There’s a brand new way to sculpt and strengthen your body while putting your busy mind at ease.

Fitness crazes come and go, but if you’re looking for a workout that really ramps up the results, the Nalini Method offers serious gains. Already a huge hit Stateside, this intense routine – incorporating free weights with yoga, Pilates work and moves on the ballet barre is poised to become one of the next big things in fitness.

Developed in New York (where else?) by fitness pro Rupa Mehta, the Nalini Method (named after Rupa’s mum), is a challenging combination of Eastern and Western practices. ‘It fuses mental and physical conditioning for a total-body and mind workout, ’ says Rupa. And it delivers noticeable results in a matter of sessions.

The premise is pretty simple: there’s no need for fancy kit or expensive machinery, this is a no-frills workout with minimal equipment – a medicine ball, yoga mat, dumbbells and a chair will do. Weights are kept low (beginners start on a tiny 1kg with advanced levels using up to 5kg) and reps are high to work your muscles to fatigue.

The focus is on enhancing flexibility and balance and improving your endurance and energy, while sculpting a dancer’s physique. The exercises focus on the whole body, with planks, press-ups and wall squats as well as upper-body moves involving plenty of free weights, to tighten and tone up.

Physical benefits aside, it’s the emotional aspect that sets this workout apart. Much like the philosophical principles behind yoga, the Nalini Method encompasses emotional reflection connecting the body, mind and spirit through breathing techniques and calming poses.

‘Physical and emotional weight go hand in hand and by achieving balance with both, you can live your happiest and healthiest life,’ Rupa explains.

Want to give Nalini a go? Perform these moves in a circuit two to three times a week to de-stress your mind and sculpt and slim your whole body.

Kit You’ll Need

·         2 x 1-5kg dumbbells

·         2 x 1.5kg ankle weights

·         Chair

·         Medicine ball

Field Goal

Area trained: Shoulders

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Field goal


Holding a dumbbell in each hand, raise your arms to shoulder height, bending your elbows to 90 degrees, palms facing forward.

Keeping your chest open, core tight and elbows back, press up to the ceiling and then back down to the starting position.

Beginner: 20 reps, using 1-2kg

Intermediate : 20 reps, using 2-3kg

Advanced: 20 reps and 20 small pulses, using 4-5kg

Safety Tip

If you feel tension in your neck or back, switch to lighter weights

Bottom Tuck

Areas trained: Bottom, calves

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Areas trained: Bottom, calves


Lie on your back on a mat and place two weights on your hip bones, holding them firmly in place with your hands.

Bend your knees, placing your feet flat on the floor.

Lift your bottom, pulling your pelvis up and keeping your shoulders on the floor, then lower back towards the floor.

Beginner: 1 x 20 reps, using 1.5kg dumbbells Intermediate: 1 x 20 reps using 2-3kg dumbbells; hold the last rep for 3 secs

Advanced: 1 x 20 reps using 4-5kg dumbbells, rising onto the balls of your feet; hold the last rep for 10 secs

Safety Tip

Make the movement small and isolated to target your bottom effectively

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