Women should calculate carefully when they choose kinds of vegetable to eat after giving birth.

Do you know kinds of vegetable that are good for pregnant women? You can refer to the following kinds.

1.     Sweet leaf

Sweet leaf is the first choice of pregnant women after giving birth. In nutritious aspect, sweet leaf contains a lot of vitamins C, A, B, protein, calcium, fat, phosphor and Fe… Eating sweet leaf can help mothers increase milk. This thing has source from endocrine effects of sterols - a chemical compound that has estrogen feature.

Sweet leaf is the first choice of pregnant women after giving birth.

Sweet leaf is the first choice of pregnant women after giving birth.

In addition, eating sweet leaf also helps intensify immune system and reduce the risk of inflammation. Sweet leaf contains the big content of vitamin C that is necessary for the body to prevent diseases about eyes, to develop cells and immune system, reproduction and maintain a healthy skin.

2.     Lettuce

Lettuce contains a lot of minerals such as calcium, phosphor and Fe that are useful for bone and teeth. Moreover, it helps blood and milk circulate, especially mothers that have less milk after giving birth.

3.     Pennywort

Pennywort is also a kind of vegetable that helps intensify milk for pregnant women. In addition, after giving birth, using pennywort also helps women kill bacteria and injury be healed quickly. This is also a remedy that helps blood circulate, skin become ruddy and you can become young in a long time.

Mothers can use dry pennywort to boil water to drink instead of water every day. It’s very good to cook soup with fresh pennywort. You can cook it with beef, chicken, minced lean meat to change dish.

4.     Seaweed

Eating a lot of seaweed will help pregnant women prevent tiredness and increase milk.

Seaweed contains a lot of iodine and Fe that can help form blood cells. If pregnant women eat a lot of seaweed, it can help them prevent tiredness, increase milk. Moreover, it is useful for development of newborn babies.

5.     Saffron

From past to now, ancestors show folk remedies to cure disease from saffron. Saffron has effect on preventing cancer, oxidization, detoxification, anti-inflammatory… Saffron is not only good for patients but also miraculous remedy to women after giving birth.

Saffron can prevent oxidization wonderfully. It can intensify immune system and prevent infection to pregnant women. Moreover, saffron helps reduce redundant cholesterol in blood and maintain the suitable rate of cholesterol in the body. It also helps destroy fat in belly and helps mothers maintain a suitable habitus after giving birth.

After giving birth, women’s skin is often burnt because of hormone’s change. In addition, Black bruise appears in groin, thigh and armpit. Saffron also helps your skin white and cure spot due to erasing death cells on skin. It also limits eczema on skin due to especial antiseptic effect, reduces and prevents scar, and reduces pore, prevents mucus and hides cracks.

After giving birth, mothers shouldn’t forget to add saffron to your menu.

After giving birth, mothers shouldn’t forget to add saffron to your menu.

6.     Malabar nightshade

For pregnant women that have less milk, Malabar is an ideal choice. In addition, Malabar nightshade contains vitamin A, B3, Saponin, mucus and Fe that are very good for pregnant women. Dishes such as Malabar nightshade cooked with black chicken, simmered black beans and eat hot will help pregnant women have more milk, restore health. Moreover, they will have ruddy skin and smooth black hair and they can also reduce constipation after giving birth.

7.     Green papaw

Papaw contains a of protein, fat, kinds of vitamin: A, B, C, D, E… Cooking soup with pig’s feet is one of the ways that help pregnant women have a lot of milk. This method is used preserved for posterity popularly. On the other hand, this dish also helps cure having less milk or too weak milk.

If you don’t cook papaw with pig’s feet, you can cook it with carp or snake head that are effective in increasing milk.

Soup of  pig’s feet and green papaw is galactopoietic.

Soup of pig’s feet and green papaw is galactopoietic.

8.     Lotus seed

Lotus seed contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals and starch that are good for spleen and stomach. In addition, it is galactopoietic and antifebrile.

When pregnant women have just given birth, eating lotus seed will help get rid of jammed things piled up in abdomen. It is useful for digestive system, increases carving for food and secreting a lot of milk to contribute to raising babies healthily.

9.     Pot-herbs

According to research, pot-herbs contain a lot of important nutrients such as calcium, phosphor, Fe, potassium and kinds of vitamin… Seed of pot-herb’s fruit contains a lot of different glycoside, but mainly are Corchorosid and Olitorisid. According to oriental medicine, pot-herbs have peppery taste, cold feature. In addition, it isn’t poisonous and it has laxative, antifebrile effect. Moreover, it also helps reduce sputum and prevents having sunstroke… Therefore, this is dish that is good for pregnant women after giving birth.

In the first week after giving birth, pregnant women should eat 150-200grams of hot-herbs on daily meals. In the next weeks, you can eat twice a week, and every week with 200-250 grams can increase milk and fat in milk. Mothers can use pot-herbs to cook coup. It’s easy to eat and especially, it is a popular vegetable, so it’s easy to find.

10.  Sweet potato buds

You can boil, fry top, leaves of sweet potato buds to eat every day. It can help you be laxative and galactopoietic, which are good for pregnant women after giving birth. Each time, mothers can boil 200 grams of sweet potato buds. If you like, you can eat it with sesame and salt.

Sweet potato buds can help you be laxative, galactopoietic.

Sweet potato buds can help you be laxative, galactopoietic.

11.  Carrot

Constipation in pregnancy and after giving birth will make many pregnant women feel uncomfortable. Experts show that carrot contains a lot of bate carotene, vitamin B9, carotene, vitamin B1, B2 vitamin C, protein, fat, raw fiber, Fe, calcium, phosphor that can regulate bowel, make you laxative and your belly feel at ease. Moreover, calcium helps intensify bones, teeth and bowel and this thing will be good for mother and fetus.

Fiber in carrot can increase metabolism ability, improve function of bowel and stomach. Constipation is improved and reduced remarkably. In pregnancy and after giving birth, if you have constipation, you need to eat carrot soup with once a day and eat continuously 3-5 days, or using carrot juice can cure constipation effectively.

12.  Pumpkin flower

Pumpkin flower is rich in botanical protein and minerals such as phosphor, Fe, vitamin A, C. It is very delicious and nutritious. Eating pumpkin flower will make pregnant women be diuretic, reduce temperature. When you have some syndromes such as bellyache, having difficulty in sleeping, pale skin, you should eat a lot of these vegetables.

13.  Bean sprout

Bean sprout contains a big amount of protein that can stimulate growing of cells and muscles damaged in process of giving birth. Bean sprout contains a high content of vitamin C that can increase elastic feature and prevent atherosclerosis, prevent bleeding. Fiber in bean sprout can help pregnant women be laxative and diuretic after giving birth.


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