Bootcamps, detox diets, expert tips and a transformative treatment... easy steps to your best summer body yet

5 of the best local bootcamps

If you’re short of time (or holiday allowance) indoor bootcamps rule. Here are our pick of the best in the local area...

1.    Frame

The studio has bootcamps to suit every need that are all about flexibility and variety of classes. There’s no long-term commitment or contracts - you just pick which bootcamp floats your boat the most (one for improving fitness, for example, or one for long, lean limbs) and the package includes 16 classes. We especially love the emergency bootcamp for the time-poor and the ‘dance off’ - for those who would ‘rather shimmy than squat.’new.moveyourframe.com

2.    Bootcamp Pilates

Description: Bootcamp Pilates

Using state-of-the-art reformer machines, classes are designed to combine a cardiovascular workout with deep core strengthening for the ultimate lean physique. There are now four studios including the one in Old Street and your first session is free. bootcamppilates.com

3.    Boom! Cycle

Redefining indoor cycling, this studio is about getting fit in a motivational and fun space as opposed to a soulless gym. The aim is to have fun and enjoy the music so much you forget you’re working out. You burn up to a whopping 700 calories in 45 minutes and for a more ‘bootcamp’ challenge, try the two hour ride. You can also get 50% off your fi rst session.boommybody.com

4.    Matt roberts

The training centres are now running a special Two Week Blitz programme to help members get in shape for the summer. Designed to maximise results in a short amount of time, the package includes 10 personal training sessions and a copy of Matt’s latest book which includes a full diet plan and recipes.mattroberts.co.uk

5.    Gavin walsh bootcamp

This programme comes with a money-back guarantee, claiming to get the best out of its campers. Training in small groups of 15, the emphasis is on the psychology of motivation as much as the exercise itself. Sign up to this bootcamp to drop a dress size and see your metabolism skyrocket. thebootcamp.co.uk

3 tips for rapid fat loss from matt Roberts

1.    Eat Small Meals at Regular Intervals.

Rather than eating three large meals, try to eat five-seven smaller meals and snacks throughout the day. This will help you regulate your hunger and provide a steady flow of energy, meaning you will not be so tempted to start snacking.

2.    Drink Water or Green Tea.

Description: Drink Water or Green Tea

Fruit juice and fizzy drinks are laden with calories which will promote fat storage; while they will provide you with a short-term burst of energy, in the long-term they will leave you feeling tired and lethargic. Keeping hydrated by consuming enough water helps prevent hunger pangs and burns fat more efficiently, whilst consuming green tea has an added advantage of enhancing your metabolism - making you burn more fat at rest.

3.    Bodyweight exercise can get results.

Squats, lunges and press-ups from the knees are all great exercises for getting in shape. Not only this- they are a great starting point for the inexperienced exerciser or if you are just getting back in to a routine.Matt Roberts Personal Training offer bespoke personal training in four luxurious London centres. For more information, please contact info@mattroberts.co.uk.

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