You are going to become mothers. The most important thing for you at this time is designing for yourselves a diet that has enough nutrients. Nutrition for pregnant women should be diversified and suitable.

Foods should be diversified

Australian medical experts advise pregnant women:

·         Eat a lot of  kinds of vegetable, bean (green soy, lentil) and fresh fruits every day

·         Eat a lot of grain (sweet potato, bread, spaghetti, rice…)

·         Eat a lot of lean meat, fish and poultry

·         You shouldn’t ignore milk and finished products from milk (yoghurt, cheese, skin on milk)

·         Drink a lot of water in day

Pregnant women should drink a lot of water in day.

Pregnant women should drink a lot of water in day.

Reasonable nutrition for pregnant women

You should choose foods that don’t contain a lot of salt and you should eat with a suitable amount.

Nutrition for pregnant women is recommended to add more 300 calories in a day for pregnant women during the first quarter, 600 calories for the second quarter, and 900 calories for the last 3 months.

Healthy snacks that are used for the first quarter are a slice of brown bread or bread with dried grapes; an apple, orange, banana or strawberry; a boiled egg and a half box of yoghurt.

In the next quarter, you continue arrange to eat more by increasing quantity and the number of time.

In some first weeks, your craving for eating can be reduced remarkably and you want to nauseate or feel tired. In the middle of pregnancy, your craving for eating is similar to the time before you become pregnant or increase lightly. Until the end of pregnancy, your craving for eating will increase clearly. If you have heartburn or indigestion after eating, you should divide your meal into small meals.

The most important rule for you is you should eat when you feel hungry and you shouldn’t absolutely eat for 2 people.

Nutrition for pregnant women should be diversified and suitable.

Nutrition for pregnant women should be diversified and suitable.

Vitamins that need to be provided

It’s wonderful and lucky if you don’t have morning sickness. You can feel comfortable to eat foods that you want and are the best for fetus’s development. However, if you have morning sickness, you will vomit after eating; you need to be provided vitamins due to direction of doctor.

Folic acid is one of the extremely vitamins in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Lacking this substance (it is available in grain, animal’s liver and vegetables that have dark green), babies that will have the high risk of catching diseases that relate to inborn defect of neural tube such as broken vertebra.

Doctors advise you to provide this vitamin every day until you become pregnant in 3 months.

Fe and calcium are minerals that are extremely important for pregnant women. Iodine is very necessary for development of brain and function of formed thyroid gland of babies.

Animal’s liver, shrimp, crab, sesame, green soy and bindweed… contain a lot of Fe. Oyster, banana, kiwi, broccoli and spinach… contain a lot of calcium.

If you take a vegetarian meal, you have diabetes, pregnancy diabetes, anemia or you have history of premature birth, you need to tell your doctor clearly. You must provide vitamin A (liver, seas fish, butter, egg and milk…) with a suitable amount.

Nutrition for pregnant women: foods that need to be avoided

Pregnant women should avoid some foods because doctors consider that these foods aren’t safe for development of babies.

·         Seafood, sushi, fish… Although fish is food that is rich in protein, vitamin and mineral, you should also be careful because level of mercury in fish isn’t low.

·         Pate, underdone meat are foods that contain source of harmful bacteria for your babies.

·         Wine: according to the advice of Australian medical experts, pregnant women must say no to wine and stimulants like coffee.

·         Smoke cigarette: If you become pregnant, you should stop smoking cigarette as soon as possible.


Pregnant women shouldn’t drink wine.

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink wine.

Go on a diet in pregnancy

Diet in pregnancy can be harmful for you and development of babies. Diet doesn’t ensure that you are charged with enough suitable vitamin and mineral. You should remember that gaining weight is one of the positive signs to show that you have a healthy pregnancy.

If you are overweight, you can improve your diet by reducing foods that are rich in fat, sugar and attend some suitable exercises.

Reasonable weight

The best way to gain weight is gaining weight gradually. You should gain about 11-14 kilograms, 18-20 in the case that you become pregnant with twins. You should pay attention to a healthy diet that includes a lot of starch, fruits, vegetables, protein, milk and foods from milk…

You don’t need to give up all of your favorite dishes because you are becoming pregnant. However, nutrition for pregnant women doesn’t include foods and snacks that contain a lot of salt fat and sugar.

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