Some petty diseases any leg trauma can stagnate your exercise process. Do not worry since the following advice will support you when you are unhealthy.

Description: Work out or sit it out?

If yesterday you exercised extremely… take it easy

It is because even when you exercise by climbing stairs, you will also have to stop to relax due to muscle pain. ‘The reason for this phenomenon is due to tiny torn muscles and formation of residue during the exercise process,’ shares Matthew Matava, M.D, professor of surgery and pharmacy department in sport of Washington University. To relieve the pain, apply ice on the pain for 20 minutes per time and take an-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen. Keep in mind that walking supports positively circulation and help hard muscles be loosen; however, stop activities with strong intensity when the pain is relieved. In the future, place the target of distance, time, and weight as equal or under 10% per week.

If you feel dizzy because of alcohol yeast… keep exercising

Description: keep exercising

Dull mind is not the reason for which you do not exercise. ‘Exercise movements pump blood to organs such as liver and kidney, helps eliminate quickly symptoms of regurgitation and tiredness due to beer and wine,’ addresses Martin Passen, M.D, internist and owner of a gym at Baltimore. He says, ‘a small amount of alcohol yeast will be released via sweet gland and breathing rate.’ You need you add more water: Wine and beer are diuretic, and if you drink so much cocktail that your writhe with headache, this means you are seriously dehydrated. Expert Passen advises that you should drink 24 ounces of water before exercising, and then drink a more amount of water during and after the exercise process.

If you catch petty disease… leave far from the gym

Symptoms of diseases from the throat upwards (like sneeze or sore throat) are infectious diseases. You can exercise regularly sports, such as yoga, walking, strength, provided that you do it at home. ‘Otherwise, you will transmit the flu to others in the gym,’ says Passen. Besides, you should stop exercising when catching chest congest, high fever, or body pain. ‘Exercising makes your body need more oxygen and increases body temperature, so if you have a fever or congested lungs, exercising will cause negative effect.’

If you have knee trauma… avoid doing movements related to heart

Description: Knee Injury

You have exercised smoothly for months until you get trauma some day. The reason for this is patellofemoral syndrome (knee trauma when running) – a common trauma due to bloating round patella. ‘If you have throbbing pain after sitting still for a while with your bandaged leg without bloating on your skin, maybe you get such trauma,’ analyzes Matava. The expert’s solution is do nothing with your knee during one week, do not run or jump except moderate exercise on the above half of your body, and do not forget to raise your leg up and down when you are free. If you still feel pained after the above time, consult your doctor to find out other symptoms. When turning back to normal habitus, you should do more movements so as to increase strength for your legs like squat. Additionally, take note that when quadriceps in front of the thighs is weakened, knee muscles are difficult to be controlled and trauma will be worsened.

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