Sue has over 30 years experience in the field of spirituality, specializing in research the impact of core energy of the natural crystalline to the person's mood, and she is also famous with fortune telling and be an outstanding lecturer. In addition, Sue always encourages the readers to share their questions through the mailbox info@affitinimad.com.uk to get her advice.

Besides, you can easily find useful information on specialized courses, seminars or suggestions about the future fortune through the website: www.sanctualybedford.co.uk

Description: Discover your destiny

Some typical questions from readers:

·         I am just 48, but somehow I scare when thinking I'll grow old? What should I do?

My fortune said, you are not fearful of becoming older, but about ending life and face to the “death”. Maybe this obsession began from the religion concept of “death” and “evil”. Or you may regret about a sin in the past that is hard to tolerate. I just want to tell you that, I talked with the dead and they shared that: conscience courts located in the heart of every person, and the repay for mistake depended on selection of that person, along with the help of the supernatural. And more importantly, people will be tormented by their sins most, not the obsession of being thrown into hell.

·         I'm starting a new job, this is an area I've ever been successful and I love it. Do you think I have “luck” or not? And when success will come to me?

Your invocation of success is responsed, however, you need to know that everything you knew before has changed, you should not keep the old working style. However, do not fear, just keep your opportunities, and gradually develop your prestige with company, then the result will come soon.

·         I am always jealous with my ex-husband, 12 years ago, he left me to follow other woman and they moved in together. They had a splendid wedding, and I hate to admit that marriage is happier than I thought. I spent hours at home to find the way to get him back and divide them but all my plans have failed miserably. It is unfair, right? Why does he live happily while I am not?

Sadness and anger come from the “hatred” that you always torment inside. Maybe you are permitted heartbroken when he left, but it's a mistake if you were hurt yourself with the story happened 12 years ago. Your fortune said: now your husband has changed very much and he will never come back to you. You need to bury the past and stand up strong. I know that now, your fear is not finding the ideal relationship or guilt about your past. You need to remember that: no man can pursue you forever if you are not actively open up to them, start a new life with an optimistic smile, and more important, remove the past out of your life.


The secret of Sue: “Explore “the third eye” of gemstones”.

The development of nowaday psychics can help people freely to explore their own spiritual power through using some gemstones. “Third Eye” is located between the eyebrows and long to the center of forehead, this eye is considered to help you to see mind and intuition. Leaving a few gemstones around the living area, or even stick them to the position of “third eye” when sleeping is useful tip to promote each person's intuition.

Here are precious gems and metals that you can use to expand the window of your mind:

Selenite stone:

This is a white precious stone, structured with tiny tubes that are bounded together and allow light through. Because of this nature, this magic selenite stone can help you find the total opening of mind and store sources of supernatural power.

Iolite Stone:

Depending on the section and perspective, Iolite stone has different colors. A blue-violet stone when looking comprehensive, be jade when looked at one side, be transparent color when viewed from the other side, and yellow like honey if you look from the top. This nature makes this stone called jade Iolite stone, which contains underground vibration waves can stir the balance of the brain waves to reach a higher level of consciousness and develop vision of wisdom.

Azurite Stone:

This blue stone is called “God's Stone” with the ability to comprehend the “energy center” source, used to expand the mind and endless energy of the mind. They are used to develop internal capacity with the peak of awareness.

Azurite is a malachite stone - a crystalline wrapped with copper - but Azurite is dark blue, that’s why they are used to purify the mind.

Metallic silver:

Silver is considered one of the important metals in psychics, they are considered to reflect the human mind to another world, in other words, we can distinguish the difference between physical and soul, and can store the souls. That's why, the bereavements often wrap the mirror in the house with black paper, to avoid the soul lost and trapped in the mundane world.

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