The successful sporting executive, journalist and author, 43, shares her healthy eating habits

Karren says:

‘I’m notoriously bad at breakfast, but I can’t move without my coffee. From Monday to Thursday, I’m in London and the only things I have in my flat are coffee and long-life milk.

‘I do some work from home then head to the office where I’ll have lunch quite early. Usually, it’s a ham sandwich on white bread as I don’t like brown bread. I’m always snacking on almonds between meals – I find they keep me going and they’re delicious. I don’t eat much fruit – it’s too hard to keep fresh when I’m on the go, that’s why almonds are perfect. I love vegetables, so for dinner I’ll probably have a chicken stir-fry.

‘From Friday to Sunday, I love to cook for my family at home. My speciality is slow-roast lamb with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. And there’s always a big cake afterwards!

‘This year, I decide I wanted to make better choices. I walk a lot to and from work, and at weekends I play tennis or go cycling with my family. Since January, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight through healthy snacking. The biggest changes I’ve noticed are I eat better and both my skin and hair have really improved.’

Dietician Fiona hunter

‘Karren’s diet is not too bad, although there is room for improvement. The first healthy habit she needs to adopt is eating breakfast. After seven to eight hours without food overnight, her body and more importantly her brain, needs food to work efficiently. As Karren doesn’t eat much fruit, a smoothie or muesli with fresh fruit would be a good choice. Almonds are an ideal snack, as they’re very practical, easy to transport and are nutritious. Karren’s salt intake could be too high as she has ham for lunch and stir-fry for dinner. Opting for low-salt soy sauce with her stir-fry will reduce salt in her diet.’

Try almond nut butter on oatcakes when you’re puckish. The oatcakes are low GI and spread with a small amount of the butter, you’ll get high-energy, low-fat snack that’s quick and easy. Try Meridian Almond Butter, 170g ($4, Holland & Barrett).

Meridian Almond Butter

Grab a handful of almonds twice a day to keep your energy up and help avoid a snack attack. Eight to 10 almonds is sufficient. Soaking them overnight in water makes the nutrients more available.

Try making flavored almonds by roasting them with cinnamon. As well as enhancing the flavor, the cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and boosts brain function. Coat the nuts in whisked egg white, add a dash of vanilla essence and honey, and roast.

Karren’s guilty pleasure…

‘I eat out a lot when I’m in London. I’m a plain eater, so I like to enjoy a main meal and skip starter and dessert – my favorite is steak and chips.’

A 100g portion of chip-shop chips contains = 240 calories, 12.4g of saturated fat and 30.5g carbohydrate

Try sweet potato wedges instead. One large sweet potato will serve two. Oven cook with canola oil and garlic – so delicious we guarantee you won’t go back to regular chips! One 100g portion contains 122 calories, 0g of saturated fat and 19g of carbohydrate.

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