Forget booking, it’s all about queuing. So get in line for summer’s tastiest trend

When a former burger van becomes one of the hottest dining spots in London, it’s safe to say street food has gone in the world. And if the queues outside distressed, rock-chic restaurant Meat Liquor in central London are anything to go by, it’s a foodie phenomenon changing the way we eat out forever. Save us a space…

Description: Eat.St brings kerbside dining to another level

Eat.St brings kerbside dining to another level

Alongside the grown-up burger joint, a flurry of no-reservation restaurants are popping up all over with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. We’re hoping that The Long Table, Dalston – London’s only outdoor food night market – returns with its signature disher from Hawksmoor, The Loft Project and Moro, plus we love Soho’s stylish Duck Soup, for the oysters and bring-your-own-vinyl policy. Flag down the mobile Street Kitchen (bringing office workers a welcome lunch alternative to Pret with its gourmet bistro-style dished) for a communal Sunday lunch in April at Battersea’s cool warehouse space Testbed 1 or check out Market Café, a rustic Italian café bar in Broadway Market, E8. But if it’s Asian fusion you’re craving, there’s not an MSG-laden noodle in sight at East Street, from the team behind Tampopo (with branches in Manchester, Leeds, Reading and Bristol).

Description: Head to East Street for Asian fusion fabulouness

Head to East Street for Asian fusion fabulouness

Brixton Village, the vibrant South London home everything from the WAG-free bakery to the best-of-Bejing’s Mama Lan is set to continue its reign as the hottest street-food hub this summer. But we also love Eat.St in Kings Cross, brainchild of original queen-of-the-scene Petra Barran. Expect to see many of the stalls – like Jamon Jamon and Anna Mae’s – at a festival near you soon.

We love… club Tropicana

Like something straight out of a Wham! Video, Manchester’s first tiki bar, The Liars Club (theliarsclub.co.uk), serves up over 50 varieties of rum in pineapple and coconut shells alongside fun and sunshine… and possibly rain.

Description: We love… club Tropicana

We love… club Tropicana

Everyone’s talking about…

Food writer and chef Alice Hart, 30, knows all about throwing dinner parties. She get up pop-up restaurant The Hart & Fuggle and has just published her third book, Friends At My Table ($28.5, Quadrille)

Description: Eveyrone's talking about…

Everyone’s talking about…

If you’re not very organized…

‘Make what you can well in advance. You can make brownies a few days before then serve with ice cream or chocolate sauce. But there’s nothing wrong with asking a guest to bring pudding’.

If you get stressed…

‘Make a list and tick things off – you’ll feel you’ve accomplished more – and clean up as you along. If you don’t like washing-up (and I did this once when my dishwasher broke), shove all the dishes in the bath behind the shower curtain until your guests have gone home!’

If you’re on tight budget…

‘Joints of meat can be crippling, so try less common cuts, like chicken thighs rather than breast. A Vietnamese stew is economical, quick, easy and tastes great’.

If time is tight…

‘Ask guests to put things together themselves. Use a small table as a station with ice cream, toppings and glasses and let people make their own sundaes. It’s more fun that way’.

And finally…

‘Fairy lights look really pretty strung up on walls or curtain poles and give a lovely party atmosphere’.

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