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When it comes to notifying the army of well wishers who are waiting to hear the birth news, don’t saddle your partner with the task of calling a bazillion people. He’s likely to be as worn out as you are. Why not create a list with everyone put into groups. Each group has a “captain” who will notify everyone on his list. Dad only has to call the captain. And if your list is large, let him call one captain who can in turn alert the other team leaders it’s time to hit the phones. You’ll want to include name; home, work, and cell phone numbers ; and e-mail addresses. The latter is for those captains who are tech savvy and may want to send a written message in lieu of a phone call to save time.


Around the time your baby is born, you’ll likely have several out-of-town guests coming to stay. Since nobody knows exactly when a baby is coming until she arrives, some of the travel plans will probably be last minute. You’ll want a way for family and friends to stay connected, but of course you’ll be in no position to oversee all the details yourself. This is a perfect situation for Google’s menu of free products and services. You can set up a Google Group where loved ones can discuss travel plans with one another. They can use Google Calendar to create a schedule they can all see. And using Google Docs, one relative can create an Excel spreadsheet with details like cell phone numbers, flight arrival times, and more, that all the other members of the group will be able to access and edit. You’ll have given your family and friends a useful way to stay connected and informed of one another’s travel plans without having to go through you. You’ll have enough on your mind!


Back to your master list. List whoever is taking care of your children, your home, and your pets while you are in the hospital in a separate section; include their names, phone numbers, and e-mails. I would also indicate the schedule so that everyone from family and friends to all the various caretakers know who is to be on site when. They will also be able to call each other in the event that one of them has an emergency.

If you have small children at home, be sure their caregivers have the pediatrician’s contact information. You will want to create a simple document with your child’s insurance information and birth date along with a statement allowing their caregiver permission to seek emergency medical treatment on their behalf. Be sure to sign this letter. If they take any meds, clear instructions should be written and the secure location shared.

If you have animals, don’t forget to leave your vet’s phone number and his address as well as the nearest animal emergency center. No one ever gets sick during regular business hours, do they?

Have you distributed house keys? Does everyone know the combination to your security system? Did you alert the security company to the fact that you have an impending delivery and a lot of new people will be coming and going? They will most likely give you a temporary code for use during this period. In most cities false alarms generate a fine. Ask for some leniency in the event that Uncle Harry inadvertently screws up! Do you have lights on timers? Is someone bringing in your mail? What about your newspaper? Who is going to take out the garbage cans and bring them back down the driveway? The devil really is in the details.


This section of your list includes the information that is truly for emergencies only. List your attorney if you have one. Did you draw up your will? What about the childcare document specifying who will raise your child in the event both you and your husband have a fatal accident? And what about your life insurance policy information? I know you have an organized file system and that this information is easy to find. I also know that there is only a remote chance you’ll need this during the delivery. I just like to be prepared.


Everyone will want to know the name and address of the birth facility. I would include the phone number as well as contact information for all medical personnel assisting you, especially your OB-GYN and doula. Family and friends are most likely to reach a service and have to leave a message. But at least they won’t be flying blind if they are trying to find out your condition in the event of an emergency. With that said, we all have Nervous Nellies in our family tree. And that’s the beauty of Excel. Aunt Tilly and Uncle Tony don’t need these numbers, right?

Be sure you have your medical ID card with you. (You’ll be packing your hospital bag next week.) Is there any other information the hospital will need for admission? (Pre-registering at your hospital can help you save time while checking in.) I would have your ID number and the name of your insurance company and agent (if applicable) on hand as well as contact numbers on this sheet for added security. In the event you lose or forget your wallet, you can access your list.
Keep a hard copy of the contact list with you, and if you have a smart phone, keep it there too so you’ll be able to access the document easily. Does your phone have these functions? Great! Do you know how to use them? Take some time to learn and be sure your partner has the same information on his phone.


I’m sure it feels a little overwhelming when you read this material. I think you’ll be amazed how quickly this will go because you have been so organized over the past seven months. You can always beg your sidekick to return and do this for you. Promise to make her a nice pot of tea. You can snuggle into a chair and dictate names and numbers to her. I bet you feel better already!
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