Pregnant women should go for a walk

Contacting with sunlight in pregnancy will help fetus absorb magnesium more. Magnesium is substance that is necessary for development of tissue, transformation of calcium and phosphor. They can help babies have strong teeth and bones from mothers’ womb.

Lie on your side when you sleep

This posture allows maximum output of blood to fetus. If mothers lie on their back, this thing will cause a lot of pressure for babies. In addition, it also limits blood output to mothers’ heart, and as a result, it can make mothers feel dizzy.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth

Pregnancy will lead to changes about teeth and mouth. It can make gums inflame, bleed and catch bacteria. Therefore, mothers should ensure to brush your teeth twice a day and gargle with salt water that is made weak after each time of brushing teeth.

Take a bath with water that is warm enough

Soaking in hot bathtub can cause unusual things for fetus, especially nerve system. In addition, you will feel hot when you take a bath with too hot water, it makes you increase sweat, feel dizzy and it also make skin red.

Don’t try to endure urinating

If you want to urinate, you shouldn’t try to endure urination. Enduring urination can make the risk of infection about urinating system. In serious case, it can lead to premature birth.

Do exercise regularly

You should do exercise smoothly in pregnancy. Practicing will help blood output increase and it will bring benefit for development of babies.

Doing exercise regularly will help fetus become more healthy.

Doing exercise regularly will help fetus become more healthy.

Don’t wear high-heels

Hormones in pregnancy make ligaments in back loose. Therefore, legs and ankles will be inflamed and they will be painful. Hence, you shouldn’t absolutely wear high-heels as well as kinds of sandals having a lot of strings to tie.

Choose comfortable costumes

Gaining weight in pregnancy will make circulation of blood increase, so you will have hot feeling. In pregnancy, especially in summer, pregnant women should choose costumes whose cloth is cool, light and absorbs sweat as natural materials such as cotton that can make skin comfortable.

In pregnancy, especially in summer, women should choose costumes whose cloth is cool.

In pregnancy, especially in summer, women should choose costumes whose cloth is cool.

Choose undershirt

In pregnancy, breast becomes big and uncomfortable, so you should choose elastic and possible undershirt. In the second quarter, a normal undershirt isn’t possible with breast.

Feel optimistic

A research in America shows that mothers that feel optimistic will help babies become healthier. If you have a bad day, you should relax with bathtub, massage or breathe deeply.

If pregnant women go to work

Consider place to work

Working environment affects fetus and mother. Therefore, in pregnancy, you need to work in environment that doesn’t contain harmful risks.

Feel comfortable in office:

Check seat, adjust comfortable sitting posture with computer. You can talk with your chief if you want to reduce work or avoid hark or poisonous work.

Checking fetus

Go to check dental medicine

In pregnancy, many women have inflammation in teeth and gums. As a result, it can lead to premature birth. Therefore, if possible, you should talk with your doctor about your pregnancy when you go to check dental medicine.

Pay attention to your history about catching disease

If you have history about catching disease through sex or other diseases, you should tell doctor that checks fetus know. Doctor will pay attention to all of the things that can be harmful to fetus.

Check pregnancy periodically

Pregnant women shouldn’t forget to check pregnancy with doctor’s schedule Mothers shouldn’t ignore important times for checking pregnancy such as weeks 12, 22, 32. During pregnancy, you should go to check pregnancy immediately if you recognize any unusual things that make you worry.

Pregnant women should go to check pregnancy periodically.

Pregnant women should go to check pregnancy periodically.

Connect with lovely babies

Talk with womb:

Scientists proved that babies can stimulate with sound and know to contact although they aren’t born. Talking with babies in womb will help babies improve eyesight, hearing, development of language and exercise, increase confidence and make babies sleep better.

Recognize movement of babies:

If babies move less than normal or they stop moving, you should go to check immediately. You need to study way to take note about movements of babies. Normally, it is 10 movements in a while to ensure that babies are healthy.

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