Potato – Heat Rash Effective Drug

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Potato is considered the gold food in preventing heat rash

Heat rash is a very common disease in children in hot seasons. To avoid this discomfort, baby really needs food and beverage which have cooling function.

Heat rash is a very common disease in children in hot seasons

Heat rash is a very common disease in children in hot seasons


This is considered a wonderful fruit in treating heat rash in children because of richness in vitamin A and a large amount of water. Eating watermelon helps children cool the heat from the inside. Covering the inside of the melon on heat rash skin areas can also abate them.

Watermelon is considered a great fruit to treat heat rash

Watermelon is considered a great fruit to treat heat rash

Orange juice

Orange is rich in vitamin C and water which can abate and prevent itching acne heat rash. A glass of orange juice every day not only cools heat from inside, but also protects baby’s body from the effects of heat from outside. Do not give too much sugar in orange juice because sugar makes your baby hotter.

Lemon juice

Vitamin C, A in lemon juice help the body cool the heat and effectively in anti-heat rash. This is a simple delicious beverage. When you make lemonade, you can add a bit of ginger for more delicious and healthy.


In cucumber, there are about 96% of water rich in vitamins and antioxidants. You can feed your baby directly or ground into juice.


Potato is very rich in B6, a nutrition helps the body fight infections caused by heat, so it is considered a gold food in preventing heat rash. The same food group also rich in B6 includes banana, chicken and oatmeal.


For cooling heat, you should alternate your baby's meals with the porridge or sweet beans such as delicious mung beans, red beans, black beans or cassava flour.


Use more vegetables instead tubers because starch in some tuber can cause stodgy, requiring the body to secrete digestive enzymes, consume more energy, which makes the body hot. You can use green vegetables rich in vitamins such as vegetable, malabar nightshade, water morning glory, calabash soup, both cool heat and enough good fiber for the digestive system.


Bath leaves for heat rash treatment

Besides using food to cool heat from the inside, using leaf to bath also works effectively in prevent heat rash from the outside.

Marjoram leaf

Take a handful of dried marjoram leaves boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, and add water to bath. Or use fresh leaves crumpled and add water to bath.


Squeeze about a half of lemon into warm water and bath.

Green tea

Green tea leaves water are disinfectant, antiseptic, helps the heat rash clean and dry.


Take 10g ginger, crushed, cooked with about three liters of water. Boil about 10 minutes, then cooled bath. Bathe once a day for one week.

Bitter melon

Take one or two fresh bitter melon crushed or cooked, put into clean cloth bag, filter juiced for bathing.

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