Social Media: Sharer Or Socialiser?

Facebook versus twitter – what they say about you

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? According to a study conducted at Manchester Business School (UK), your social media preference says a lot about your personality.

Study leader David Hughes reported that people used Facebook more for socializing, while those on Twitter used their 140 character updates to share information.

Description: Social Media

Social Media

Those participants who used Facebook mostly for socializing used the site to forge social ties and combat loneliness, while social Twitter users used it more as a form of procrastination.

The researchers concluded that Facebook users seek and share information as a way of avoiding more cognitively demanding sources such as journal articles and newspaper reports. Twitter users, by contrast, use the site for its cognitive stimulation, as a way of uncovering useful information and material without socializing.

Those participants who scored higher in “need for cognition” (need to be mentally engaged and stimulated) tended to prefer Twitter, while higher scores in sociability, neuroticism and extraversion tended to prefer Facebook.

Think away the pain

Next time your stub your toe, don’t wait for the pain to go away naturally. Start doing the times table or some other mentally taxing activity. Study findings based on spinal fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) as people experienced painful levels of heat show that mental distractions inhibit the response to incoming pain. The research group asked participants to complete either a hard or easy memory task, both requiring them to remember letters, while they applied a painful level of heat to their arms. When study participants were more distracted by the harder of the two memory tasks, they did indeed perceive less pain.

The Beauty Bias

When you apologise, how likely is it that you’ll be forgiven? Well, it depends on your appearance in different situations.

Description: Columbus State University (US)

Columbus State University (US)

Attractiveness – or lack of it – plays a role, suggests a study from Columbus State University (US) published in Personal Relationships. A man is more likely to forgive a pretty offender, but a female can’t help finding a less-attractive women’s apology the most convincing. “For female offenders, being attractive can be an asset or a hindrance, depending on the gender of the person they need to apoligise to,” says lead author April Phillips.

“A male victim, who may want to pursue a relationship with a female offender in the future, can preserve this possibility [of a relationship] if he’s willing to offer forgiveness in some circumstances. But a woman who perceives the offender to be a potential rival might be less likely to offer forgiveness.”

One-on-one with… Dianne McEwan

Description: Dianne McEwan

Dianne McEwan

Stormy weather and choppy water’s couldn’t stop Dianne McEwan from tackling the 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42km run that led her to place fourth among the women in this year’s Ironman South Africa. Dianne is now the only South Africa woman to ever make it into the top five of this race. At 28, she’s not only realised a first for her country, but one of her own – it was the first time she’d ever raced as a pro.

Triathlon fever

Triathlon is a way of life. Triathletes are passionate about healthy and balanced living and I love the multi-event element. As a triathlete, you realise you aren’t invincible. You may be the best at swimming, biking and running combined but the best single-sport athlete can generally beat you in their chosen discipline. You need passion, commitment and dedication.

The beginning

My Ironman (IM) journey began when I was still studying. I was a spectator and fell in love with the emotion, courage and challenge. I could immediately envision myself competing.

The hardest part about an IM is the intense, time-consuming training and preparation. The event can’t be seen in isolation – it’s months of sacrifice and hard work. In the end, the friendships and sense of achievement make it worthwhile.

I’ve completed six IMs before but this was my first year as a pro. I never thought about giving up; I was focused and in control. The body is an amazing thing: it can withstand and do whatever you train or teach it. So if you prepare properly, an IMs is well within your limits.

No excuses

My days are full so I need to leave the office with enough energy to hit training session number two of the day. I prepare most of my food the night before. I eat a small meal every two to three hours. Each meal is broken down into an exact number of kJ, carbs, fats and protein.

Before a race, I have a bowl of Future Life (a low-GI energy meal) and coffee. From then on, I’ll sip an energy drink until the start. Afterwards, I celebrate with a hamburger and cider at one of my favourite  burger joints in Cape Town. Otherwise, red wine and chocolate works. See diannemcewan.me

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