1. Villa Borghese

    Extensive, elegant and full of shady glades and beautiful fountains, this is a great park for a stroll, a picnic or a jog. You can also go boating on the artificial lake, rent a bicycle or in-line skates .

    Villa Borghese
  2. Pincio

    The traditional time to enjoy the most famous panorama of Rome is at sunset. Other charms here include the water clock, the busts of various notables and an Egyptian-style obelisk Emperor Hadrian erected on the tomb of his beloved Antinous.

    Water clock, Pincio
  3. Villa Celimontana

    Picnics have been a tradition here since 1552, when San Filippo Neri instituted the Visit of the Seven Churches and the Mattei family offered pilgrims a simple repast. In summer it’s the venue for wonderful dinner-concerts.

    • Piazza della Navicella 12

    • Open dawn–dusk

    • DA

  4. Villa Doria Pamphilj

    Rome’s largest green area, extending from the Gianicolo along the ancient Via Aurelia. It’s a terrific place for a run and offers a course of exercise posts. Its hills are adorned with villas, fountains, lakes and orangeries and are perfect for strolls; or enjoy a picnic under the umbrella pines .

    Villa Doria Pamphilj
  5. Orto Botanico

    The graceful botanical gardens and grounds of Palazzo Corsini now provide one of the most enjoyable places to while away an hour or two and breathe in air richly perfumed by more than 7,000 plant species that thrive here. The gardens, which now belong to the University of Rome, include indigenous and exotic varieties, grouped according to ecosystems .

    Orto Botanico
  6. Villa Sciarra

    This small park is replete with fountains, gazebos, ponds, loggias and statuary. There are leafy lanes for walking and lawns for relaxing. It’s a good place for children, too .

    • Via Calandrelli

    • Open dawn–dusk

    • DA

  7. Villa Ada

    This huge public park, originally the hunting reserve of King Vittorio Emanuele III, has rolling lawns, serene waters and copses. It’s worth the trip out if you need an antidote to the fumes and noise of the city. On summer nights the lake at the far end hosts food stalls and concerts.

    • Via Salaria

    • Open dawn–dusk

    • DA

  8. Piazza Cairoli

    One of the very newest city parks makes an ideal break from this hectic district. Sitting on a bench by a well-tended lawn, with flowers in bloom and the gently splashing fountain, can go a long way towards restoring frayed nerves.

    • Via Arenula, Via dei Giubbonari

    • DA

  9. Colle Oppio

    After hours of walking around the Forum and the Colosseum in the high summer heat, these green slopes can be a welcome sight. Most of the Colle Oppio park is actually the roof of Nero’s Golden House , and you can see skylight structures for its rooms. If you haven’t had enough of sightseeing, you can also examine the massive remains of the Baths of Trajan scattered about the area.

    • Via Labicana, Parco Oppio

    • DA

  10. Parco della Resistenza dell’8 Settembre

    This former dustbowl has now been turned into a pleasant slice of greenery, where local people picnic and children play. Since it’s one of the few parks in the city without walls or gates, it’s perfect for enjoying a moonlight stroll here after dinner.

    • Viale della Piramide di Cestia, Viale M Gelsomini

    • DA

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