In some particular cases, especially if you have some diseases such as heart disease, gallstone, diarrhea…, eating egg is not good.

1.     Heart disease

According to the new research of scientists in Western University (Canada), eating 3 eggs a week can make clinging floats on artery’s wall become thicker. They will reduce the space inside artery, make blood flow across difficultly, so heart must pump stronger. As a result, it increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. In addition, the clinging floats can break up, then it will create congealed blood clot to prevent the flow of blood and can cause stroke or heart disease. In addition, egg contains a large amount of cholesterol that is not good for people who have antherosclerosis and coronary thrombosis because it can narrow and obstruct coronary artery.

Egg is not good for people who have heart disease.

Egg is not good for people who have heart disease.

2.     Gallstone

Egg is food that has the high content of protein while stone stays for a long time in gallbladder and it stimulates gallbladder’s systaltic function of patients become weaker. In addition, if patients eat foods with the content of protein like egg, bowel will discharge many substances that make gallbladder pulsate. Gallbladder isn’t healthy and must work too much. As a result, it will create the clinical symptoms such as causing pain and vomiting. Sometimes, stone will follow the pulsation of gallbladder to move to gallbladder’s stem and make bile be blocked. Moreover, it will cause stagnation of bile, make inside pressure of bile increase. As a result, you will feel intense pain in bile and inflamed bile.

3.     Diarrhea

Many people think that diarrhea will make body lose a lot of water and nutrient, so they have to eat many eggs to foster their body. Actually, it is an incorrect view. When you have diarrhea, digestive fluid will discharge less and activity of digestive glaze decrease. As a result, absorbing fat, protein, sugar often has trouble. Hence, providing patients with eggs (foods rich of protein and fat) will not only lose the nutritious usage for body but also make state of disease become more serious. Consequently, when someone has diarrhea, you shouldn’t let them eat eggs.

When someone has diarrhea, you shouldn’t let them eat eggs.

When someone has diarrhea, you shouldn’t let them eat eggs.

4.     Fever

Protein is the main part of egg, mainly group of simple proteins. Moreover, they always exist in the dissolving state, so our body can absorb easily. However, it will create a high calorie. Therefore, eating eggs when you have fever will make your body’s temperature increase quickly, fever state become more serious and it is difficult to reduce temperature. Consequently, when you take care of people having fever, you shouldn’t put eggs for menu to add nutrients.


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