In pregnancy, pregnant women need to go to check at least 3 times.

Not all of the pregnant women have enough necessary knowledge about pregnancy. To help 9 months of pregnancy completely and lovely babies develop well, pregnant women need to pay attention to the following things:

When you become pregnant, you should:

Provide yourself with nutrients

You should remember that eating with enough nutrients will be necessary for you and your children’s development. Therefore, you should drink a lot of water and eat enough food, especially necessary foods (providing energy such as rice, corn, sweet potato, cassava and bread; developing body such as meat, fish, milk and egg; protecting body such as fruits, green vegetables, liver, fish, egg). You shouldn’t abstain foods that you often eat before you become pregnant.

Pregnant women should remember to eat enough nutrients.

Pregnant women should remember to eat enough nutrients.

Have pregnancy tests

In pregnancy, you should test pregnancy from 3 to 4 times: the first time for the first 3 months, once for 3 middle months, once or twice for the last 3 months. If you have condition, you should test pregnancy more. Testing pregnancy will help you know development of fetus and it also helps you know that whether you have any diseases or difficulties that need to be behaved or not. Testing pregnancy also helps you know that you will birth normally or have especial intervention (cesarean). Therefore, in times for testing pregnancy in the last 3 months, you should ask doctor or midwife for idea to choose suitable place for giving birth (If you are warned that you will have difficulty in giving birth, doctor or midwife will direct you to give birth at a medical station that have enough means to give emergency aid).

In pregnancy, you should test pregnancy from 3 to 4 times.

In pregnancy, you should test pregnancy from 3 to 4 times.

Provide yourself with Fe

In pregnancy, demand about of women is often double or 3 times with normal time. Therefore, pregnant women often have anemia. To avoid lacking blood, you should eat foods that contain a lot of Fe such as lean meat, liver, green vegetable, drinking Fe tablets with direction of doctor and midwife.


Vaccinate to prevent tetanus twice. The first injection needs to inject as soon as possible (often inject when you test pregnancy the first time). The second injection is separated with 1 month and the latest time is 1 month before giving birth (often inject when you test pregnancy in the second or third time). Vaccinating will help yourselves and your children prevent dangerous disease or after giving birth is tetanus. Vaccine isn’t harmful to fetus and you.

Get enough sleep

Every night, you should sleep at least 8 hours. Take rest sufficiently to help you feel comfortable, for example, taking a noon nap about 1 hour every day.

Every night, pregnant women should sleep at least 8 hours.

Every night, pregnant women should sleep at least 8 hours.

Make hygiene for body

Take a bath regularly will help body clean. This is necessary thing in pregnancy. Moreover, to give condition for raising children with mother’s milk in the future, you should take care of your breast since you become pregnant by wiping or washing nipples smoothly every day. Some women have nipples that short and flattened or concave inside. If you have concave nipples, you should gradually crush and pull nipples smoothly outside. You should do that in some minutes every day to help your children suck more easily after that.

Do exercise

Doing exercise regularly is a necessary thing during pregnancy. Practicing sport will help reduce bad effect in pregnancy such as ache in body, reduce morning sickness, increase energy… However, you need to pay attention that you shouldn’t practice beyond your strength and practice difficult exercises. You didn’t use to practice sport before, so you can begin with smooth exercises such as yoga, swimming, or walking.

Pregnant women should do exercise smoothly and regularly.

Pregnant women should do exercise smoothly and regularly.

Register prenatal class

At these classes, experts will direct you thoroughly about knowledge of taking care of fetus, preparation for giving birth, newborn-babies, raising children with mothers’ milk. Moreover, you can also be provided with important information about becoming pregnant and giving birth. If you have any question about any problem, you should ask doctor. You can go there with your husband to help him have more knowledge to take care of your child.

Don’t forget to refer to other pregnant women’s experience in this class. This thing is also useful.

In pregnancy, you shouldn’t

In the first 3 months of pregnancy and one month before giving birth, you shouldn’t have sexual relation.

You shouldn’t wear tight undershirt and you shouldn’t wear clothes that cling to body. You shouldn’t wear high-heels.

When you go to bed, you shouldn’t lie on your back, you should lie on your left side to feel more comfortable.

When pregnant women go to bed, they should lie on their side.

When pregnant women go to bed, they should lie on their side.

To avoid infectious diseases, pregnant women shouldn’t play with dog, cat.

Pregnant women shouldn’t eat a lot of sugar because it can lead to diabetes and fetus will become big. As a result, it will increase heavy feeling and pregnant women will have difficulty in giving birth. In addition, it also affects fetus’s health.

Pregnant women shouldn’t dye their hair because chemicals can be absorbed through skin it will go into blood vessels and it will affect fetus.

Wine and cigarette can make chromosome of fetus get out of shape. In serious cases, it can lead to miscarriage, so pregnant women shouldn’t absolutely use. They shouldn’t eat strong tea and coffee.

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink wine and smoke cigarette.

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink wine and smoke cigarette.

Back and backbone of pregnant women more curved than the time when you haven’t become pregnant yet. If you lie on soft cushion in a long time, it will make position of backbone wrong, block nerve, increase weight for back muscles. This thing can not only make pregnant women have backache but also increase tiredness. So, pregnant women shouldn’t lie on soft cushion.

Pregnant women shouldn’t let them in state of depression, stress, or arguing with their husbands. It will affect eating and drinking demand and digestion of pregnant women. And, it also affects fetus.

Pregnant women should remember that from the 20th week of pregnancy, babies in mothers’ wombs can hear noises outside. They can distinguish smooth and comforting words with annoyed and strict statement.

Over 50% of pregnant women have problems about skin. However, many pregnant women think that diseases about skin don’t affect health, they only affect beauty. As a result, many pregnant disregard and don’t cure. Especially, they should pay attention to diseases about skin that exist before you become pregnant more. You need to meet specialized doctors if you recognize symptoms about skin during pregnancy. Some diseases about skin because of pregnancy like itch, hair follicle inflammation of pregnancy jaundice of pregnancy… These diseases are often serious and they can affect health and life of both mothers and babies.

When you are pregnant, you shouldn’t do heavy work, shouldn’t stand in a long time and try to avoid constipation.

Pregnant women shouldn’t massage nipples to avoid stimulation of nipples that can cause spasm of uterus and as a result, it will lead to miscarriage.

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