Summer Slim-Downina Box (part 1) - Andalusian chicken, Broccoli and almond chili, atermelon and tomato gazpacho

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Kick-start your bikini body with these delicious and fuss-free delivery diets

No matter how determined you are to be healthy, sticking to a virtuous diet isn’t easy. We’re all for home cooking but, whine time isn’t on your side, give yourself a helping hand to snap into shape.

If juicing carrots and mastering portion sizes is a hassle, delivery diets can make it simple. The meals are carefully calculated to include important nutrients while helping to tighten your waistline and boost energy. Best of all, you can ditch the supermarket shop and enjoy three meals, plus snacks, delivered to your door. Shaping up for summer has never been easier!

Evolve Primal

The promise: A convenient and healthy source of natural meals that help to sustain an active lifestyle and get your body functioning at its best.

What to expect: High quality, high protein and tasty ‘paleo’ meals (i.e. everyday foods that mimic those of our ancestors), consisting of lean meat, fish and vegetables, as well as snacks.

The food: This plan won’t leave you hungry or dissatisfied. The portion sizes were generous and, more importantly, the food was delicious. Paleo versions of lamb tagine, Mexican chili and Shanghai chicken were real winners. Starchy vegetables like butternut squash kept my card cravings at bay and replenished my glycogen stores, so I could keep up a regular training schedule. My energy levels soared, too. I looked forward to my meals but I was never starving because of the high protein content.

Did I deliver? This no-gimmicks delivery service really hit the spot and I felt healthier than ever.

For more info: From $82.5 per week or from $600 per month. Check out evoleprimal.com for more.

Try it at home: Andalusian chicken, Broccoli and almond chili

(Serves 1)

·         140g chicken breast

·         10ml olive oil

·         20g garlic, crushed

·         20g red onion

·         10g chili

·         20g red pepper

·         5g thyme

·         20ml chicken stock

·         1g arrowroot

·         15g slivered almonds

·         50g broccoli

·         100g spring greens

Andalusian chicken, Broccoli and almond chili

Andalusian chicken, Broccoli and almond chili

1.    Remove the visible fat from the chicken breast. Marinate the chicken in half the olive oil and half the garlic for at least six hours.

2.    Chargrill the chicken. Finely chop the red onion, chili and pepper and sweat in the remaining oil with the thyme and remaining garlic.

3.    Add the chicken stock and bring to the boil.

4.    Mix the arrowroot with cold water, stir into the stock and bring to the boil. Toast the almonds in a dry pan with a little salt.

5.    Blanch and refresh the broccoli and spring greens. Arrange the chicken on the veg and top with the sauce and almonds.

Nosh ABC Programmer

The promise: the ABC programmer promises to alkalize, balance and cleanse your body to blast flab, fast.

What to expect: a breakfast smoothie, juice ‘snacks’, soup for lunch, a raw food dinner and a wheatgrass shot.

The food: This is not for the faint-hearted, as switching from ‘real’ food to a predominantly liquid-based diet is quite challenging. I definitely felt lighter after a three-day trial, but I was missing solid meals! The breakfast smoothie was filling and the soups were quite tasty, but I found the dinners – vegetable ratatouille and peppers stuffed with quinoa – a little bland.

Did it deliver? This is a great way to shed weight and lighten up before a holiday. However, I don’t recommend it for busy weeks, as it can leave you lacking energy.

For more info: The three-day trial is $206.75. See noshdetox.com for more details.

Try it at home: Watermelon and tomato gazpacho

(Servers 1)

·         2 cups watermelon, roughly chopped

·         1 beef tomato, roughly chopped

·         ½ tsp. cayenne pepper

·         3 tsp. olive oil

·         Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste

·         1 small avocado, chopped red pepper, chopped

·         3 spring onions, sliced

·         2 tbsp flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped

·         2 tbsp coriander, chopped

Watermelon and tomato gazpacho

Watermelon and tomato gazpacho

1.    Add the watermelon, half the beef tomato, the cayenne pepper, olive oil, salt, and pepper to a food processor and blend.

2.    Pour the mixture into a large bowl. Stir in the avocado, the other half of beef tomato and the red pepper.

3.    Sprinkle over the spring onion slices and garnish with the herbs. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to sharpen it.

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