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Chicago - Around Town - Far South (part 1)
With magnificent architecture, interesting ethnic enclaves, and stand-out museums, Chicago’s Far South encompasses districts such as Hyde Park and Kenwood that merit a journey off the beaten tourist track – despite being bordered to the south by some less-than-welcoming neighborhoods.
Munich - Around Town : South & West (part 3) - Cafés & Bars, Restaurants
A prototype for many Munich eateries, the Ruffini was the city’s first alternative organic-food café. Absolutely scrumptious are the whole-grain breakfasts and bread from the in-house bakery. The roof patio is popular. Author readings on some evenings.
Munich - Around Town : South & West (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Shops & Markets
Munich’s Isar beach par excellence. Every summer, sun worshippers flock to the gravel banks along the southern Isar, and many stop in at the pretty beer garden of the same name .
Munich - Around Town : South & West (part 1)
South and west of the centre, Munich has a suburban and exclusive residential character, with the exception of the Westend and Neuhausen districts. The latter, which lies to the north, includes Rotkreuzplatz – a square surrounded by beautiful tree-lined streets and bordered by late-19th-century buildings.
Essential Spain : Galicia
Galicia is one if the rare places where even the most everyday activity is a luxury experience. This is an area where people live very well indeed, which is one reason why the Spanish flock to its coastline in summer.
Hello, Alps
South Germany will fill your hearGermany is not just a country of extremely organised people and extremely advanced technology; it is also a place of extreme natural beauty. Its southern reaches have some of the richest vistas in Europe, a region where autumn is a starburst of colours in valleys crowned by the majestic Alps. t with wonder and your mug with some of the best brew.
Sailing To The Top
When you name a product rang ‘The World’s best river cruises’, there’s a lot to live up to. An exclusive partnership between Titan and Uniworld does just that…
Seattle - Around Town - West Seattle (part 2) - Shops, Places to Eat
At 60th Avenue, Alki Beach Park begins and supine bodies populate the sandy stretch. At 61st Avenue SW, look for the miniature Statue of Liberty on the right, built in 1952 on the strip of land early settlers had dubbed “New York Alki”.
Seattle - Around Town - West Seattle (part 1)
A stretch of Elliott Bay separates central Seattle from the peninsula of West Seattle, the city’s oldest and largest district. Connected by a high freeway bridge and a lower span, West Seattle’s proximity to both downtown and the Industrial District has always made it a popular residential area.
Barcelona - Around Town - Port Vell, Barceloneta & Port Olímpic (part 2) - Bars & Beach Clubs, Restaurants & Tapas Bars
Revived, head to Pg Joan de Borbó and make for the beach. Douse yourself in the Med, then siesta in the afternoon sun. Pick yourself up with sangria at the beachside Salamanca Chiringuito (at the end of Pg Joan de Borbó), where you can bury your feet in the sand and watch the waves lap on the shore as the sun dips into the horizon.
Barcelona - Around Town - Port Vell, Barceloneta & Port Olímpic (part 1)
The heady allure of the Mediterranean permeates Barcelona, and a dip into its azure waters is only a few metro stops (or a brisk walk) away. Barcelona’s beaches were once hidden behind an industrial wasteland, but things changed radically in preparation for the 1992 Olympics.
Toronto - Around Town - Greater Toronto (part 2) - Greenspaces, Restaurants
The Pasta Bar is a Toronto institution – and less pricey than the elegant main dining room, which has been serving up inventive, consistently excellent cuisine for decades. Fabulous view of the city.
Toronto - Around Town - Greater Toronto (part 1)
The area surrounding the city proper has expanded rapidly in the last few decades, with suburban bedroom communities popping up around the urban fringe, engulfing fertile farmland.
Boston - Around Town : Downtown & the Financial District (part 2) - A Shopping Spree, Bars & Clubs, Restaurants for Luxury Dining
The “T” will deposit you at Downtown Crossings, where you can peruse the fashions and accessories at Macy’s. Then check out H&M (350 Washington St) for the latest Euro styles and DSW Shoe Warehouse (385 Washington St) for fashion shoes at discount prices.
Boston - Around Town : Downtown & the Financial District (part 1)
The heart of Boston is sandwiched between Boston Common and the harbor. Unlike many US cities, Boston has held tenaciously to its past and there are reminders of nearly four centuries of history embedded in the center of this modern metropolis.
Castle Hopping (Part 2)
On our way back to the hotel, the GPS directs us over the top of a massive hill that overlooks all of Tipperary. It’s nearly dusk, so we decide to ditch the car on the side of the road and enjoy the sunset.
Castle Hopping (Part 1)
It would be easy to dismiss this story as a tall tale that’s been enhanced over hundreds of years and just as many prints of Guinness, but I like to think it’s true. The Irish people we’ve met here are natural storytellers, happy to regale us with historical tales in their singsong accents.
New York - Around Town : SoHo and TriBeCa (part 2) - Nightlife, Restaurants
Spend the rest of the afternoon taking in the varied exhibits at the Apex Art Gallery, 291 Church Street, which also hosts free public events. Afterwards make your way to Dylan Prime for an early evening cocktail, then head to TriBeCa to a leading restaurant, such as Nobu, Bouley, or Chanterelle.
New York - Around Town : SoHo and TriBeCa (part 1)
The area named for its shape (TRIangle BElow CAnal) long consisted mostly of abandoned warehouses. Then Robert De Niro set up his Tribeca Film Center in 1988, stylish restaurants began to open, and the area started to draw celebrity residents.
Paris - Around Town : Create Bookmark Marais and the Bastille (part 4) - Fashionable Hang-outs, Places to Eat
This fashionable and sizeable café has three rooms where the walls are lined with paintings and old-fashioned artifacts. The food is cheap but pretty good, and the later it gets the better the buzz .
Paris - Around Town : Create Bookmark Marais and the Bastille (part 3) - Mansions, Galleries
This 17th-century mansion was home to the Duc de Sully, chief minister to Henri IV. It now houses the French National Monuments administration.
Where To Stay In Montauk
There’s a lot of talk these days in Montauk, the village at the tip of the East End’s South Fork, about Old Montauk versus New. It was always the anti-Hamptons, a place where fishermen, surfers and loners came to kick back, take in the sea air and ride killer waves.
Where To Shop In Montauk
The shop at the Surf Lodge may be tiny but it’s packed with all the makings of a boho-chic beach holiday: cute cover-ups, printed tops and swimwear; sailcloth bags; Soludos espadrilles.
Where To Eat & Drink In Montauk
The hotel’s casual restaurant, right beside the water, looks good – painted wood floors, oversized nautical lights, director’s chairs in vibrant colors – and serves chef Chris Rendell’s creative takes on seafood. Try the mussels in Thai coconut broth or blackened cod with delicate ‘chilli water’.
The Mojito Coast (Part 2)
There’s virtually no nightlife for the visitor to Brasil. It’s a world away from the fleshpots of (he capital, with its pulsating music scene and spandex-clad mulattas shimmying like reef fish through the gloom.
The Mojito Coast (Part 1)
For our first-ever fishing safari together, I had little hesitation in choosing Cuba. Of the 30-odd countries where I‘ve swum my hooks, this is the one I have most revisited: its maritime wildernesses have only recently been opened up to sportsmen, and it’s as offbeat and funky a destination as any I know.
Can You Guess Where This Is?
Madeira… Yep, we couldn’t believe it either. But forget your preconceptions as these destinations shake off their package-holiday reputations and reinvent themselves as cool and luxurious places to visit
London - Around Town : Soho and the West End (part 3) - Pubs and Cafés, Restaurants
A classic Soho café with a wide range of delicious cakes and pastries: the fresh croissants make it a good place for breakfast. Its Frenchness extends to the Toulouse-Lautrec style cartoons byTerroni.
London - Around Town : Soho and the West End (part 2) - Shopping, Late Night Venues
Start the day in Trafalgar Square at 10am when the fountains are switched on. You could spend a day at the National Gallery , but limit yourself to an hour, perhaps just visiting the Sainsbury Wing.
London - Around Town : Soho and the West End (part 1)
London’s West End is where everyone heads for a night out. Clubbers from outside London catch the last trains into the capital and head for its bars and music venues, knowing they won’t leave till dawn.
Waterworld : Three Of The Best Water Sports Destinations
Influenced by its close proximity to Italy, Ascona is the charming Swiss town graced with a unique micro-Mediterranean climate that appears to escape the rest of Switzerland.
The 20 Best Boot Glamping Breaks (Part 3)
This boho hotel at Tulum is where the supermodels come to get picture perfect. You’ll do five hours exercise a day – power-walking, beach workouts, dance, yoga and snorkeling. Meals are low on fat and crabs, but you won’t starve on the healthy menu of fish, salads, organic chicken and veg.
The 20 Best Boot Glamping Breaks (Part 2)
Camp Biche in France is all about having fun while losing weight; a house party at a pretty villa involving loads of outdoor exercise, healthy vegan food – and wine. During the week-long Kickstart programme, most people lose around 8% of their total body fat and boost their fitness.
The 20 Best Boot Glamping Breaks (Part 1)
This mountain-based bootcamp in the French Alps pushes you to peak vitality, with hiking and mountain biking, yoga and tai chi with Christophe Pinna, a member of the French karate team. You can also relax in the hotel’s spa, while the meals are nutritious but delicious, using local, seasonal ingredients.
The Adventures Of Alice In NewYork
A really sweet friend of mine at the museum mentioned dog walking. I was admittedly apprehensive and not too thrilled about the demotion from scientist to dog walker, but the options were a familiar friend: Do what it takes to stay in NYC, or leave NYC.
The Latest Scandi Thrillers!
With the huge success of The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge, Scandinavia has kept us all riveted to our TVs. But it also offers a very tempting smorgasbord of outdoor pleasures, says travel editor David Wickers.
Our Gin & Tonic Garden
Most of the gardens are pocket handkerchiefs, and many of the houses have no outside space at all – so Val and Gavin Robbins’ plot comes as a real surprise. Though less than 30-feet wide, it is almost 250-feet long.
Berlin - Around Town : Kreuzberg & Schöneberg (part 3) - Pubs, Bars & Discos, Restaurants & Cafés
International and German cuisine, served in a former border control point on the banks of the Landwehrkanal. Try the house speciality: Brandenburger Landente aus dem Rohr – a roast duck dish, or dishes with wild mushrooms, when in season.
Berlin - Around Town : Kreuzberg & Schöneberg (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Shops & Markets
At Berlin’s largest and most wonderful market you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other goods from around the world, such as clothes and New-Age items.
Berlin - Around Town : Kreuzberg & Schöneberg (part 1)
Kreuzberg is possibly Berlin’s most notorious district, and it definitely qualifies as its most colourful area. Here, in historic tenement blocks that are slowly but surely being renovated, Turkish families live next door to drop-outs and alternatives, artists and students.
San Francisco - Around Town : Central Neighborhoods (part 2) - Shops, Places to Eat
Bodywear for women and men, brought to you by the infamous entertainment pioneer who brought topless dancing to San Francisco in the 1960s. Naturally, the emphasis is on risqué styles.
San Francisco - Around Town : Central Neighborhoods (part 1)
As with every quadrant of San Francisco, diversity is the keynote here. This area encompasses the oldest money and the highest society of the city’s founding families, as well as some of the poorest of citizens.
10 Reasons To Visit Prague (Part 1)
Prague is a city of alchemy and magic, of history and intrigues, and, as former resident Marlet Le Roux reveals, it sustains body and soul with hearty fare and free-flowing drink
10 Reasons To Visit Prague (Part 2)
Ornately adorned, the Municipal House is a great example of Art Nouveau architecture and houses the magnificent Smetana concert hall, which regularly hosts symphony orchestras. It also contains a couple of restaurants catering to the varied appetites of visiting culture vultures.
Enter The Land Of Dragon (Part 3)
Well-off Chinese people have left bicycles for modern cars but biking around Beijing at night still has its own fascination. Bike Beijing arranges bicycle-tours to the city’s places of interest. These travels are quite comfortable and friendly, for families, with a speed of 9miles/h.
Enter The Land Of Dragon (Part 2)
When coming to Guilin at night, limestone hills stand out of dubious shadows looking like clumsy titans. Though, in the daylight, they are revealed to be naturally remarkable structures.
Enter The Land Of Dragon (Part 1)
The city is also the start of Silk Road, from which brigades carried silks, teas and gems to Western Caribbean. There is a prosperous restaurant, Muslim Quarter, near Drum Tower where you can enjoy grilled lamb kebab. You should watch performances at Drum Tower and nearby Bell Tower.
Santa Monica - California's Surfing Paradise
Visiting California’s surfing paradise, we fell in love with a town of yoga studios, taco trucks and vintage markets.
Back To The Future - The Best Retro Places To Stay And Play (Part 3)
Spitalfields’ fish and chip shop Popies takes its vintage heritage (formica-topped tables and waitresses wearing 1940s headbands) and gives it a fresh spin (all the fish is sustainably sourced and options include mackerel and lemon sole as well as usual suspacts).
Back To The Future - The Best Retro Places To Stay And Play (Part 2)
This original Anderby chalet on the coast dates from the 1950s and has been given a smart modernist makeover. Just the place for a romantic seaside retreat, it sleeps up to five but works just as well for two.
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