Toy can take part in creating psychological base for kids.

It can be said that toy is one of elements that help create kids’ characters. It is parents’ inattention to choose toy and manufacturers’ respecting profit that affects characters and behaviors of the next young generation.

Implicit danger when kids mimic anti-toy toys

When having passion in some toy, kids seem to equate themselves with it, with characteristics hidden inside the toy. Therefore, it is dangerous to let kids play with anti-toy toys. For example, when we buy guns, swords, knives, monsters or villains for kids, wonder what these toys educate. Images related to these things or characters make kids mimic and unintentionally form in their mind the thought that everything can be dealt by violence, the strong bully the weak.

Description: Anti-education toys

Anti-education toys

Stimulating kids’ brain in the first years of their lives is very important, especially at the age of 3 to 5 (the stage of forming characters). If kids frequently contact with violent toys, these toys will penetrate deep into their mind. Toys with images of fierce characters consist of terribly destructive power. It can stimulate some bad instincts in human.

Choose safe toys for kids

Description: Safe wooden toys for kids

Safe wooden toys for kids

‘Toy’ – a definition appearing to be simple since connecting closely with everyone since newborn time, turns out to be a diversified and attractive world. Toys can take part in creating psychological base for kids. They can easily mix with friendly, educational toys that are suitable for kids’ age and characters. Besides, they will be keener on learning about these toys, thus more loving and caring about others.

Description: Chicken and Egg

Chicken and Egg

Good and smart toys like characters from fairy tales, legends educate kids about kindness, fairness, teach them not to tell lie and betray. Choose for big kids toys like ship or castle assemblage. For small kids, choose drop hammer, repair kit including screws, bolts,… such toys teach kids how to live independently, love working, and help develop their intelligence, creation, and imagination. Kids can both play and learn naturally without any constraint.

Description: Boat jigsaw puzzle

Boat jigsaw puzzle

Description: Castle jigsaw puzzle

Castle jigsaw puzzle

Description: Repair kit

Repair kit

Catching the psychology of the little customers and basing on studying on education and health, some companies produce high educational toys, such as Winwintoys wooden toys. Contrary to imported toys with too few patterns, Winwintoys has more than 200 different types of toy with close designs suitable for history as well as culture of Vietnamese children.

Description: Kids learn traffic

Kids learn traffic

Description: Female kid’s fashion

Female kid’s fashion

Toy is something kids cannot be without, but choosing toys safe and suitable for kids is an important thing that parents should care about. However, toys should not be used to replace parents’ role. We should frequently be close to kids, observe and give them an orientation. Parents’ encouragement is also a way to help kids love toys more and become creative. Through that, kids can learn, grow up, and form better characters.

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