Improve your balance, work your core and fight off muscle imbalances

Does one side of your body feel stronger than the other? Flexibility, strength and range of motion differences between each side of our body is common. If not addressed, this imbalance can result in an injury. We’ll work each leg and arm independently to improve your balance, co-ordination and correct any muscle imbalances to improve your posture, protect you from injuries and create symmetry in your body.

How to do this

Warm up with a minute of marching on the spot, then a minute of kicking your heels back to your bottom while swinging your arms. These moves will get the blood pumping around your body and prepare you for the workout.

Do all repetitions (reps) and sets of each move before taking a 90-second break, then moving on to the next move. Once you’ve done all four moves, cool down with some light stretches.

1.    Single-leg deadlift

Reps: 10 each leg

Sets: 2 each leg

Benefits: Tones your hamstrings, legs and bottom, while testing your core balance.

Balance on your right foot, making sure the knee is soft (a).

With your left leg lifted behind you and your abs tight and back straight, hinge forward from your hips, while lowering your left hand towards your right foot (b).

Pause, then squeeze your bottom and return to standing.

Do all the reps on your right leg, then switch sides.

Single-leg deadlift

Single-leg deadlift

2.    Single-leg triceps extension

Reps: 10 each arm

Sets: 2 each arm

Benefits: You’ll strengthen your abs, back of your arms (your triceps) and shoulders.

Standing with your back straight, abs tight and arms holding dumbbells straight above your head, bend your left leg, then cross your right leg over it (a).

Keeping your arms close to your ears, bend your arms behind you (b), then straighten them back up by squeezing your triceps and driving your weight into your heel.

Single-leg triceps extension

Single-leg triceps extension

3.    Side plank with leg lift

Reps: 5 each side

Sets: 2 each side

Benefits: Improves your balance and tones your waist, outer thighs and bottom.

Lie on your left side, then lift up on your left forearm and foot so your body forms a straight line (a).

Once you feel balanced, extend your top leg up a few inches (b), then lower it back down slowly

Don’t forget to keep your body straight – no piking at the waist or rolling forwards or backwards!

Side plank with leg lift

Side plank with leg lift

4.    Arabesque

Reps: 30 seconds each leg

Sets: 1

Benefits: Works your entire lower body, especially your bottom, and teaches you to focus when the going gets to ugh.

Stand with feet shoulder -width, left arm straight up in the air (a).

Keeping your chest up, lift one le g behind you as high as possible as you tilt forwards from the hip (b).

Hold for 30 seconds, making sure both hips are square to the ground and your back’s straight, not arched.




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