Love at the very first bite (Part 1) - Towards the crispy and delicious food & Towards the charming fat dishes

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“No one can resist the alluring attraction of food. We used to wish that these delicious dishes are not only appetising but also good for health. Actually, with several tips, you can make it become true.”

I gaze at the sweet Valentine chocolate brimmed with love and a little bit anxiety. My lover knows that I extremely like the sweet, soft taste of this sweet, truly being attracted by them, I always reminded myself about the fact that “there is neither good nor bad dishes, food is food. That’s all”. I did it all the times until my stomache came back then I wished I hadn’t eatean so carelessly like I did before. 

Description: Love at the very first bite

I had to accept that the resistance towards our favorite dishes is totally hard to do, including: potato chips, cheese, wine, starch, and of course, chocolate. I went crazy with these 5 dishes and hadn’t ever stopped this habbit. But I realized that I could indirectly change its nature by decreasing the toxic chemicals (such as fat and toxins) and increasing the nutrition in each dish (for example fiber, vegetable, minerals and vitamins). As a result, I find a safe and sound solution for letting me enjoy fully the eating hobby.  

Towards the crispy and delicious food


Description: Towards the crispy and delicious food

Yanina Jezek, a diet expert shared “A typical example for this kind of food is potato chips. Most people said to themselves to eat just one piece, but later on, they will eat up a whole big pack when watching TV”. There were several types of food easily driving women into the continuous eating without control. In order to keep it under control, Jezek divided the food into 3 levels: red, yellow and green – the same with traffic light. 

The implementing method is easy to understand: the red alert list represented for the food that often made you eat without control; the yellow alert list for the food that you seldom eat; the green one was for the food that you can eat regularly.

If potato chips are in the red list, try to leave them out of your sight, or you’d better forget them. According to Jezek, the determination and your taste could change thanks to the time passed by and you would forget these dishes.

Or you can find alternative options such as crispy seaweeds, they are crispy and salty as potato chips but without fat, you can easily buy it them in the department store selling good-for-health food or Asian food. A package of seaweeds like that will be 4 grams weight, containing 10 thin pieces of seaweeds with less than 1 gram of fat and supply you 80 milligrams of Sodium and minerals in comparison with normal vegetables. 

If you want it quicker and more delicious, you can change it with baked potatoes, made from sugar beets, rich in folate and fiber. All you need is a sugar beet, then peel and mix them with mashed potato, then cut them into about 3 mm thin slices. Leave them for a while to get dry, then pour them into a bowl with 2 teaspoons of olive oil (approximately 10 ml), scatter them into 2 rows of potato on the tray, dust some dry salt on it and bake them directly in the 160 Celsius degree in 45 minutes until they become crispy.  

Towards the charming fat dishes

When discussing about this kind of food, the nutrition expert Theresa Albert mentioned immediately cheese. According to her: “Cheese is a spice, not an alternative for your meal”, she quoted from the book “Tips for health with 52 ways of cheating your sense of taste” that: “The main problem of the majority audience is that they can’t resist the seduction of a tasty piece of cheese”. She pointed out 3 reasons why we ought to avoid this dish, they were: fat, salt and less nutrition.

Albert added: “A lot types of cheese rich in saturated fats, much more than fat in a grilled meat. A piece of cheese contains 70 – 75% fat, nearly the same with the percentage in butter”. This point made me hesitantly give up the greasy French cheese with the tripled cream I used to love.

And the given solution was: Let’s reduce slowly the fat amount you take in.

Albert guided: “Let’s use regularly avocado, though it is rich in fat but most of it are fat which is good for health, or is called monounsaturated fat. Besides, an amount of mashed peas rich in fiber mixed with water can enable your body eliminate the toxins, especially the fiber in vegetable can decompose the high fat”.

However occasionally, whenever your body needs mineral which only have in cheese, the advice was using light cheese. The expert Jezek shared: “Not all light cheese is awful like you think. For instant I love the Babybel Light cheese because it is delicious, rich in nutrition and easy to control the energy intake, such as 20 grams of this cheese supplies you 50 calories, 3 grams fat, 6 grams protein and nearly 1/5 the amount of calcium you need to take in daily”.

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