Article 1: Let’s get physical

Maybe you have head that yoga is really a kind of sport that does not incline to physic. Certainly, yoga’s purpose is to find relief in your mind, but you will be surprised at its benefits in curing backache or sprained throat. A friend of mine took part in a yoga gym known as torture gym and started to practice 26 physical practice postures and two breathing movements. After 6 months, her backache disappeared, and now she can move easily and stress in her mind is 10 times relieved.

Description: Yoga Advices

Yoga Advices

Although you practice yoga with any reason, you should know clearly that you have nothing to regret with this wonderful sport. I myself have never hidden the fact that brawny hands of the singer named Madonna inspires me to do yoga. I just encountered difficulty in love, and before finding relief in my soul, I recognized that I had to discover physical strength, since only when my physic gets strong can I have a sound mind.

Do you still remember the first time you put your body on the yoga carpet and were afraid of movements that you could not do, but then you could do them easily and got accustomed to them, right? Recall that encouraging and exciting feeling and relate it to present, you will recognize that everything can be done. And that is the spirit on which yoga wants to focus.

Description: Let’s get physical

Let’s get physical

The movement to keep hands balanced makes you feel all right even when you fall, and shows you how to land at by feet. The posture to bend your body to the front helps you feel really comfortable when leg muscles and spirit are stretched maximally. The movement to bow your head down allows you to see life in a newer and stranger way while the movement to tip back gives you a lesson on how to put up with risk and how to trust. Even the movement to bend legs back to nape although does not certainly bring you wisdom, it stills teaches you many things about patience and industrious practice.

So, do not let anyone say what you should or should not do with yoga, and do not care much about effects such as curing backache, purifying mind, or keeping fit. When doing any movement, if you learn something, you catch the ‘real yoga’ spirit about which I said.

Article 2: Can yoga help with high blood pressure?

If you are under high blood pressure or have a threat of contracting this dangerous disease, do not worry so much since therapies, postures, and breathing movements in yoga can be effective tools in your treatment regime. A few studies prove that yoga can reduce blood pressure in the body dramatically. For example, yoga can help you reduce stress, make blood pressure stable for a short time, and can support high blood pressure in long-term.

Researchers at Pennylvania - University of medicine and pharmacy – prove useful effects of yoga and activities in daily habits on high blood pressure. This is the experiment following previous results about yoga’s benefits on health care. Certainly, if you contract high blood pressure, besides yoga, you have to comply with the eating regime which is rich in fruits and vegetables, has less sodium, and you should practice moderately aerobics to control your treatment.

Description: Can yoga help with high blood pressure?

Can yoga help with high blood pressure?

If you are a person who is extremely toward outside and love strong movements, our advice is that you should practice movements that you can do moderately. This does not mean that you have to give up strong movements in vinyasa class, but you will have to alternate the days on which you practice strong movements with the days on which you do gentler movements, especially rhythmic acrobatics as well as deep and slow breathing. Every week, spend a practice session to recuperate and relax with gentle postures within at least 5 to 10 minutes to take care of your body and release stress by steady breathing and mind purifying.

Reference movements

The followings are reference movements for patients who have high blood pressure:

-       Putting your legs on the wall: lie on the floor, put your legs on the wall or chair’s edge (so that your legs are perpendicular to the floor), put your hands on the floor and put your palms up, let yourself at relaxed posture. If you like, put a piece of soft cotton on your eyes or palms.

-       Lying pronely: stretch straight the above half of your body, lie on a bolster or quilt, choose relaxed and comfortable lying posture.

-       Acrobatics with chair: sit on a quilt, stretch your legs straight towards the front, bend your body to the front, and put your forehead and hands on a chair or a bolster.

Article 3: Speak easier

If you are nervous when speaking in front of the crowd, do not worry. Yoga is a tool with breathing and mind purification movements that help you get calmer when speaking or proving yourself at an interview. Anxious and nervous states often happen when the brain border system reacts a stressful situation in daily life (such as when you feel that you are encountering danger). According to the professor Sat Bir Khalsa from Harvard Medical University, you can prevent this reaction by breathing slowly. In a study from 2005 to 2007, Khalsa and the psychological therapist Stephen Cope proved that yoga courses included breathing movements that could help professional instrumentalists control their fear during their performance.

Another way that can help you keep calm is concentrating your notice on something. Cope addresses, ‘Once you concentrate whole mind on the work you are doing, you will not be distracted by fear.’ Also, yoga theories can help you. You can apply the lesson on a theory called Bhagavad Gita: ‘You should get rid of thinking about possible results. Work on your best and devote to big dreams, for example, you will feel that you are more powerful or have brighter career.’

The expert Cope, who is also a speaker, shares his secret to speak: ‘I glance at audience to find a few people that may be interested in what I am going to say, and I begin to give them a speech.’

Description: Speak easier

Speak easier

Small tactics to become a speaker with yoga

-       Determining the situation: if you can think of the performance excitedly instead of fearfully, you will feel less pressure and stress.

-       Grounding state: feel that your legs connect closely to the stage and gather anxiety down to the ground.

-       Practicing deep and slow breathing: deep breathing movements in lung will help you feel animated and calm.

-       Concentrating: keep in mind your tasks and concentrate on them, like when you are concentrating on difficult movements in yoga. Do not let your thought be distracted by other things.

-       Controlling awareness: if your fear is getting bigger and bigger, just ignore it and let it pass, do not make the situation become more serious.

-       Do not take the results into account so much: try your best, prove yourself, and believe that you will success and overcome yourself.
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