Pregnant women must be careful when using antibiotics.

When the body is infected with bacteria, relying on antibiotics is necessary. Though, pregnant women must be careful when using antibiotics. These following antibiotics are very harmful to pregnant women.

Description: Pregnant women must be careful when using antibiotics.

Pregnant women must be careful when using antibiotics.

Aminoglycoside causes permanent deafness

Aminoglycoside is frequently used in ENT infection, abdominal infection, brain membrane infection… We may face this antibiotic with names such as gentamicin, amikacin, neomycin, streptomycin, tobramycin… Especially for pulmonary disease, it is often used in case of pneumonia. It is also used to make eye-droppers: tobra, tobrex…

For women who are pregnant or due to be pregnant, this antibiotic is unusable because it can cause kidney insufficiency or poison the baby’s internal ears (which may lead permanent deafness). Thus, pregnant women are not allowed to use this medicine to prevent baby from further disabilities.

Tetracycline destroys enamel

Tetracycline is a digestive antibiotic. It is often used to cure cholera, dysentery, E.coli infection. Other digestive infections are also sensitive to this antibiotic.

This antibiotic is also popular in pharmacies and low-level medical center due to its low price. However, it’s noted that for pregnant women, it can destroy baby’s enamel. It was seen that 7-month-and-later pregnant women, who used tetracycline, had their baby’s enamel decayed. This is caused by that tetracycline combined with calcium to form an unshakable compound.

Consequently, pregnant women mustn’t use tetracycline. If necessary, safer antibiotic, such as cephalosporin, is recommended.

Description: Pregnant women should stay away from some antibiotics that may affect the baby

Pregnant women should stay away from some antibiotics that may affect the baby.

Quinolone spoils cartilage

This antibiotic is as commonsense as ciprofloxacin, pefloxacin. They have advantages over urinary system and hold back the development of bacteria plus enhance immune system to kill bacteria. Though, these antibiotics are inclined to create baby’s disorder in both bones and joints. Either pregnant or lactating women using quinolone can make the baby absorb this antibiotic passively.

The concentration of antibiotic increases, preventing baby’s bones and joints from growing and this even breaks heel’s tendon, which means that the baby won’t be able to walk and the feet will be always folded inward. Even when an under-10-year-old child absorbs this antibiotic, the result will be the same because damage of bones and joints is unchangeable.

If expecting mothers have their urinary system infected, they are advised to use safer antibiotics including beta lactam, spiramycin, metronidazole…

Ketoconazole causes defects

Ketoconazole is a common anti-fungus antibiotic. It has strong effects on ringworm, dermatophyte… It is also effective when used to cure scurf.

People often use pills when dermatohyte gets severe. In most cases, the medicine is used in ointment from. It was report that the antibiotic could poison fetus and cause syndactyl for children.

Thus, it is essential to stay away from this type of antibiotic. If getting dermatophyte pregnant women should use safer medicine, such as ASA, BSI, which is less serious. Clotrimazol can be used, instead, but in small area and months that are in the middle and last of pregnant period.

Biseptol results in heavily mental deficiency

Biseptol is a common and important antibiotic. It works effectively with digestive infection and those who have heavy diarrhea. Biseptol comes in tablets used in case of food poisoning, high diarrhea, E.coli infection…

However, we have to eliminate this antibiotic from the list of medicines for expecting mothers. This antibiotic is against folic acid to disorder bacteria’s metabolism and kill them. Unfortunately, it also resists folic acid of the mother needing a lot of blood for the child. Thus, this antibiotic will cause heavy anemia, which leads to the baby’s malnutrition.


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