Eat organic foods

Description: organic foods

Many kinds of vegetables, including cucumber, asparagus, onion, aubergine, and cumin, as well as types of herb such as parsley, coriander, cardamom, play a part as diuretic natural foods – according to Leslie Bonci, M.P.H, R.D, the manager of Sports Nutrition Department of Pittsburgh University. These foods containing much water or minerals like potassium and magnesium, as well as chemical originated from plants will balance the water amount in the body.

Have diuretic drinks

Description: some kinds of tea

Cranberry juice and some kinds of tea, including black tea, green tea, daisy tea, and Lucerne tea, are famous and safe drinks with diuretic function. ‘Dandelion leave is also the best herb for this function,’ says Christopher Hobbs, herb expert, Ph.D, founder of Natural Food Study Institute at San Francisco. He advises us use these kinds of herb in tea or extract form. He says, ‘(alcohol-free) celery seed tea is a safe drink to use.’

Diuretic tea sold in the market, also called tea for dieter, needs considering when it is used. ‘If drink too much this kind of tea, you may lose natural fluid in blood as well as other necessary minerals,’ says Brent A. Bauer, M.D, the manager of supplementing and integrated treatment program of Mayo Clinic at Rochester. He adds that, ‘you will easily be dehydrated and this harms your body, or increase imbalance of electrolyte, which can make your body tired, cause muscle contraction, or even from heartbeat disorder to death.’

Limit eating foods rich in carbohydrate

Description: foods rich in carbohydrate

Eat little food rich in carbohydrate such as pasta, bread, cake, and eat much protein and vegetables. ‘Redundant carbohydrate will be separated and stored in the body in the form of glycogen. Glycogen contains much water, so it will increase the water volume in the body.’ – Kimball explains – ‘In contrast, protein contains less water; concurrently, fluid in the body will be used to separate protein.’

Limit drinking wine

Description: Limit drinking wine

Wine prevents secreting anti-diuretic hormone, so drinking much wine may make you be dehydrated. This looks good when you bloat, but can have opposite response and maintain the state of edema for the body.

Maintain moderate eating

Description: Maintain moderate eating

Starve because you see your body is heavily waterlogged, and then eating too much after recovering from disease – this is a wrong opinion. ‘I have witnessed many fatal effects when women hurried to lose weight, and when they turned back to eating, they recognized opposite effect of bloating,’ shares Callaway.

Eat hot foods

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) advises us to avoid foods that are made from milk, rich in oil and grease, sweet, raw, and cold; otherwise you will get bloating easily. ‘Focus on hot foods that have just been cooked,’ – says Zoe Cohen, L.Ac, acupuncturist at Oakland, the person that used to treat many women bloating in PMS and pregnancy time – ‘According to TCM, cold foods are often indigestible and cause damp in the body, and water retention is a form of that damp.’

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