Popular symptoms when you are pregnant such as bleeding or contraction may be harmless or signals of serious problems. This is how you can tell the difference between them.

At early stage, Deborah Johnson (not a real name) started to extraordinarily bleed slightly. “At first, I got into a panic”, she remembered, “My spontaneous reaction was “Oh, this is not good!””. And she called for a doctor, who saw his concern but stayed calm, still. “She said she would make it safe by giving me progesterone, but even if the fetus is alright, progesterone does no harm”, said Johnson. Although bleeding continued during the first quarter, Johnson gave birth to a healthy boy 6 months after that.

Description: Most of them are pregnant normally and giving birth to healthy babies.

Most of them are pregnant normally and giving birth to healthy babies.

Few women undergo the pregnancy without encountering any problem (or many) that make them worry like that. Fortunately, most of them are pregnant normally and giving birth to healthy babies. While future mothers with detailed health situations or who have early delivery in their past, or who are carrying many babies at one time must especially pay attention when there is something unusual happens, most of woman can be relaxed and let it come naturally.

We are here to help you with that. These are some most popular and concerning pregnancy scenarios, accompanied by reasons why you don’t have to worry about them – and when you have to. Keep in mind that these are just some regulations; call for a doctor or a midwife at once if you have any question or concern for your pregnancy.

Description: Danger ahead?

Danger ahead?

Bleeding: Am I having a miscarriage?

Why does it happen?

Bleeding during pregnancy, especially in the first quarter, is quite popular. In fact, 25% of women slightly or seriously bleed within the first 13 weeks; and a half of them give birth to healthy babies. 

While bleeding – especially when it goes with a cramp – is a popular signal of miscarriage, it usually has other more harmonious reasons. The most popular reason is relevant to transplanting inseminated eggs into the womb, according to Dr. Daniel Landers – a professional obstetrician at Minnesota University, Twin Cities. Womb tumor – it is quite popular although you are pregnant or not - can be culprit. Another potential reason is cervical bleeding, which can happen after an intercourse with pregnant women. Finally, bleeding can happen when the slimy substance blocking the cervix is driven out before having birth pangs.

When to call for a doctor?

If you are bleeding at any time, call for a doctor.

Contraction: Am I having birth pangs?

Why does it happen?

Many women have a contraction randomly, which means the Braxton-Hicks contraction, after 24 weeks. This is unusual and not often, contracting to the contraction during the birth pangs. It happens in regular periods with a rise in frequency and intense, according to Landers.

When to call for a doctor?

If the contraction looks regular (for examples 10 minutes once), it is time you called for a doctor.

Cramp: is period – or miscarriage – coming?

Why does it happen?

Many women feel it like a cramp in a period at early stage of pregnancy. That pain is caused by blood pumping to the womb and other pelvis organs, and this is normal.

When to call for a doctor?

Do it if you recognize the cramp in one side or it is accompanied by bleeding. Serious cramp in the 2nd or 3rd quarter is more concerning, because it can be the signal of early carriage. 

Swell: Am I going off?

Why does it happen?

Hormone changes make pregnant women save an ample liquid in tissues. “This swell is hardly relevant to how much water or salt you absorb in.” according to Dr. Richard Frieder – vice-professor at UCLA Medicine School.

When to call for a doctor?

If the swell happens suddenly (especially in foot, leg or palm) and is accompanied by a headache, especially after the 28th week; it is likely to be the symptoms of preeclampsia – a dangerous high blood pressure situation.

Unusual virginal discharge: Am I infected?

Why does it happen?

Your womb is undergoing many usual changes which may lead to an unusual or extreme fluid discharge, according to Landers.

When to call for a doctor?

If the itching situation or bad smell is accompanied by vaginal discharge, you may be infected.

Wet below? Is that my water’s break?

Why does it happen?

If you feel wet in the blanket or your underwear, it may be the urine. As the womb develops, it puts some pressures on bladder, so many women have enuresis without knowing it.

When to call for a doctor?

If that situation continues or looks extreme, the doctor wants you to make sure that you don’t have “water breaks”. This is the biggest concern after the 27th week because it can lead to the womb infection.

When something scary happens, women are happy that they have found a suitable doctor. “The important thing is there is a doctor who can consider everything but doesn’t terrify you”, said Deborah Johnson. “From the start, my doctor said that bleeding is normal in the 1st quarter, and she was right. In the first day of the 2nd quarter, bleeding stopped completely – it is so lucky. I felt that finally I could be relaxed and enjoyed my pregnancy”.


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