Love at the very first bite (Part 2) - Towards your favorite wines, Towards the appetizing dishes rich in protein & Towards the ambrosia chocolate

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Towards your favorite wines

Wines appear in the yellow list. Though doctors don’t encourage the wine-abstained patients to drink, no one can deny the fact that drinking wines regularly can reduce the heart disease hazard. Regularly means some glasses a week or maximum is a glass a day; however, people seldom can control their thirst for wine in such a regular schedule, they will soon drink the wine till the last drop right after the first glass.  

Description: Wines

In drinking wine, the ideal measurement unit for a glass is 5 ounces (1 ounce = 28.35 grams), but it is hard for the drinker to meet the limited capacity due to the reason that most of the wine glasses are quite big. Therefore, the expert Jezek advised you to use the champagne glass for easier control your drinking habit. She also suggested that we ought to drink a glass of water in the interval of glasses of wine or you could drink the dilute wine. 

Red wines are researched to contain the resveratrol – a natural substance which against the oxidized process, avoid cancer protection and keep fit. Nevertheless, a chemical professor Joe Schwarcz of McGill University informed that women who drink wines regularly often have an abundant of reveratrol. He also indicated that in his latest research about the rat which is abundant this chemicals and the result is the resveratrol amount in its tiny body are the same with that in hundreds of wine bottles.

Another research of Wendy Chen proved that women who regularly drink a small glass of wine (approximately 3 glasses a week) would have the hazard of breast cancer higher than other women. Therefore, women should take this into consideration to balance the benefit between heart disease and breast cancer.

Towards the appetizing dishes rich in protein


Description: Towards the appetizing dishes rich in protein

Let’s observe the reactions of the girls when the bread is taken from the oven. At first, they will swoon over its aroma, their eyes open so wide to behold the eye-catching yellow, and then, their conscience will keep reminding that “you shouldn’t eat; there is a dozen of protein in that batch”.

It is quite easy for croissant, baguette, doughnuts or muffins to seduce us. From their appearance, it seems not so harmful to health, actually, the protein rich in carbonate will soon wreck your capillaries and increase the blood sugar. Refined protein in these breads often cheat us by its artificially tasty; in fact, they are low in nutrition but many calories, which will satisfy your hunger as well as bring many bad consequences. You have to know that, days pass by, our body metabolism will weaker and weaker, so we have to struggle between the necessary energy and our out-of-control hunger.

However, we have some alternative solutions for the harmful high protein dishes by taking in a moderate amount of cereal. Then, you will be satisfied your hunger by rye, oats, cereal grains, flour or Kamut branded products. 

Besides bread, we also have to make a change in the habit of using white rice dough into mixed natural cereal, why don’t you try a sticky delicious pot of barley or a tasty kina soup? In case you can’t resist bread, you can allow yourself to eat a small amount of cereal bread instead, but bear in mind that as little as possible. Finally, don’t forget choosing and reading carefully the nutrition ingredients before taking in any kind of cereal.  

Towards the ambrosia chocolate

Description: chocolate

The diet consultant expert Cathy Langdon advised: “Why don’t you try to have a date with your favorite dishes? Let’s sit down, leisurely enjoy your snack and make sure you eat them with pleasant spirit, not in bad mood or stressed”. That was the way that Lea Amaral and her husband applied every night, they together nibble a piece of tasty black chocolate and bring libido into their lives.  

Amaral are managing the Energia Athlentics gym, she often teaches yoga, in-house cycling and exercises for keeping the waist line. All around her gym are full of black chocolate – the one has double antioxidants than the normal milk chocolate, along with natural flavonoid protecting from the heart disease and lowering your blood pressure. Besides, bitter chocolate also avoids the inflammation – which is the main reason for aging disease.     

Amaral shared: “I always try to find the chocolate brands which have more than 70% cacao amount. I love the natural bitter taste of black chocolate, though they are pure in bar or in soft cake shape, they are all tasty”.

Whenever baking with black chocolate, let’s choose the pure cacao powder (don’t choose the Dutch ones, they have less flavonoid). Once you want to have a drink made from cacao, let’s put a soup spoon (15ml) honey with cacao powder into a glass of boiled water (250 ml) and then add some more milk or marshmallow on. These are all steps that you need to make a tasty drink. 

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