A shot at easing migraines

People who suffer from chronic migraines may be about to get an unexpected offer from their doctor – Boxton! Better known for smoothing wrinkles, botulin toxin is a muscles relaxant that can paralyze the tissue believed to trigger migraines. Although Botox was approved as a treatment for chronic migraines in 2010, it has not been available on the NHS. But now, the Government agency that decides which medicines are value for money, NICE, has recommended Botox as an option for severe chronic migraines when at least three other preventative medications have failed to control symptoms. If it gets the final go-ahead, it means some chronic migraine sufferers in England and Wales will be offered head and neck injections.

Description: Description: Your GP may prescribe Botox for chronic migraines

Your GP may prescribe Botox for chronic migraines

Help at hand

It’s always worrying when a child is sick, but being told your little one has cancer must be the hardest news to bear. Around 10 children a day are diagnosed with the disease, and many have to spend long periods of time in hospital. So it’s good to hear of a new website (childrenscancerrecovery.org.uk) with tips on how to your child about their illness, how to look after siblings, coping with eating and education worries, plus details of financial grants. Hannah Bellamy of Cancer Recovery Foundation, the charity behind the site, says: ‘We understand it’s hard to deal with your feelings, explain things to a sick child and handle lifestyle changes, tough treatments and extended hospital stays. It can be an extremely lonely time, but we’re here to help.’

Description: Description: There’s a new online resource for families facing cancer

There’s a new online resource for families facing cancer

5 ways to make you family healthier… This September

1.    Sign your kids up for sport as the new season starts. Dutch scientists have discovered a definite link between exercise and academic achievement.

2.    Discover what makes your toddler tick with Toddlers: An Instruction Manual by Joanne Mallon. A percentage of all sales goes to family support charity Home-Start.

3.    Introduce some color into family meals. New research shows that 91% of us eat meals dominated by beige – such as white rice and potatoes – so pile your plate with greens, reds and oranges.

4.    Wear a pair of silly shoes for a day and help raise money and awareness for gynecological cancers. The Eve Appeal wants to raise awareness about these cancers to help reduce the 18,000 UK cases a year. To join the Funny Feet campaign, visit eveappeal.org.uk.

5.    Stop recurring mouth ulcers by avoiding chocolate, coffee, peanuts, almonds and strawberries. Use a protective gel treatment (not anaesthetizing) such as Bye Mouth Ulcer, $11.9 for 15ml (victoriahealth.com)

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