Effective method for the girls who wants to get back the shape of the beautiful youth

To get rid of overweight, you can choose the method of exercise with high intense or apply strict diet. We suggest you a way to lose weight lightly and safely from brown rice.

Value of brown rice

Brown rice has 30% protein, 4 times of vitamin B1, 3-5 times of fatty oils, 4 times of pantothenic acid as much as white milled rice (germ-layer and membrane of bran removed). Especially the oil of brown rice bran contains 30% linoleic acid, which is present at breast milk. Abundant source of fiber in brown rice helps prevent atherosclerosis disease, reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes.

Today, scientists also find some valuable nutrition in brown rice, but do not see it in white milled rice. They are selenium, vitamin E, glutathione helping prevent cancer.

Brown Rice—Useful in Detoxification And Weight Loss

Brown Rice—Useful in Detoxification And Weight Loss

Intensify exercise

When you want to lose weight, although you eat less and exercise in different ways, just sit, and move less, the likelihood of fat accumulation can still occur. On the contrary, eat a little more but intensify activities to solve redundant energy, and you will not gain weight.

When the body is overweight, you will feel tired, afraid of acting, easy to get diseases, and the most common one is fat in the blood.

“Panacea” for losing weight

Eating brown rice with sesame salt helps reduce weight quickly and is safe for health. This is the best choice when you want to lose weight but still eat starches.

Depending on the condition and health of each person, you can apply the methods below:

·         Every day, you should eat a bowl of brown rice with grilled or boiled lean meats such as chicken breast, beef tenderloin. Intensify the exercise by walking at least 30 minutes/morning.

·         Apply this kind of diet, and you may lose a few kg in the first month. If you want to lose more weight, in addition to the above diet, you should add two grapefruits per day.

Losing weight by brown rice will not only bring good shape as you dream, but also gives you the beautiful healthy skin, strong bones and tendons, and improves longevity. How great it is!

Eating brown rice with sesame salt helps reduce weight quickly and is safe for health.

Eating brown rice with sesame salt helps reduce weight quickly and is safe for health.

Distinguish brown rice and violet glutinous rice

Brown rice

Rice husked, leaving the bran and germ. Brown rice has many kinds. Delicious brown rice is for dieting or to making dry pancake. Cooked brown rice is tough.

Brown rice, from ordinary rice to glutinous rice, has light brown or dark brown surface.

Dark brown

Violet glutinous rice is dark brown. Violet glutinous rice is used to make Bach Nhat wine (wine soaked with egg and put in water well for 100 days). This wine is very good for women after childbirth. Cooked violet glutinous rice is greasy, sweet and when broke has dark red from the inside out.

Eating brown rice properly

Wash the rice thoroughly, soak for 2 hours, and pour into the rice cooker to cook as usual.

Black Sesame after roasting over low heat, mill together with salt as the rate of 1 teaspoon of salt mixed with 14-20 teaspoons of sesame.

When the sesame seeds start popping, lower the heat.

When the sesame seeds start popping, lower the heat.

When eating brown rice, remember to chew thoroughly so that a part of food and rice is digested by enzymes in saliva.

When applying the weight-loss diet with brown rice, you should not apply the exercises with high intensity, high energy consumption because the body will require more protein.

There are several kinds of beans commonly used with brown rice: peanuts, red beans, green beans, black beans, black sesame, vegetables and all kinds of fresh fruits.

If you are suffering from heart disease or kidney problems but want to lose weight, you need to ask for advice from specialized doctor before applying dietary methods by combining brown rice with sesame salt.

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