but it is a real gem. The menu changes regularly to make the most of seasonal produce, such as game and wild mushrooms.
Madrid - Around Town : Chueca and Malasaña (part 2) - Fashion Shops, Specialist Shops
Spain produces more olive oil than any other country, and this supplier stocks the finest Extra Virgin. Also look for the DO (denominación de origen) quality control on the label .
Madrid - Around Town : Chueca and Malasaña (part 1)
Two of Madrid’s most lively barrios lie just off the Gran Vía. Chueca was originally home to the city’s blacksmiths and tile makers. Run down for many years, it has enjoyed a renaissance after being adopted by Madrid’s gay community – the area puts on its glad rags every summer for the Gay Pride celebrations.
Chinese Cities (Part 2)
In Kunshan, Yangcheng Lake, we went to the hotel that is built and owned by government in the large lake area. State hotel always has best location.
Chinese Cities (Part 1)
This is a magnificent lady with China, Japan, France, Italy and India suites. As a cultural revolution of lifestyle, it has been added as a maid of the officials in the last century. Facing with the Gothic gate is a land with cabbage planted vertically.
Far From The Madding Crowd
Sunlight glistened on the crisp, white snow and fluffy clouds raced across the blue sky. What a superb final day for my three-day cross-country skiing trip, I thought, as I looked out of the hotel window that morning. But Mother Nature had other plans.
Chicago - Streetsmart - Stylish Stays, Budget Sleeps, Business-Friendly Stays
Built in 1897, this beautiful building incorporates both Romanesque Revival and Arts and Crafts styles. The large guest rooms have Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired furniture, high ceilings, and large windows. A complimentary dessert hour is offered Monday through Thursday for in-house guests.
Chicago - Streetsmart - Luxury Hotels, Historic Hotels
The Ritz has it all – superior service, an award-winning dining room, spa, and state-of-the-art-business facilities. Impressive views complement the classic furnishings and fine art in its spacious guest rooms, but it’s the little things, like Bulgari toiletries and toys and cookies for the kids that puts it in a league of its own.
Munich - Day Trips & Excursions : Lakes & Towns in Upper Bavaria
With its gentle moraine mills and rugged mountains created during the Ice Age, peaceful moor lakes and rapid mountain streams, and picturesque towns and villages, the sub-Alpine region of Upper Bavaria is full of natural beauty.
Munich - Day Trips & Excursions : Baroque & Rococo in Pfaffenwinkel
Pfaffenwinkel is a classic alpine foothill region. Gently sloping hills and verdant pastures alternate with forests, fens, and small lakes. Geographically, the region is bounded by the Lech, Ammer, and Loisach rivers, and by the southern end of Ammersee and Starnberger
Seattle - Around Town : Streetsmart - Budget Hotels & Hostels, Apartments & Private Homes
The inn includes free parking with your nightly rate, and local and toll-free calls are gratis. Suites come with coffee maker, microwave, and a refrigerator. There’s also a coin-op laundry on the premises.
Seattle - Around Town : Streetsmart - Neighborhood Hotels, B&Bs & Guesthouses
Queen Anne neighborhood’s stately hotel provides a wonderful alternative to the area’s chain motels and hotels. Walk to quaint cafés, trendy bars, and small shops. Reserve a room away from the street to avoid noise from the boisterous foot traffic heading to or from concerts and sports events.
Barcelona - Around Town - Gràcia, Tibidabo & Zona Alta (part 3) - Hip Drinking Spots, Restaurants & Tapas Bars
The comfortable sofas, low lights and innovative music policy (pop, lounge and trip-hop) make this one of the coolest hang-outs in the city. Some of Barcelona’s best DJs play here.
Barcelona - Around Town - Gràcia, Tibidabo & Zona Alta (part 2) - Gràcia Boutiques, Gràcia Cafés
An aromatic café that serves hundreds of different teas; the most unusual is the mint tea served with pine-kernels. Typical Morrocan dishes (tagines and couscous) are also available.
Barcelona - Around Town - Gràcia, Tibidabo & Zona Alta (part 1)
The Zona Alta (Uptown) is an area covering several neighbourhoods that, as the name suggests, are in the hilly part of the city. From the moneyed streets of Pedralbes and Tibidabo to bohemian Gràcia, this entire northern area of the city offers stunning views and regal attractions.
Toronto - Streetsmart - Inexpensive Hotels, Mid-priced Hotels
Business travelers as well as families with children are cared for in this modern, multi-story hotel located west of Toronto. Every amenity is offered, including an indoor pool and two restaurants.
Toronto - Streetsmart - Shopping Tips, Accommodation & Dining Tips
In Ontario, accommodation is taxed with a 5 percent accommodation tax and a 7 percent GST (goods and services tax). An additional 3 percent destination tax is also levied on hotel rooms in the City of Toronto. You are entitled to a refund of the GST for hotel accommodation for short stays.
Beautiful Pembrokeshire (Part 3)
Considering the county is mostly built around or near to water, there aren’t many consistently good locations for waterfall shoots apart from, that is, Cenarth Falls. Some could argue it’s only just inside Pembrokeshire thanks to its location sitting on the border with neighbouring Ceredigionshire, but this still doesn’t detract from the fact you can come away with some great images.
Beautiful Pembrokeshire (Part 2)
Tenby is one of those places I absolutely adore and never get tired of visiting, even on the most rainy days! It’s absolutely packed in the summer months due it being a highly regarded holiday destination and the economy is mainly based around tourism. It’s also a mecca for artists and painters alike.
Beautiful Pembrokeshire (Part 1)
Pembrokeshire, my home and where I’ve spent most of my life growing up. Famed for its stunning beaches, seaside villages and rugged coastline; it’s a holiday hotspot at any time of year. It also reveals a great amount of history with its vast number of castles, burial chambers and churches.
10 Best Winter PlayGrounds
Speed-riding is a mixture of paragliding and skiing. Around 2,000 metres up a mountain, with a small canopy (the ‘wing’) attached to your back and a pair of skis on your feet, the idea is to zoom down so the wing fills with air and plucks you a few feet off the slopes. Great fun but not to be tried unless you’re already competent on red pistes.
Boston - Around Town : Kenmore & the Fenway (part 2) - Nightclubs & Bars, Restaurants
Buttoned-down versions of Continental classics have some hidden surprises on this menu, such as magnificent salt-cod fritters and Boston cream pie.
Boston - Around Town : Kenmore & the Fenway (part 1)
On days when the Red Sox are playing a home baseball game at Fenway Park, Kenmore Square is packed with fans. By night, Kenmore becomes the jump-off point for a night of dancing, drinking, and socializing at clubs on or near Lansdowne Street.
New York - Around Town : Union Square, Gramercy Park, and Flatiron (part 2) - Statues and Monuments, Restaurants
At the Flatiron Building, turn east to Madison Square , then have lunch at Tabla or the gourmet 11 Madison Park . Several restaurants on “Curry Hill” also offer inexpensive lunches, including Pongal, No. 110, and Saravanaas at 81 Lexington Ave.
New York - Around Town : Union Square, Gramercy Park, and Flatiron (part 1)
Change is in the air in this flourishing section of Manhattan. Union Square, once a hangout for drug dealers and scene of protest rallies, has been renovated and transformed. A Greenmarket fills the square with fresh produce four times a week, drawing patrons from all over the city, and the neighborhood around the square is attracting an increasing number of new apartments, shops, and restaurants.
Paris - Around Town : Champs-Elysées Quarter (part 3) - Designer Shops, Places to Eat
Chanel classics, from the braided tweed jackets to two-toned shoes as well as Lagerfeld’s more daring designs, are displayed in this branch of the main rue Cambon store.
Paris - Around Town : Champs-Elysées Quarter (part 2) - International Connections, Events on the Champs-Elysées
Paris’s grand avenue was first laid out when Marie de Médici, wife of Henri IV, had a carriage route, the Cours-la-Reine (Queen’s Way), constructed through the marshland along the Seine.
Paris - Around Town : Champs-Elysées Quarter (part 1)
The Champs-Elysées is undoubtedly the most famous street in Paris and the quarter which lies around it is brimming with wealth and power. It is home to the president of France, great haute couture fashion houses, embassies and consulates, and the five-star hotels and fine restaurants frequented by the French and foreign élite.
London - Around Town : Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia (part 2) - Shopping, Eating and Drinking
Literary, legal and scholarly, this is the brainy quarter of London. Dominated by two towering institutions, the British Museum and London University, and bolstered by the Inns of Court, it could hardly be otherwise.
London - Around Town : Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia (part 1)
Literary, legal and scholarly, this is the brainy quarter of London. Dominated by two towering institutions, the British Museum and London University, and bolstered by the Inns of Court, it could hardly be otherwise.
Maple Leaves Forever
Every Canadian garden should include at least one maple tree. After all, the maple leaf is our beloved national symbol. But more than that, it's our national symbol because maple trees (Acer species) grow so darned well in every part of the country. All they ask is sun to part shade, reasonably moist soil, and summer temperatures that are not blazing hot.
Musical Midnights In Marid (Part 2)
While these were great, unplanned, fun evenings, I couldn't leave Madrid without an evening of flamenco music. Miguel had surprised me by saying, "Flamenco must be listened to in silence". The simplicity and absoluteness of his statement intrigued me.
Musical Midnights In Marid (Part 1)
In Madrid, the rule of thumb is: the later the hour, the louder the nightlife. This is a city that doesn't seem to sleep. Taxi drivers told me there are more people on the streets at 3 a.m. than at 3 p.m., and it seemed to me to be true.
Berlin - Around Town : Central Berlin: Scheunenviertel (part 3) - Pubs, Bars & Discos, Restaurants & Cafés
The best of the restaurants serving traditional, hearty fare from Southern Germany and Austria in a kitsch setting, decorated in an Alpine style.
Berlin - Around Town : Central Berlin: Scheunenviertel (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Old Courtyards
Large-scale installations by the resident artists are regularly on display at the alternative gallery space – a recent example was an entire artificial reed garden. The courtyard also has a café in the conservatory.
Berlin - Around Town : Central Berlin: Scheunenviertel (part 1)
The Scheunenviertel, literally the “barn quarter”, Berlin’s former Jewish quarter, has experienced a unique revival in recent years. Originally, the thriving Jewish community lived in neighbouring Spandauer Vorstadt, beyond the city limits, while the Scheunenviertel was better known as a red-light district.
San Francisco - Around Town : Oceanfront (part 2) - Shops, Places to Eat
Begin at the far end of the Merrie Way parking lot and take the steps down. Follow the trail that passes by the Sutro Baths ruins, to your left as you descend. Continue on along to the Overlook, from which you can take in Seal Rocks and much of the Pacific panorama.
San Francisco - Around Town : Oceanfront (part 1)
As with every segment of this city, the area that faces the Pacific Ocean is a study in contrasts. Surprisingly to many, it contains terrains of natural beauty that are just as untamed and craggy as they always have been, particularly the rocky, windswept micro-climates that make up the cliffs and hidden ravines of Land’s End.
San Francisco - Around Town : Bars and Clubs, Places to Eat
A friendly gay mix of young and old make this dark, very central bar one of the most popular on the street. It’s only a bar – no food or music – and as such a great place to begin your evening’s revelries.
Washington, D.C - Around Town : Beyond the City Center (part 2) - Shops, Places to Eat
The inexpensive Tex-Mex food here is a cut above similar places. Even the tortilla chips are flavorful. Tacos, enchiladas, and burritos, of course, but also good grilled fish and shrimp.
Washington, D.C - Around Town : Beyond the City Center (part 1)
The Monumental Core of Washington, D.C. is so rich in sights that visitors may be tempted to look no farther. But many delights lie within easy reach of the city center.
Rome - Around Town : The Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese (part 4) - Pubs, Cafés and Bars, Places to Eat
Rome’s most central disco has remained popular for years, with a pizzeria in the evening and dance music cranking up at midnight. High cover charge on weekends, but always an A-list crowd.
Rome - Around Town : The Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese (part 3) - High Fashion Boutiques, Discount and Specialist Shops
The Florentine saddle-maker turned his leather-working skills into one of Italy’s early fashion successes. The era of ostentatious interlocking “G’s” on everything is over, but the accessories are still top notch.
Rome - Around Town : The Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Art and Antiques Shops
Although it resembles an art museum, you can buy the work on show here: still lifes, religious paintings, mythological compositions, scenes of Roman life and Neo-Classical statues, variously dating from the 16th to 19th centuries.
Rome - Around Town : The Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese (part 1)
Here is Rome at its most orderly and elegant, carefully laid out under 16th-century papal urban planning schemes. Baroque popes such as Leo X and Sixtus V redeveloped the all but abandoned area around the Corso, the extension of the ancient Via Flaminia from northern Italy, for their rapidly growing city.
Hong Kong - Streetsmart : Accommodation Tips, Super Luxury Hotels
Popular with the rich and famous, the splendid, modern Intercontinental (formerly the Regent) is consistently voted among Asia’s best hotels. The huge, beautifully appointed rooms offer fantastic harbour views.
Hong Kong - Streetsmart : Shopping Tips, Tours
For dirt-cheap clothes, head to the markets at Lai Chi Kok and Sham Shui Po. The ubiquitous Giordano and Bossini chains offer decent, good value Gap-style wear. For deeply discounted clearance designer wear head to the shops on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the Pedder Building in Central or Joyce’s warehouse outlet on Ap Lei Chau .
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