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Ancient Indian medical therapy

Ancient Indian medical therapy presents some health techniques such as diet changes, breathing movements and herbs to care for patients based on “dosha” (also known as “body condition”) of each person.

Description: Ancient Indian medical therapy

“Dosha usually associated with different types of body skin” - by Jasmina Aganovic - physical trainer and founder of Beaty Skin-care Institutions – “Vatadosha represents dry skin, Pitta represents sensitive skin and Kapha represents oily or combination skin”. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove that skin care based on dosha will bring many benefits - by Susan Stuart, MD, a dermatologist.

However, this is basis for the preparation of herbal ingredients according ancient Indian medical therapy, which makes you look younger. “For example, studies indicate that raw turmeric and ginger - two herbs used in Indian medicine can reverse wrinkles” - by Shyam Gupta, Ph.D., a chemist cum founder of Bioderm Research company. In addition, several studies also demonstrated that grape seed extract - also a medical material from Indian medicine - which resists cellular aging much more than C and E vitamins.

Note: You can use moderately herbs such as ginger and turmeric, but do not overuse them in your diet when not determine exactly what dosha your skin is.

Alkaline diet

Description: Alkaline diet

Some studies indicate that acid can destroy the body, so it's better if you add a high alkaline foods (less acidic) such as fruits or vegetables, they will help slow down skin aging process.

There are no studies to prove this hypothesis because our bodies have the ability to adjust the acidity of the diet. However, there is a real story that “The patients eat food containing 80% alkaline realize their skin have less dry and less wrinkle than through the week” - according to nutrition expert Kimberly Snyder.

Note: Diet does not directly reduce wrinkles, but eating more vegetables and fruits will complement your skin health and wellness.

Skin acupuncture

Description: Skin acupuncture

This treatment does not hurt you as you think. You will use an instrument that cover much of the small needles and gently rub the surface to create tiny incisions in the skin in a short time, it helps promote the treatment, bring relaxation state for skin.

Dermatologist Kathy Fields, MD, who has developed acupuncture tools at home for Rodan & Fields, said that this device has the function of promoting the collagen production for skin and increased permeability of anti-aging compound, which has been absorbed before. However, because there is no study to prove the effectiveness of this instrument when used at home, Dr. Stuart recommended that patients should acupuncture in company office with advanced equipment to achieve expected results and safety.

Note: acupuncture before you absorb any product with vitamin A. Home acupuncture tools help the skin to be smoother, but it also has the same functionality as the food rich in vitamin A.

The detoxification

Description: The detoxification

Many experts think that some temporary restraint in diet (such as the purification of the body, water drink regime to lose weight, or the body detoxification plan) can help your skin glow and be brighter.

“Most people's skin are improved after detoxification process because this process will remove the toxin inside the body - the source of many symptoms of the skin, including rosacea, acne, and pre-aging”. - by Frank Lipman, MD, general practitioner and founder Eleven Eleven Wellness organization. Although it is ideal if there is a nutrition expert guide thorough detoxification process, you can also get the benefits of detoxification in your way. Dr. Lipman advised you to avoid drinking caffeine, sugar, dairy products, gluten, meat in a few weeks to promote your body condition. Some researches also add to this theory by pointing out examples such as rising levels of gluten will lead to some not good symptoms for the skin or use too much milk products will cause acne.

However, Mary Lupo. MD, dermatologist cum member of the Prevention's consulting, said that no study to prove the temporary detoxification can reduce the inflammation of the cells or bring the rich source of protein for skin.

Note: The process of detoxification can rejuvenate you, but eating less sugary foods or starchy foods will make you healthier in the long run, because these foods can disable glucose blood and accelerate the aging of organs, including skin.

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