Confused by food? Registered nutritionist ANITA BEAN reveals what’s healthy and what’s hype.

Fuel your workout

Description: Fuel your workout

Eat right before you exercise

Whether you’re setting off for a power walk, a jog or a Zumba class, get the max out of your workout by eating the right food beforehand. Studies at the University of Sydney have found that people who ate a low-GI meal – slow – burn carbs that produce a gradual rise in blood sugar levels, plis a little protein – three hours before exercising were able to keep going longer than those who ate a high-GI meal. Good options: porridge with milk and honey; pasta with pesto sauce and cheese; a baled potato with beans; or a wholemeal tuna sandwich.

No time for a meal?

Try one of these low-GI snacks 30 minutes before working out to give you an energy boost:

·         One or two bananas

·         A small handful (50g) raisins, sultanas, apricots or dates

·         An oat-based cereal or granola bar

·         1 slice of wholegrain toast with honey

Love carrots love your heart

Description: carrots

Love carrots love your heart

We all know they’re good for your sight, but who knew they could reduce risk of heart disease? In a study tracking eating habits of 20,000 people over 10 years, Dutch researchers found that deep orange-coloured fruir and veg, particularly carrots, were more protactive than those in other colour groups (green, red/purple or white). Eating an extra half a carrot (25g) a day meant a 32% drop in heart disease risk. This effect is thought to be due to carrots’ high content of alpha and beta-carotenoids, which act as antioxidants. Other sources include sweet potatoes, pumpkin and butternut squash.

The brain power diet

Description: Nuts and seeds for vitamin E, fruit for vitamin C

Nuts and seeds for vitamin E, fruit for vitamin C

Want to keep your brain flexible and fit? New research says people who eat lots of fruit, vegetables and fish have better mental performance. Higher blood levels of vitamins B, C, D, E and omega-3 fatty acids were linked with higher scores in thinking and brain volume tests. High levels of trans fats (in deep-fried and processed foods such as cakes, biscuits and doughnuts) in the blood were bad news for the grey cells. Focus on:

·         Omega-3s: salmon, mackerel, nuts.

·         B vitamins: wholegrain bread and cereals, nuts, milk and dairy.

·         Vitamin C: fruit and veg.

·         Vitamin E: nuts, seeds and oils.

·         Vitamin D: oily fish, fortified breakfast cereals, egg yolk.

3 easy ways to save 100 calories in May

·         SWAP 2 tablespoons (60g) taramasalata (290calories)

FOR 2 tablespoons (60g) houmous (172 calories)

Nutritional saving = 118 calories

·         SWAP Tesco chicken korma/jalfrezi meal for 2 (1,315 calories)

FOR Tesco chicken biryani/bhuna meal for 2 (1,185 calories)

Nutritional saving = 130 calories

·         SWAP Café Rouge boeuf Bourguinon (749 calories)

FOR Café Rouge bouillabaisse (551 calories)

Nutritional saving = 198 calories.

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