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Practice in perspiration

Practice forms good for heart cause water amount in the body to reduce due to stimulating the circulation to work continuously will help fluid move from the most distant point to heart and kidney where it is changed into urine through urine tract. It also helps you perspire, excrete water and soldium. You do not need to practice all forms, but just a fast walk is sufficiently effective.

Soak body in water

Expectant mothers know clearly that soaking body in water is an effective way to relieve fluid retention in the body. The principle is that water pressure will push the fluid back to blood vessels and kidney. Besides, doing aerobic in water will bring double effect.

Massage body

Description: Massage body

Massage, especially massage good for lymph, will relieve bloating since it helps the fluid run steadily to organs in the body – according to Elson M.Hass, the manager of Marin University of Medicine and Pharmacy, author of the book named The Detox Diet, 3rd Edition.

Loose body

Raising your swollen foot and foot ankle higher than the position of heart will help the fluid turn back to kidney better. Do not sit in cross-legged posture since it will prevent fluid’s circulation at the bottom part of the body. Similarly, wearing too tight jeans will cause the same effect.

Additional approaches

Acupuncture method

Description: Acupuncture method

Acupuncture does not make water in the body flow out, but it can support quite much for this process. ‘Acupuncture can make body regulate fluid more easily,’ says Cohen. Some useful herbal methods, together with acupuncture, will help your body get the balance back.

Homeopathy method

If you get water retention in premenstrual time, the best way is using homeopathy method to cure PMS – according to Tori Hudson, natural therapy doctor, pharmacist of Portland Women’s Health Clinic Institute, author of the book called Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. Therapies that need using include Lycopodium, nutmeg, pulsatilla, cuttlefish, Natrum muriaticum, lachesis, caulophylumm, và cimicifuga. Besides, Boiron is also an effective compound to avoid bloating.

Adjust additional substances

Balance between available minerals such as sodium and potassium or calcium and magnesium play essential parts in preventing bloating. If you are not sure whether you absorb enough these minerals from meals, consult a doctor about medicines supplementing good multi-vitamin and minerals, or supplementing calcium. Studies prove that magnesium (which have in peanut, bean, seed, cereal, and some vegetables) can prevent premenstrual bloating, and vitamin B6 will be a very good diuretic substance – Kimball shares – unpolished rice and red meat are sources good for vitamin B6.

If the above foods do not help you feel better, your doctor needs to make a prescription of a light diuretic dose; otherwise, you need a more thorough treatment regime. ‘We do not encourage patients to take part in long-term diuretic treatment since it may bring many negative responses such as reducing potassium concentration, increasing blood pressure, creating pressure for heart and opposite response of fluid retention.

Call a doctor in urgent cases

Description: Call a doctor in urgent cases

Some effects of medicines for curing heart, kidney, or liver disease, thyroid land or diabetes can cause serious fluid retention and chronic bloating. So, be careful while using specialized medicines including nonsteroidal anti-inflamation (NSAIDs) or blood pressure raise medicine, steroid, joint supporting medicine (such as glucosamine), diabetic medicine, and anti-seizure. If you press your finger on the swollen position and your skin is resilient in more than 1 minute, you are at urgent case, so call a doctor right away and ask for consultancy.

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