That children having anorexia is due to many reasons, one of which is nutritional deficiency.

The fact that children lose appetite can result from their teething, upper respiratory tract infections, osteoporosis, anemia as well as zinc and vitamin deficiencies….

Children can have osteoporosis, nutrition malnutrition, mental retardation, diarrhea or constipation, poor resistance which makes them easily get sick… by the fact that they lose appetite. The followings are some essential nutrients for the children.

B group vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B12)

All the vitamin including the B group are B1, B2, B3, B12… will combine to each other to help the body be healthy, increase resistance, develop mental system, maintain metabolism and help children enjoy eating foods.

That’s because the B group vitamins can be diluted in water; they won’t be built up in the body and able to be discharged in case the body having too much of them. Therefore, you should provide your children with a certain amount of B group vitamins to prevent them from lacking vitamins. 

The B group vitamins are largely contained in daily foods.

The B group vitamins are largely contained in daily foods.

The B group vitamins are often in bread, potato, banana, lentils, peppers, tuna, beans, seeds, eggs, cereal and oatmeal, chicken breast, tomato juice….


When lacking fiber, children can have constipation. And when the constipation lasts long, they are often grumpy as the toxic product accumulations in the body affect mental system.

Fibers have the ability to stimulate peristalsis, increasing the number of contractions supporting discharging faeces. When children have regular and daily defecations, the body has more chance to discharge toxic products and prevent the toxic from getting into blood.

The fibers are highly recommended for children.

The fibers are highly recommended for children.

Besides, fibers also create good conditions for good bacteria in intestine develop, supporting children’s digestion and absorption. For that reason, children will have better appetite.

So, the fibers are highly recommended for children’s regimens in order that children will have healthy developments and eating.


Zinc plays an important role in the synthesis and resolution of nucleic acid and protein which are essential to life; therefore, the organs likes the digestive, central nervous system, skin and mucosa… are very sensitive to zinc deficiency. Children who are lack of zinc will lose appetite.

Egg yolk also contains an essential amount of zinc for the body.

Egg yolk also contains an essential amount of zinc for the body.

You should take notice of providing children with zinc. Foods that are rich in zinc include liver, lean meat, egg yolk and oyster…. Having those foods not only can stimulate the digestion and absorption, but also improve children’s appetite.


Lysine helps children enjoy foods, increase the metabolism, maximize nutrition absorptions and height developments. It helps increase calcium absorptions and prevent discharge the mineral, so it can increase height, prevent rickets and osteoporosis.  

There’s lots of lysine in eggs, meat, fish, soy milk… but, it’s easily destroyed when being cooked, so you should learn more about how to cook foods to have the least lysine loss.

To help children absorb enough the micronutrient, you should balance their regimens and let them eat a variety of foods like eggs, fish and milk.

Milk is a source of lysine.

Milk is a source of lysine.


The high temperature of summer makes children sweat more than normal, which easily cause dehydration and the loss of some certain nutrients for example, sodium, zinc and calcium, especially calcium deficiency as it can make children considerable depressed, which leads to the decrease in the fond of eating. You should let children eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially potassium-rich ones like banana, oranges, strawberries, apricot, peaches, plum, cabbage, celery, pea, mushroom and vegetable….

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