Diet is foundation of human health. Therefore, how is a diet that can help your body become balanced and healthy and prevent a series of problems affecting aging of human body?

We know that oxygen plays an important part in people’s existence. However, at the same time, oxygen will interact with other elements and then they will do some chemical reactions and it will make these elements oxidize. However, oxidization will create a large amount of free roots.

Diet is foundation of human health.

Diet is foundation of human health.

Free roots are molecules or splinters of molecules that have simple charge in outside orbit. Because of the presence of this charge, free roots have a special attribute – that is high ability of oxidization. Free root (oxidant) is always born in people’s body and it also has positive role to body.

The important thing is that in healthy body, free roots are produced with a limitation and they aren’t redundant to be harmful because besides free roots, there is always system of oxidants that can balance again and neutralize harmful free roots. When free roots are produced a lot and system of endogenous oxidants doesn’t have enough strength to balance, body can lead to disorder of pathology.

In daily life, a series of reason can stimulates all of free roots such as all kinds of pollution, smoking cigarette, fried or roasted foods as well as ultraviolet ray of sun… People have a lot of diseases that have relation to this thing such as cancer, heart disease, early aging. Free roots will improve aging process of body and destroy DNA in nucleus of cell and lead to diseases by destroying healthy cells.

Green vegetables and fruits play important part in providing oxidants for body of people. Nutrients in vegetables and fruits that have effect in preventing oxidization including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and some micronutrients such as Selen and zinc….

The above components are mainly contained in the following foods:

·         Yellow fruits like orange, kinds of vegetable such as carrot and pumpkin, fish contain a lot of vitamin A.

Orange is rich of vitamin A.

Orange is rich of vitamin A.

·         Fruits, kinds of green vegetable such as broccoli, cauliflower…, berries such as strawberry, blueberry, raspberry as well as potato and sweet potato... contain a lot of vitamin C.

Broccoli and cauliflower are rich of vitamin C.

Broccoli and cauliflower are rich of vitamin C.

·         Nuts, kind of grain, butter, vegetable oil, fish oil…contains a lot of vitamin E.

·         Brazil nuts, tuna, cabbage, contain a lot of selenium.

·         Pumpkin, sunflower, fish and almond contain a lot of zinc…

In daily meals, you can eat more with the above foods in portion to increase the amount of oxidants in your body. Therefore, you yourselves can protect your body from harmful effects of free roots and it can make you become younger a lot.

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