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Louise Parker and her dedicated team are ready to bust your body into shape for spring

The intensive personal training program was devised by celebrity trainer Louise Parker over 12 years ago and has since changed the body shape of hundreds of individuals. Her experience ranges from helping clients recover from long-term obesity, to taking care of some of the most beautiful bodies in the world.

Description: Louise Parker and her dedicated team

The unique program combines six hours a week of her exercise method, alongside a rigorous dietary overhaul, for a six-week period. “Each week we train you in four 90-minute sessions in the comfort of your own home – bringing the gym to you and saving precious time,” says Louise. “Some clients choose to do three 90-minute sessions over an eight-week period and the results are still exceptional.”

The Intensive employs exercise and diet methods that radically shift body fat and totally re-sculpt the body, without compromising metabolism. It’s so important to teach our clients how to boost their metabolism so that once they have lost the weight they can easily keep it off,” she notes. “So many diets will get the weight off but your metabolism will come to a grinding halt or they are just not sustainable.” The program’s emphasis on resistance work and an intelligent eating plan ensure the results that clients achieve are long lasting and, most of all, easy to maintain. “No aspect of what we do is extreme,” she explains. Every element of the plan is sensible, researched and proven to work. But what we do is put it all together to create massive transformations in our clients’ bodies and lifestyles.

Description: the gym

“My tem are world class and without a doubt some of the best in the country. Most come from a Sports Science background and we have two Olympic athletes amongst us. We all share a friendly, no-nonsense approach and between us we offer an unrivalled service to our clients. I’m hugely proud to have such a talented and committed team behind me.”

Louise Parker believes anyone can have a fantastic body – regardless of age, body type and starting point: “By following my method, you really will be blown away by how you can change your body shape, overall fitness and exceed your own expectations.”

Her program is suitable for anyone wanting exceptional results, in record time. The Intensive is hugely popular with clients needing to be what she calls ‘red-carpet ready’ – whether that’s for a wedding, new job-role or even the school run. “I love helping post-natal mums,” she explains. “Since I had my daughters in quick succession, I fully understand the challenges new mothers are faced with, and what has to be done to return you to your former glory.”

Louise Parker designs each program with one of her team before the program commences, based on the individual’s requirements and deadlines. A rigid, yet balanced food plan is devised, ensuring optimal results. Louise personally monitors your diet diary on a daily basis to ensure you are on the right track and that you get all the support and motivation you need to succeed. In six weeks, you will emerge looking better than you thought you ever could. What Louise Parker does isn’t gimmicky; it is instead an intelligent combination of three factors – nutrition, training and lifestyle – delivered in just the right combination. “Providing you have made the decision to change and are willing to let us guide you,” she asserts, “You simply cannot fail – clients routinely drop two dress sizes on the Intensive.”

There are many bespoke programs available, and following a telephone consultation, Louise will advise a suitable program and schedule to suit any objective, lifestyle and budget. Louise asks that new clients commit to a minimum of three hours per week to ensure that they achieve amazing results.

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