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London's Top 10 : Festivals and Events - Top 10 Sports Events
Every year, the City of London elects a Lord Mayor who processes through the Square Mile in a gilded coach. Military bands, floats and city guildsmen in traditional costume go from Guildhall to the Law Courts. Evening fireworks.
London's Top 10 : Shops and Markets
London’s most elegant store has hardly noticed the arrival of the 21st century. The ground-floor food hall is famous for its traditional English produce, and lavish picnic hampers can be found, along with wines, in the basement.
Berlin's Top 10 : Best Places to Eat
The best of international and Austrian cooking is served by Kolja Kleeberg at the stylishly designed Vau. The restaurant has been awarded a well-deserved Michelin star .
Berlin's Top 10 : Famous Hotels
Berlin’s top hotel ranks as one of the finest in Europe. A reconstruction of the historic Adlon hotel, it opened in 1997 and has become popular with celebrities and politicians from around the globe. Even if you are not going to stay here, you could have a cup of tea or coffee in the magnificent lobby.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Beaches
Although extremely beautiful in a wild, untouched way, this tiny, rocky beach is only for the hardiest nature-lovers. It’s quite a hike to get here, although taking the trail up above it is quite a bit easier than going by the lower, coastal trail.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Festivals and Parades - Top 10 Fairs and Gatherings
More than 300,000 people attend this amazing gay event, the largest of its kind in the US, that takes over Market Street, from the Embarcadero to the Civic Center.
Caribean New Traveller's (Part 4)
By day, it is a casual Rodney Bay lunch spot; by night, it isgeared up for a bustling dineer crowd of visiting yachties and resort guests. They are primarily attracted by the creations of St Lucian chef Magdalene Emmanuel, who, with more than 20 years of kitchen time under her belt, is expert at both Caribbean and American cuisine.
Caribean New Traveller's (Part 3)
In the 1700s, the crew of a Spanish galleon buried 55 chest of silver here (and it is said that some of the treasure remains). A century later, the island inpired Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.
Caribean New Traveller's (Part 2)
Do thirsty sailors would brave the waters of the British Virgin Islands to make it ashore, and pay with wet dollar bills. Many were on a pilgrimate to the birthplace of the Painkiller, a dangerous cocktail that proliferated in the area as speedly as the Caribbean plant for which it is named.
Caribean New Traveller's (Part 1)
Its was once accessible only by water ( there is now a rough road, though most visitors still arrive by boat ). Do thirsty sailors would brave the waters of the British Virgin Islands to make it ashore, and pay with wet dollar bills. Many were on a pilgrimate to the birthplace of the Painkiller, a dangerous cocktail that proliferated in the area as speedly as the Caribbean plant for which it is named.
Adventurous ASIA – 2012 (Part 5)
Once there adramtic panorma awaits of azure waters, golden sand, abundant mangrove forest and the coral reefs of ConSown Island, one of 16 in the Con Dao Island Archipelago at Vietnam’s futhest southeastern point.
Adventurous ASIA – 2012 (Part 4)
Dharma- influenced Ashtanga retreats are scheduled regularly here with popular Phuket yogi Kimberly Roberts bringing the benefit of her knowledge at Uma Paro and Amankora in Bhutan to this Thai riverside sanctuary where participants meditate while dusky leaf monkeys swing between the trees.
Adventurous ASIA – 2012 (Part 3)
Learn the ways of the ancient travellers on a trek following in the footsteps of 9th century Buddhist scholar and high priest Koho Daishi across the cherry blossomed- landscape of Japan
Adventurous ASIA – 2012 (Part 2)
Most visitors to Macau get their adrenaline rush at the high- stakes casinos or watching Cirque de Soleil’s panopply of fantastical creatires. Less dangerous for some than a night on the town may be to climb 233- metre Macau Tower for its SkyJump, the world’s second highest commercial sky jump.
Adventurous ASIA – 2012 (Part 1)
Take a Himalayan trek across China’s wilder side. Drive off road by jeep through Vietnam’s sand dunes. Trek into the Cambodian jungle with eyes peeled for rare birds to spend a starry night alongside a deserted Andkor temple. Dive with whale sharks at newly- discovered sites along a marine superhighway known as the Wallace Line.
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Festivals and Cultural Events - Top 10 One-Day Events
At the end of winter, locals and visitors alike are revitalized by the early jolt of spring provided by the riot of colorful flowers and inviting landscapes recreated indoors. The air itself is restorative, scented by blossoms.
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Restaurants
Condé Nast Traveler magazine named this one of the 50 most exciting restaurants in the world .
Water Discus Hotel…that's what we call “ INNOVATION”
What is it actually? This is an upcoming hotel in Dubai which will comprise two discs – an underwater and above-water one. This combination will allow guests to admire to depths of the oceans while making the most of warm climate.
Rome's Top 10 : Rome for Children
Scipione Borghese’s private Renaissance park and the adjacent 19th-century Pincio gardens, with statues and fountains, are a joy to explore, especially on two wheels. There are bike rental stands scattered throughout the park.
Rome's Top 10 : Green Spaces
Extensive, elegant and full of shady glades and beautiful fountains, this is a great park for a stroll, a picnic or a jog. You can also go boating on the artificial lake, rent a bicycle or in-line skates .
Hong Kong Island – Northwest (part 5) - Restaurants
Pierre Gagnaire’s menu shows off his skills as a three-star Michelin chef. Expect creative, modern French cuisine served in an impressive setting.
Hong Kong Island – Northwest (part 4) - Bars and Clubs
Unquestionably, this is one of Hong Kong’s buzziest bars of the moment. Take in the fabulous crowd, soaring ceilings and big city vibe. Also written as 1/5.
Hong Kong Island – Northwest (part 3) - Up-Market Malls and Boutiques
Upmarket clothing, with concessions from most big Western designer brands, houseware, beauty products, glass and porcelain ranging from the exotic to the naff.
Space For ALL Your Friends
Looking for somewhere to celebrate a family anniversary, a landmark birthday, a reunion of old friends? Travel editor David Wickers offers a grand selection of big houses to rent, at home and abroad
Officially Spring Starts Here (Part 2)
Spring in Japan finds the whole country obsessed by cherry blossoms. As well as being an amazing sight, the pink flowers, which sumbolise rebirth and celebration, inspire scores of parties in parks and shrines, including Hamarikyu park in Tokyo, Yasaka shrine in Kyoto and Kenrokuen gardens in Kanazawa.
Officially Spring Starts Here (Part 1)
Wild daffodils, icons of British springtime, can be seen in late March and early April on the Lakeland shores of Ullswater, where Wordswoth came across his famous ‘host’.
Madrid's Top 10 : Restaurants
On the authority of the Guinness Book of Records, Botín is the world’s oldest restaurant, having opened its doors in 1725. The dining rooms retain much of their original decor including azulejo tiles and oak beams, and the atmosphere is convivial.
Madrid's Top 10 : Tapas Bars - Top 10 Tapas Dishes
Like all genuine Madrid tascas, this pub on the edge of Salamanca serves its customers a tasty appetizer with each drink, to give them an idea of what’s on offer. Croquetas de Bacalao béchamel paste deep fried with nuggets of cod are the house speciality.
Beijing - Around Town : Tian'an Men Square and the Forbidden City (part 3) - Restaurants
A line up of 40 or 50 stalls entice and repulse in equal measure with meat kabobs but also flame-grilled snake and scorpions.
Beijing - Around Town : Tian'an Men Square and the Forbidden City (part 2) - A Day Around Tian'an Men Square and Wangfujing Dajie
Several floors of big-name international high-end retailers, from Apple and Sony to Armani and Paul Smith. Don’t expect any bargains.
Beijing - Around Town : Tian'an Men Square and the Forbidden City (part 1)
The geographical, spiritual, and historical heart of Beijing, Tian’an Men Square and the Forbidden City together represent a yin and yang arrangement; one is a mind-bogglingly vast, empty, rectangular public space, the other is an even more massive, rectangular walled private enclosure.
Chicago's Top 10 : Sights off the Beaten Track
About 25 miles (40 km) north of Chicago, this attraction comprises 385 acres (155 ha) of natural habitats and beautifully landscaped gardens. Some of the most popular are the romantic Rose Garden, the tranquil island-based Japanese Garden, and the charming English Walled Garden.
Munich's Top 10 : Walks & Cycling Tours
Departing from the Deutsches Museum, walk south upriver along the right bank of the Isar. At the halfway mark, it’s worthwhile taking a short detour to see the rose garden .
Munich's Top 10 : Children's Attractions - Top 10 Child-Friendly Cafés & Restaurants
Older children will be fascinated by many displays in the largest museum of technology in the world – from classic building block sets to full-size jet airplanes. Young children will delight in exploring the Kinderreich section.
Seattle's Top 10 : Day Trips: Mountain Getaways - Top 10 Features of Mount Rainier
Local Native American tribes regarded Snoqualmie Falls as a sacred place. The 276-ft (84-m) waterfall, beautifully divided in two sections by a convenient rock outcropping, marks the end of the Cascade Plateau, where the Snoqualmie River begins its final descent to the sea.
Barcelona's Top 10 : Attractions for Children
The zoo has an enormous adventure playground where children can run wild. There are also dolphin and whale shows in one of the aquariums. Other activities for children include guided tours and workshops. The “farm” area has goats and rabbits that younger children can stroke.
Barcelona's Top 10 : Activities in Barcelona - Top 10 Spectator Sports & Events
Head to the city beaches to cool down and escape the stifling heat. Barcelona boasts a wide range of fabulous beaches, from Barceloneta, lined with bars and restaurants, to the reclaimed beaches of Vila Olímpica, Bogatell and Mar Bella.
The Wild East
Thanks to the Beijing Resplendency Great Exploit Real Estate Company Ltd, second-homes from China’s capital need only drive two hours north from the city and they’re in the American Wild West.
The Real Riviera (Part 3) - From St Tropez to Cassis
The most striking thing about this three-bedroom guest house, which opened in July 2009, is the stunning geometrical mastery of indoor/outdoor space, designed to make the most of its views of the sparkling Mediterranean sea and Cap Canaille, a monumental limestone cliff that turns deep red at sunset.
The Real Riviera (Part 2) - From Cannes to St Tropez
A comfortable alternative to the palace hotels of Monaco, it has bright walls and striped curtains, and original drawings and photographs by Jean Cocteau, among other artists associated with the area.
The Real Riviera (Part 1) - From Menton to Cannes
A comfortable alternative to the palace hotels of Monaco, it has bright walls and striped curtains, and original drawings and photographs by Jean Cocteau, among other artists associated with the area.
Soul Surfing (Part 2)
Serenity beach. I choose Nature Loft, a complex of little huts built from dried palm leaves and bamboo. Mine is a tree house with an ocean view. After two surfing sessions and more yoga I am exhausted, in that lovely way I remember feeling as a child, after having played on the beach all day.
Soul Surfing (Part 1)
Between catching waves I lie lazily on my surfboard, staring back at the shore. The sand is lined with fishing boats; beyond it lies a jungle of palms.
London Looks East (Part 3)
Behind an unmarked door on Great Eastern street is Lounge Bohemia, a semi-secret cocktail bar run by a Czech mixologist, famed for such outré creations as Campari Candy Floss and the Full English Brakfast Martini (far nicer than it sounds).
London Looks East (Part 2)
Or try Ombra Bar and Restaurant, a Venetian-style bacaro that has become the favourite lunch spot of the artists and gallerists who inhatbit Vyner Street in Hackney. Don’t expect airs and graces; the wine comes in tumblers, the bread comes in paper bags, and the menu is two of three items chalked up on a board.
London Looks East (Part 1)
The traditional heart of the IK capital may be in the west, but a young generation of artists, chefs, designers and hoteliers – as well as a brand new Olympic park – has taken up residence on the other side of town. Writing exclusively for Condé Nast
All About Evora (Part 3)
It is well known to oenologists, but a little surprising to the rest of us, that the region is not only by far Portugal’s prime producer of plonk, but increasingly the source of some genuinely classy and sophisticated wines.
All About Evora (Part 2)
Evora managers to be not only an outstandingly beautiful and well-preserved city, but also functional and user-friendly. Almost everything worth seeing lies within the ring of fortifications, and nothing is further than a half-hour walk from anything else.
All About Evora (Part 1)
An elegant and unspoilt walled town in the heart of the Alentejo wine country, Evora is an ideal destination for lovers of culture and cuisine, says Paul Richardson.
Toronto - Around Town - Harbourfront & the Financial District (part 2) - An Art Walk
Start at Commerce Court North to admire the stunning lobby. Walk west to Bay St and the TD Centre , noting the Wall and Chairs sculpture in the plaza and Joe Fafard’s life-sized bronze cows lounging on the lawn behind
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