‘We Love Our New Bikini Bodies!’ (Part 3)

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‘I’ve lost a stone’

Natalie Mensah, 29, was so self-conscious about baring her lower half on the beach; she couldn’t bring herself to book a holiday.

‘I’ve spent my life ruled by the scales – dropping pounds quickly with a silly fad diet, then piling it all back on. This challenge changed all that. Not only am I lighter, slimmer and happier, but – thanks to my trainer Paul – I’ve learned to stop fixating on my weight and focus more on how my clothes feel. As a result, I’ve lost over 8 inches all over.

‘Eight weeks ago, I absolutely hated working out. Now, I’ve become one of those women who actually want to go to the gym and leaves feeling so much better about myself. I never, ever thought I’d be converted into a gym bunny! My friends and family can’t believe the transformation. But hearing them tell me how great I look has made all the hard work so worth it. The final photo shoot – more to the point, the thought of baring all in swimwear – drove me to work even harder during the last few weeks. So I signed up to a new gym near my house, with the aim of going three times week before work. I’ve realized that if something makes you feels good, you can always make time for it, however busy you are.

‘Above all, though, I’ve finally learned to accept my body shape. I’ve always had issues with my bottom half but, thanks to Paul’s encouragement, I’ve accepted that I’m never going to have a tiny bum – and, as it’s far more toned now, I’m learning to love it. Besides, everyone raves about Beyonce’s booty, so maybe having a bigger bum isn’t such a bad thing after all. I’ve finally found the confidence to book my summer holiday, too – it’s the goal I need to keep me on the straight and narrow. For the first time ever I can’t wait to get into my bikini!’

How Natalie measures up

Height: 5ft 2½ in


Weight: 11st 13½lb

Waist: 31in

Thigh: 26in

Description: Description: 4330

Natalie Mensah (Before)


Weight: 10st13lb

Waist: 28in

Thigh: 25in

Description: D:\!Work\!60s\!Publish\04-07.09\Women_Health_We_Love_Our_New_Bikini_Bodies_Part3_files\image002.jpg

Natalie Mensah (After)


How she did it

A diet of lean protein and veg with no wheat or sugar, Boosting her water intake throughout the day.

Running three times a week.

Fat-burning workout three times a week.

How she’ll keep it off

Personal trainer Paul Vallis (paulvallistraining.com), says, ‘The last two months haven’t been easy for Natalie, mainly because of her busy job. But now she’s found a way to make time for exercise, she just needs to keep my eating tips in mind, too. Her downfall was the treats on offer at client meetings. Eating slowly, making a conscious effort to chew every mouthful. Will stop her from scoffing a pain au chocolate at a breakfast meeting without a thought. She’ll feel fuller faster eat less and will always be in control of what she’s eating – essential for keeping off the weight she’s worked so hard to lose.’

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