Not all children read a book in the same way.

Children are especially interested in comics and fairy tales.

Children are especially interested in comics and fairy tales.

Long times ago, great men, like Confucius, had discussions about the important of reading books. Until now, they continue to tell the story: Why should we read books? What benefits do books bring? What should be read? Why do we have to make reading book be a habit?

The benefits from reading books

After many discussions, researchers and scholars have come to agree that: Reading brings various benefits for a living: Books provide information and knowledge over all aspects from past to present… They also cultivate personal virtues, develop talent, help people to improve themselves as well as expand base of vocabulary… It’s undeniable that reading has an important position in a child’s comprehensive growth. Parents need to take some notes to this concern.

Notes about letting your kid read books

Not all children read a book in the same way. A child grows and diversifies mind, awareness and love. Each child has a different passion, so at different ages, reading processes are not alike. The new-born can’t read and be aware of anything in a book, even pictures, but you have to read them to him. This builds his conditional reflex and helps him get accustomed to books. At this time, parents must read out loud and clearly. When the child gets around one years-old, he starts being attracted by illustrations and interesting images. He can manage to hold some lightweight objects thus parents should allow him to play with books as toys.

Each child has a different passion.

Each child has a different passion.

When the child grows a little, his language and thought do too. He starts babbling about surrounding things and maybe fond of animals. Therefore, parents should help him discover the surrounding through images. Point to a picture and ask: what is this? Or, is it a chicken? If the child’s answer is wrong, focus on the animal’s details and show him directly to make him remember. To increase the child’s memory, parents need to repeat and remind him of things time by time. Then, reading books helps him to learn and expand vocabulary, but single words. At the age of 2.5 or 3, the child is able to remember phases in stories you have told such as: “once upon a time”, “in one village”…

For toddler, reading activity has much change. The child goes to school and he is taught the alphabet and form words. So, he can combine read and write, with illustrations. Stepping into the first grade in primary school, he himself is able to read comics and short paragraphs. However, parents are recommended to continue telling bedtime stories to bring him to sleep as well as give lessons to build his virtue. At the age of 8 or 9, the child’s self-reading remarkably improves.

Children are especially interested in comics and fairytales. Besides, they are also fond of the childhoods of geniuses, astrology, natural discovery, quizzes… Parents should take this chance to let reading turn into a habit.

However, reading culture is now alert. It is threatened by TV shows and Internet, etc… 21th-century children have been seduced by video games and cartoons. Hence, many children don’t like books at all and the more they grow up, the less interested in books they become.

Reading must concern choosing appropriate books for mentality and age. There’re a great number of books but some of them aren’t suitable for children. Some evolves violence and stand against education. Books are categorized by age and genre. Thus, parents need to guide their kids to choose a particular book. Besides, adults should teach children to respect the book’s value and not to consider it as cheap thing.

The book opens a new horizon. It provides children with useful knowledge, exciting discovery, and interesting adventure. It also builds good virtues for a child. Educationists and psychologists all agree that reading is one of the best ways to recognize what is right or wrong. Moreover, some book contents evoke strong passion to strengthen the values you have taught your child at home. Parents should recognize this importance and teach him good daily habits. Along with interesting books, the kid will be well prepared for his trip into life: an intelligent mind and a beautiful soul.


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