Supercharge your workout efforts with a short and sweet routine designed to incinerate a hefty 500 calories a pop

Want to see great results in the shortest possible time? Who doesn’t! This super-speedy workout is engineered to ramp up your calorie burn to help you hit that magic 500 mark in just a few quick moves.

How does it work? Each exercise is dynamic, so it’ll get your heart pumping, sending your body into fat-burning mode. Plus the moves target your whole body, so you’ll see toning benefits all over.

For best results, incorporate this workout into your training regime at least three times a week. Perform as many reps as you can (with good form) in your allotted time, repeating the circuit four times.

Kit you’ll need

·         2 x 3-6kg dumbbells

·         2-5kg kettlebell

Beginner: 30seconds each exercise

Intermediate: 45 seconds each exercise

Advanced: 60 seconds each exercise

Description: Push-through

Safety tips

Keep your back straight with hips, knees and ankles aligned

In the jumping moves, land softly from each jump with your knees slightly bent


Areas trained

Things, bottom, shoulders, arms


·         Start standing with your feet hip-width apart, holding a 3-6kg dumbbell in each hand, level with your shoulders

·         Squat down so your hips are just higher than your knees, then quickly straighten your legs, pushing your hands straight up above your head.

·         Bring your hands back to your shoulders and repeat in a smooth, fluid motion.

Description: Plyometric press-up

Plyometric press-up

Areas trained

Chest, shoulders, rear upper arms


·         Begin in a box position or modified push-up position, hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

·         Lower your chest to just above the floor then push through your hands as quickly and powerfully as you can, straightening your arms and taking your hands off the floor.

·         Place your hands back on the floor and repeat the exercise from the top.

Description: Plank shoulder-touch

Plank shoulder-touch

Areas trained

Stomach, arms, shoulders


·         Begin in plank position with your arms straight and abs tight.

·         Shift your body weight so it’s supported by your right shoulder.

·         Bring your hands back to the floor and repeat on the other side.

Description: Plank knee-tuck

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