What problems remain in the gestation you can have? Let’s follow in this final part!

Edema (swelling)

Level of swelling of every pregnant woman is different in pregnancy. Commonly, the parts of the body swelled are ankles, feet, fingers, wrists and face. This symptom is popular in the final months of gestation and becomes heavier when it’s hot, the end of day or you are redundant in weight.

Swelling in pregnancy will completely end after you give a birth.

Edema is a popular disease in gestation.

Edema is a popular disease in gestation.

Can we prevent edema in pregnancy?

This symptom can be prevented by taking exercises softly for blood circulation. Wearing shoes with flat soles and sitting with legs put in high position also help relieve this symptom. Moreover, pregnant women should usually massage legs and spin ankle softly, but don’t stand rooted to the spot.

Whether this disease is dangerous or not?

If symptom often shows up on legs, arms and face, you need consult your doctors directly to eliminate the risk of catching other dangerous diseases like preeclampsia.


An increase in quantity of parsley, garlic and onion on daily diet can relieve swelling symptom in pregnancy.

Preeclampsia and high blood pressure

Your blood pressure is monitored in pregnancy because it is an important index during nine months. High blood pressure is often expression of stress or excessive worry, however, in some cases, it is sign of preeclampsia. Thus, we should closely monitor blood pressure in gestation because the signs of preeclampsia don’t usually express clearly in the beginning of the gestation period.

Your blood pressure is monitored in pregnancy because it is an important index during nine months

Your blood pressure is monitored in pregnancy because it is an important index during nine months


Protein in urine

Fingers, legs and ankles swell up


Optic disorder

Pain under the right rib

Can preeclampsia be treated?

When catching this disease, you need to be kept a close watch carefully. You should spend much time relaxing and be in hospital in order to be taken care of by doctors. This disease often begins in the final month of the gestation. In many cases, obstetrician forces to induce a pregnant woman to protect the health of mom and baby from unexpected side-effects.

After childbirth, your blood pressure will be stable again and other symptoms will also disappear.

Is this disease risky?

This is considered as a dangerous disease in the gestation period. If not to be controlled closely, the disease can cause death (because it has negative impact on heart, kidneys as well as function of placenta).


Thrush is a common disease in the gestation period. It has no clear symptoms but patient is able to feel itchy around vagina. Besides, vulva and vagina are red, painful, swelled, and appear a little of milky scab. When being caught this disease, vulva and vagina usually smell nasty.

How to deal with this disease?

Pregnant women need to reduce sweet food and starch.

Eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and pasteurized yoghurt.

Drink much water and many kinds of herbal tea.

Wear comfortable underwear made of cotton.

Wash clothes with soap which contains a little or no detergent.

Clean and dry vulva after urinating or having sex

Use condom during sex.

Avoid using soap or washing liquid which smell strong in the tub.

Taking regularly exercises helps reduce many diseases in pregnancy.

Taking regularly exercises helps reduce many diseases in pregnancy.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins often show up on legs, sometimes around vulva of pregnant woman. It becomes heavier in the final of the gestation and disappears after childbirth.

How to limit the risk of catching this disease?

Pregnant women exercise regularly, especially walking because this sport is softly, good for calves’ muscles and blood circulation.

Put your feet on higher position whenever you can.

Do not stand at one position for a long time.

Avoid crossing your legs while sitting and let your body relax often on sofa.

Massage your feet and ankles many times per day.

Do not wear too tight clothes.

Put your legs on high a bit while sleeping.

Eat lots of garlics to circle blood better.

When taking a bath, you should drop a little of lemon juice into warm water to abate this symptom.

Is this in danger?

You need to inform your doctor and to be checked regularly to know whether you catch varicose veins or not, and avoid the risk of worse disease. In some cases, varicose will lead to create extremely dangerous thrombosis. If your legs become hot, red and panic, you have to notice your doctor immediately.

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