Headaches can affect your job and daily life.

This isn’t a simple issue; if you think that you can be fine by taking some painkillers then, you’re wrong. You need to know the reason of your headaches to face it and have timely treatments. According to specialist, the 10 followings can cause headache

Working too hard can cause headache.

Working too hard can cause headache.

Relaxing at weekend

You work almost days of the week then you have a Saturday off. This can bring you headache.

Headache can occur when you have a rest after a long period of time working hard. It’s because the decrease of stress will lead to the decrease of stress hormones. The process will release neurotransmitter substances, the chemical messenger of nervous system. Those chemicals will impulse blood veins and make them produce chemicals that cause pain, which dues to the succeeding spasms and expansion.

Concentrated scents

Concentrated scents, even the comfortable ones, can be the reason of migraine in many people because they can excite the nervous system. Scents can cause migraine include the smell of paint, perfume and some flower’s…

Hair accessories

The way to make up your hair can also be the reason of headache. Binding hair high and tight can stretch the connective tissues in the scalp. Wearing headband, braids and hat that are tight can bring the similar result. Therefore, free your hair. This will help you quickly reduce headache.  

Stress can easily cause headache.

Stress can easily cause headache.


Stress is one of the most popular factors causing headache. Tension headache can lead to migraine. When you’re stressed, the muscles which are around your neck and shoulders will prevent blood flow in that area and cause severe pain and dizziness.

Not sleeping enough

A sound sleep will help you concentrate to the activities of the day. A sleep is also important to the activities of different muscles and tissues of the brain. When your sleeps are disturbed, tiredness can occur because of lack of sleep. This will cause spasm in the head, neck and lead to headache. People have sleep disorders can have risks of having headache.

Hormone change

Many women experience serious headache when their menstruation starts. This is due to the change of hormone in the body. Headache occurs when the level of estrogen reduces before menstrual pain, affecting serotonin amount in the body.

Skipping meals

Headache caused by skipping meal isn’t obvious. If you skip meal, your head can feel the pain before you know that you’re hungry.  That’s because of the decrease of blood sugar. However, you shouldn’t overcome the headaches by having a bar of candy, but you should stop skipping meals instead.


Smoking can cause headache to not only the people who smoke, but also others around. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine that can narrow the veins in the brain. The headaches caused by tobacco smoke mainly are cluster headaches and migraine.

Smoking can cause headache to not only the people who smoke, but also others around.

Smoking can cause headache to not only the people who smoke, but also others around.


A small amount of caffeine can tame the pain of headache, but when there’s too much, it can be counterproductive. For that reason, to reduce headaches, you should reduce the amount of coffee drank every day.


Bright light and flash light can cause headache because they make the neurotransmitters become more sensitive and cause headache. The light that mainly causes headache is the sun’s.

Besides, people who exercise regularly have the lower risk of having headache than others who don’t. So, let’s spend 20-30 minutes a day and 5 days a week exercising to reduce stress, help increase blood flow to brain, improve the absorption of endorphins that produce comfort. Nevertheless, you should ask for professional advice to have suitable exercises.

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