Join us to discover interesting things about the fetus when it is newly formed in mother’s womb!

In fact, only one sperm fertilizes an egg but when a couple has sex, there are thousands of sperms released into the cervix of the woman.

24 hours is sufficient time for sperm to reach and fertilize the egg. From now on, your pregnancy starts even if you have not realized it.

Only 2% of all pregnant cases are expecting twins. The twin is exactly the same when a sperm fertilizes an egg, and then divides into two separate zygotes (each zygote forming a baby). The twin not exactly the same is formed when two separate eggs fertilize with two separate sperms at the same time.

The embryo at the 4th week has the size of a seed.

The gender of your baby is decided by your husband. All the eggs carry X chromosome (female), while the sperm is carrying X or Y chromosome (male). If the X chromosome of the sperm meets the egg, it's a girl. On the contrary, if it is the Y chromosome, then you will have a baby boy.

Four-week-old embryo has the same size as a seed.

Four-week-old embryo has the same size as a seed.

Around the 6th week of pregnancy, baby has heartbeat even if its size is only a little bit bigger than a bean.

However, when you are 6 weeks in pregnancy, the uterus has expanded and the embryo has the size of a plum now.

7-week-old baby has already had three distinct brain regions including the forebrain (function as solving problem, memories storage), midbrain and hindbrain (control physical activities such as breathing, heartbeat, muscle movement).

8-week-old- baby is now forming a fetus. If you have ultrasound and prenatal check at this time, the baby's heartbeat is detected and the risk of miscarriage is only 2%.

At the 10th week, your baby has the size of a pea, but you can recognize the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, four limbs, fingers and toes. It also has small nails and the buds for baby tooth.

Also in week 10, baby starts being sensitive to the collisions. If you gently push your belly, the baby will twist but these movements of the baby have not been realized.

In the 10th week, baby starts being sensitive to collisions.

In the 10th week, baby starts being sensitive to collisions.

Your baby's heartbeat is now 110-160 times per minute double adult’s heartbeat. All major organs including heart, lung, kidney, brain and intestines are formed and fully functioned in week 10. From now on, baby begins to develop quickly.

Baby’s reflex develops strongly in the 12th week. If it accidentally touches its face by hands (or feet), its lips look like sucking; if it accidentally touches its eyes, the eyes will blink.

Most pregnant women have amniotic fluid volume as a cup at the end of the first quarter of pregnancy and as a bottle of wine at the end of pregnancy.

12-week-old baby has weight of an Ipod.

Interesting Discoveries On The Middle-three-month Fetus

Let us discover interests about the middle-three-month fetus you may not know.

The middle-three-month fetus is from the 13th week to the 24th week of pregnancy. Let us discover interests on the fetus during this period you may not know.

The fetus has his own fingerprint from the 13th week of pregnancy even he is just as small as a plum now.

The lanugo appears on the body of baby from the 13th week to keep the body warm. At the same time he also has eyebrow and eyelash. Although the lanugo will gradually fall in the third period of pregnancy, some babies still have them until birth.

If you check 4-dimensional ultrasound at the 14th week, you can see the baby smiling or frowning.

In this period, though the baby's eyelids are still closed, he has been aware of light and shadow. He will see a red light if you stand in front of an electric bulb.

In the 15th week, you may know exactly the sex of the fetus with modern ultrasound equipment.

From the 24th week of pregnancy, the baby is able to memorize the sound.

From the 24th week of pregnancy, the baby is able to memorize the sound.

In the 20th week, you will see the ultrasound image of the fetus looking like a newborn baby. From this time onwards, his legs and arms no longer develop much but focus on developing weight.

3 million is the number of ova that a baby girl has when she is 20 weeks old.

21-week-old fetus has the weight and length of a banana.

In this period, the baby can feel what you eat via the amniotic fluid.

In the second half of pregnancy, your uterus size will increase 1 cm/week.

At the 24th week of pregnancy, the fetus’s brain develops strongly and come to completion stage. The patterns of brain wave are now similar to those in a newborn baby and the fetus has consciousness as well as memory. The fetus can distinguish between your voice and your husband’s. Many researches have shown that if you usually turn on a piece of music for him, he will keep it in mind when being born.

The 24th week is one of the major milestones of pregnancy. At this time, the baby has 39% of chance to survive if unfortunately being born early.

In the 24th week, the baby has formed a habit of sleeping, but what a pity that his habit does not get along with his mother’s.

Interesting Discoveries On The Last-three-month Fetus

You should know that only 5% of infants were born exactly on their due date.

Do you know that during the entire pregnancy, the baby will live on amniotic fluid, so remember to drink enough water to supply a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid for your beloved baby’s development.

The 27th week of the pregnancy, the baby is able to open and close his eyes. Now he will learn how to distinguish the light and the dark clearer.

From the 28th to 32nd weeks, the baby’s weight increases about 500g/week. This thing explains why during this period you gain weight so rapidly.

At the temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, amniotic fluid is warmer than normal temperature of the mother’s body. This is to keep the fetus warm because during this period the fetus is forming the adipose tissue layer under the skin.

In the 35th week of pregnancy, most babies are all in right place to prepare for birth.

The most favorable presentation is cephalic presentation (fetus’s head is downward, face turning towards his mother's back and crown slightly tilted on the left or right. Fetus’s chin usually leans on the chest so the crown emerges out first). This presentation is the ideal position to have a smooth birth.

In the 35th week, most babies are all in right place to prepare for birth.

In the 35th week, most babies are all in right place to prepare for birth.

Because there is no air inside the cervix, the baby cannot smell anything from outside. But his sense of smell has been developing from the 32nd week of the pregnancy.

From the 32th to 35th weeks, your baby gains weight about 250g/week.

During this period, the baby's brain is growing rapidly with the increase of head circumference of 2.5 cm/week.

From the 32nd week, the baby's lung is almost completed. However, if the baby was born at the 34th week, he would need assistance to breathe but at the 36th week, the baby is able to breathe.

2.46 kg is the average weight of a fetus at the 35th week.

35-week-fetus has grown up enough to be able to talk to you.

In this period, the baby’s bone is hard enough but the cranium remains soft to facilitate the birth.

The baby has 99% chance to survive if he is born at the 35th week.

By the end of pregnancy, your uterus will be 500 times bigger than normal size.

Only 5% of babies are born right on their due date.

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