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“Find it hard to get the body you want in a short gym session? Here are my top tips to help you shave 30 minutes off your routine yet still get the results of a full hour’s workout. The best way to do this is with interval training, which burns more calories and fat than conventional workouts. Plus, by ditching single-muscle moves for ones that are multi-tasking, you hit your muscles in a shorter amount of time. So whether you’re burning fat to get bikini ready, or focusing on cardio to help you get super-fit, we’ve got it covered – all while giving you back 30 minutes of your life.

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Don’t have time to devote hours to separate cardio and strength training routines? Combine them in a circuit that raise your heartbeat while still pumping up your muscles

Cardio booster

This interval treadmill workout is great for producing quick results. Walk for one minute on a six per cent incline, then run for two minutes on a four per cent incline before taking the incline right down and sprinting for two minutes. Repeat this sequence four times, and you’ll get an amazing fat burning session in just 20 minutes.

Halve your toning time

Most fixed weights work just one muscle group at a time, so skip these machines and give your body more of a challenge by engaging several muscle groups at once. Using just your body weight, do a circuit of alternating lunges with lateral raises, a plié squat with an upright row, press-ups with a leg lift and calf raises with bicep curbs. Do 15 reps of each move and repeat the whole circuit two to three times. Freestanding circuits such as these will naturally engage your core.

Double stretches

Description: Lower Back Stretches: Single & Double Knee to Chest

Lower Back Stretches: Single & Double Knee to Chest

When stretching out your muscles after your workout, save time by combining two stretches in one – perfect for improving balance and agility. Try performing a chest stretch as you stretch your calves and then, when you swap legs, extend your back by linking your hands, rounding your back and pulling your arms in front of you. You can also do a lunging hip flexor stretch while stretching your triceps overhead.

Your hamstrings and quadriceps need to be well balanced, so it’s good to keep these to isolated stretches. But you can still get a useful abdominal workout while doing these stretches by keeping your tummy pulled in tight throughout each move.

Top time-saving tips

·         Always have a $1,55 coin in your gym bag, so you don’t waste time getting change for the lockers

·         Keep your on water bottle topped up to avoid the queue at the water fountain

·         Change before you get to the gym, so you can be out of the locker room in seconds.

·         Look like you mean business. Gyms are a great place to socialize, and you can spend a lot of time making general chit-chat. Look like you’re on a mission – headphones are a great deterrent to chatty gym-goers.

Lucy Wyndham-Read is the author of The LWR Fast Fat Burning Method, designed to motivate busy women and get results fast. Lucy produces women’s fitness albums and apps from running workouts to postnatal plans. Visit lwrfitness.com


Q + A

Is it dangerous to train so hard that I feel sick?

Description: Don’t train at maximal effort for more than 40 seconds

Don’t train at maximal effort for more than 40 seconds

Yes! Feeling sick after a workout could mean you’re working out at your maximum heart rate for too long – the nauseous feeling í a signal to slow down. While it’s fine to occasionally train at maximal effort (also known as the anaerobic level, meaning training without oxygen), you should stay at this level for no more than 40 seconds at a time.

Another cause of nausea while training is low blood sugar levels. Make sure you have enough fuel for your workout by eating a carb-rich snack an hour or two before training.

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