1. Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe)

    Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here, in Europe’s largest temple of consumption. On eight floors, the venerable KaDeWe (department store of the West) offers more than three million products. On its gourmet floor, West Berlin’s former “shop window”, you can choose from 1,800 cheeses, 1,400 breads and pastries and 2,000 cold meats. The window displays and inner courtyards are also worth a visit in themselves .

    • Tauentzienstr. 21–24

    • 030 21 21 0

    • 10am–8pm Mon–Thu, 10am–9pm Fri, 9:30am–8pm Sat

    The KaDeWe
  2. Galeries Lafayette

    This small French department store specializes in classic women's- and menswear on one level, and young fashion upstairs. French delicacies are sold in the food department.

    Food department Galeries Lafayette

    The famous glass cone at Lafayette
  3. Antik- und Flohmarkt Straße des 17. Juni

    Berlin’s largest art and antiques market specializes in antique furnishings and fittings, cutlery and porcelain, books, paintings, clothing and jewellery. The traders are professionals and demand high prices, but in return you are assured of buying something splendid. With its street artists and buskers, the market is an ideal weekend spot for a bit of browsing, dawdling and people-watching .

    • Straße des 17. Juni

    • 10am–5pm Sat, Sun

  4. Department Store Quartier 206

    This fashion store is one of the most exclusive in town. Here, the man-about-town can purchase his Gucci or DKNY ties, while the lady tries on Versace or Calvin Klein gear on three floors in the Friedrichstadtpassagen .

    • Friedrichstr. 71

    • 030 20 94 62 40

    • 10:30am– 7:30pm Mon–Fri, 10am–6pm Sat

    Inside Quartier 206
  5. Stilwerk

    Style is writ large in this trendy shop. Stilwerk is not a department store, however, but a shopping centre, specializing in designer furniture, lamps and fittings – basically anything good and expensive.

    • Kantstr. 17

    • 030 31 51 50

    • 10am–8pm Mon–Fri, 10am–6pm Sat

    Façade of the Stilwerk shopping centre
  6. Gipsformerei Staatliche Museen

    If you fancy a Schinkel statue for your home or an elegant Prussian sculpture from the palace gardens, you’ll find moulded plaster reproduction in all shapes and sizes here.

    • Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 17–18

    • 030 326 76 90

    • 9am–4pm Mon–Fri, till 6pm Wed

  7. Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (KPM)

    Prussia’s glory and splendour to take away – traditional KPM porcelain for your dining table at home. Apart from elegant porcelain dinner services, figures and accessories made in the Berlin factory are also on sale.

    • Unter den Linden 35

    • 030 206 41 50

    • 10am–8pm Mon–Fri, 10am–7pm Sat

  8. Markt am Winterfeldtplatz

    The trendiest and also the most attractive weekly food and clothing market in Berlin has developed into a hotspot of the Schöneberg crowd. This is the place for meeting up on Saturday mornings.

    In Winterfeldtplatz
  9. Türkenmarkt am Maybachufer

    Berlin’s largest weekday Turkish market lures visitors with its smells and dishes from A thousand-and-one-nights. Bartering is expected .

    • Maybachufer

    • noon–6:30pm Tue–Fri

  10. Berliner Antik- und Flohmarkt

    Numerous antique and junk shops are hidden underneath the S-Bahn arches at Friedrichstraße Station. Much of it is overpriced, but occasionally you will find a bargain.

    • Friedrichstr., S-Bahn arches

    • 030 208 26 45

    • 11am–6pm Wed–Mon

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