In summer, mothers need to be vigilant with 5 children diseases below


Hot summer, hot weather makes the body dehydration, especially children because of their hyperactivity, so the body excretes more sweat lead to dehydration. Mild and medium dehydration can cause body fatigue, drowsiness, urinating less, constipation ... Serious illness increases risk of throat, respiratory air infections because the air through nose is not dampened, irritating the lungs to be sensitive to smoke, dust, chemicals, allergic rhinitis.

Dehydration can make children fatigue, drowsiness...

Dehydration can make children fatigue, drowsiness...

Therefore, adults should actively provide water for children. Each day children should drink about 50 - 60ml of water per kg of body weight. Demand of drinking water increases in some cases as they excrete a lot of sweat after physical activity or much exercise...

Food poisoning

Hot weather is very easy to make food rancid, infectious disease-causing microorganisms (such as bacterial flagellum, cholera ...). While the fact that child's digestive tract is not fully developed so as to receive the rancid food, infection will adversely affect health, and even make it get risk in more severe cases.

Therefore, when cooking for children, try to buy fresh food. With frozen food, please pay attention to expiration date on the packaging. Absolutely do not buy the foods have strange tastes.

when cooking for children, try to buy fresh food

When cooking for children, try to buy fresh food


Summer is the season against mosquitoes most for the whole family, especially children. Usually, children’s skin is very soft, mosquito bites leave deep pain and difficult to self-healing, easy to create deep scars. If not treated properly and promptly, scars can survive 1-2 years or even permanently. Also, when the mosquito bites, children also face the risk of many serious diseases such as dengue fever, encephalitis.

"Use mosquito spray, to prevent mosquito, especially in the early morning or early evening," said Dr. Rebecca Baxt - dermatologist. Especially when you find the bites have strange phenomenon of swelling, take your child to a pediatrician for advice promptly and avoid risks pity.

"Use mosquito spray, to prevent mosquito, especially in the early morning or early evening,"

Rash, prickly heat

Rash, prickly heat occurs when sweat is stagnant inside the sweat glands. "Best drug to treat rash, prickly heat is to cool baby’s skin for stagnant sweat glands to be clear" said Dr. Joshua Zeichner. So, let's create a healthy cool playing environment for your baby and choose sweat absorbent clothing.


Children with drowning rates are highest in summer. The reason is that hot summer, parents usually take baby to go to swim but be neglect, off guard.

Parents need to know not every child can swim. The following children should not participate in swimming activities:

·         For children with bronchial asthma, when being exposed to cold water, they are easily to be attacked by wheezing, breathlessness, sometimes life threatening.

·         For children with chronic respiratory diseases such as allergic rhinitis, nasal discharge, chronic sinusitis, swimming will make them worse.

·         For children with atopic dermatitis, chemical mixed in water of the pool causes many adverse effects on health.

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