Folic acid, one of B-group vitamins is considered to be essential to fetus.

What is folic?

If women in the reproductive age are provided with enough folic acid daily, their children can reduce 70% of neural tube defects (NTDs) including congenital malformations of the brain and spinal cord.

Folic Acid is one of the B-group vitamins. It is in natural available foods and in the form of folate compound and synthetic form in vitamin pills.      

Dark-leaf vegetables are plenty of folate.

Dark-leaf vegetables are plenty of folate.

Food has folate includes orange juice, green-leaf vegetables, nuts and breakfast grains.

Human body easily absorbs synthetic-form folic acid compared to the natural ones.

Folic acid’s role

Up to now, researchers haven’t found out the reason why folic acid is able to prevent congenital malformations. But, it’s been proved that it have the ability to prevent the risk of getting neural tube defects, NTDs in short, and other typical disease like: spinal fracture (top paralysis in children) and anencephaly which is able to bring infant death due to the underdevelopment brain and skull lack.

Folic acid in vitamin is easily absorbed.

Folic acid in vitamin is easily absorbed.

Besides, folic acid also helps prevent the fetus from heart defects, cleft lip and cleft palate.

In addition, during pregnancy, folic acid supports fast development of placenta particularly and the fetus’s development in general. Especially, the nutrients support DNA producing for babies.

One of studies shows that if the pregnant is 2-3 times lack folic acid, there are many chances that they’ll have the premature birth or their babies’ weight is lighter than other babies’ whose mothers received enough folic acid.

The suitable levels of folic acid

Many health organizations recommended that each woman needs to absorb, at least, 400 mcg of synthetic-form folic acid per day, in average.

The pregnant should absorb 600 mcg/day. The levels should be remained before you decide to get pregnant by using multivitamin or stimulate having cereals for breakfast.

Some foods are rich in folic acid, such as:

·         Fruits and fruit juices

·         Green-leaf vegetables, especially dark-green leaf such as broccoli

·         Beans: green peas, peanuts…

·         Asparagus

·         Sunflower seeds

·         Breakfast cereals

·         Noodles

·         Rice

·         Bread

Pregnant women shouldn’t forget to add some beans in your daily meal.

Pregnant women shouldn’t forget to add some beans in your daily meal.

If you gave birth and had one of NTDs symptoms, before getting pregnant again, you should see a doctor for recommendation about suitable levels of folic acid that you should provide yourself.

Some studies show that drinking 4mg folic acid for at least 1 month before getting pregnant and in first trimester can reduce 70% the risk of having the second child infected with NTDs.

Add more folic acid before getting pregnant

You should provide yourself with folic acid in 1 year before getting pregnant as standard. This could minimize the risk of premature delivery from 50% to 70%. There’re about 13% of premature birth cases every year. So, it’s a pity that your pregnancy is so out of control that your future baby won’t receive essential nutrients.

Provide yourself with foods that contain folate.

Provide yourself with foods that contain folate.

There’re many ways to add folic acid to your daily diet. It could be eating food that contains folate (natural form of folic acid) or taking pills of multivitamin.

However, you still have to take notice at the level of folic acid that you add and make sure it is enough.


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