Some secrets to clean body effectively

Changing habits is a very difficult thing to do, but with the following advice, you will find an easy way to support strongly for the quick detoxication process of your body.

Clean up your house

Description: Cleaning up here is not cleaning cups or kitchen, but is a way by which you discard foods harmful for health

Cleaning up here is not cleaning cups or kitchen, but is a way by which you discard foods harmful for health (or at least harmful in short-term) and store more nutritional foods. Begin by discarding spices in the fridge and get rid of foods difficult for you to restrain your desire. Replace the space in fridge and food store by organic vegetables, fruits with little sugar, cereal with little gluten or any food you choose in the detoxication menu. If you are carrying out food regime with many fruit juices or made drinks, you may need to invest equipment with a high-quality fruit juice squeezer or liquidizer.

Find an accompany

Description: Find an accompany

Take part in detoxication together with a friend (or a friend group) since they will be those who ensure the effects for body cleaning. Expert Elson Haas, M.D, general doctor at San Rafael, Calif, as well as author of the book The Detox Diet, 3rd Edition, advises that, ‘Thanks to others’ help, it will be easier for you to have motivation and feeling to focus on doing something.’ Choose a person who is also interested in detoxication as you (the one ready to object if you sacrify eating cauliflower or cabbage for a night having cocktail). You can carry out with your family or accompanies because you are often in a close attachment with them, but do not limit accompanies among friends you know. You can also invite a foreign friend to execute detoxication (control each other by everyday messages, phone calls, and emails) or take part in a related community on the social network. There are a lot of websites such as Haas’s (haashealthonline.com) and Kris Carr (crazysexylife.com). Woodstock (the author of the book Crazy, Sexy Diet) also has communities that help you with advice and motivation. If you like, you can write blog about your own experience of detoxication and share it to everyone.

Apply each step with comfort

Description: Begin with small steps

Begin with small steps since the first habit in the process is always the most difficult step. ‘You had better have a week to get used to it, and in this week, your food portion will not surpass 6 to 8 ounces of meat, together with 2 or 3 food portions made from milk and foods containing gluten during 7 days,’ according to expert Carr. ‘Even if you do not have a trial week, you also need to control so as not to eat beyond the portion of meat, dairy food and gluten more than 3 times a week. Café is a strongly stimulating substance, and get addicted to café can make your body work exhaustedly, so you should dissolve normal café with caffeine-free café on a few first days,’ according to Cathy Wong, N.D, C.N.S, natural therapy doctor and author of the book The Inside-out Diet. Use 75% of normal café and 25% of caffeine-free café on the first day, the rate will be 50/50 on the next day and 75/25 on the third day. On the forth day, you can drink 100% of caffeine-free café. Besides, expert Wong advises that you should apply the caffeine-free drink process of Switzerland, a standard method that helps you discard caffeine in your drinks. Paralleling with getting rid of harmful foods, you need you get used to nutritional foods, including drinking lots of filtered water (remember to clean up the water jug since it may contain toxic) and plenty of organic vegetables.

Control the caffeine amount

Description: Control the caffeine amount

If you still regret café cups, Carr suggests you try green tea, white tea, yerba mate or cacao tea, which contain very little caffeine. Or, you can choose Teeccino – a drink made from cereal (take note that it may take a little of gluten), chicory, or a glass of vitamin from vegeratble or herb. ‘The more green drinks you have, the fewer stimulants you need, and they bring abundant energy for your body’, shares Carr. Another analysis from expert Freston is that ‘replacing your morning’s café cup by 10 to 30 minutes exercising will bring more effect.’

If you get headache due to caffeine addiction, Haas suggests that you use some aspirins, Advils, or white willow’s bard (including 2 tablets per time, 3 times per day), or 60 to 120 mg salacin (an active element in the white willow’s bard) with vitamin C full of calcium, magnesium and potassium ascorbate – alkali mineral that can regulate food desire. Another good news is that caffeine addiction often just lasts 48 hours, so you just have to stand the headache for a short time and then enter the period of quitting caffeine. ‘Most people just spend 1 or 2 crises and then can quit caffeine,’ says Haas.

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