Apple not only is easy to eat but also increases resistance for pregnant women and fetuses.

According to experts, apple contains a lot of nutrients that are useful for pregnant women and fetus. This is kind of fruit that is easy to eat and popular.

The nutritious content in an apple

·         Energy: 81kcl

·         Potassium: 159mg

·         Protein: 1/2g

·         Folic acid: 4mcg

·         Carbohydrate: 21g

·         Fiber: 4g

·         Vitamin C: 8g

·         Vitamin B3: 0.106mg

·         Vitamin A: 74IU

Effects of apples to pregnant women

Prevent constipation

Every day, if pregnant women eat 1-2 apples, they will be good for digestive system and reduce constipation – this is disease that is popular in pregnancy.

Apple can help pregnant women prevent constipation.

Apple can help pregnant women prevent constipation.

Prevent bacterial contamination

Especially after main meals, if you have dessert with fresh apples, they will help you prevent diseases about teeth, mouth; prevent tooth decay and stomachache. Keeping hygiene well in pregnancy is very important.

Reduce headache

Drinking orange juice and rubbing it on your head and temporal area will reduce stress, headache and especially tiredness for pregnant women that have morning sickness.

Prevent asthma

Apple is rich of flavonoid and other antioxidants that can increase resistance, reduce the risk of catching asthma to fetus and little babies after being born.

Prevent diarrhea

Diarrhea in pregnancy is rather dangerous. Therefore, pregnant women should know how to prevent to reduce the risk of catching disease. Apple contains pectin that helps balance quantity of bacterium in bowel and prevents diarrhea. If you have diarrhea, you can eat more to gain effect of treating.

Treat spasm

Serious spasm in pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. The reason of this phenomenon can be that pregnant women lack in calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, C. Apple contains a lot of these substances.

Intensify immune ability

Eating apple helps stimulate to produce antibody and white blood cell. Every day, pregnant women should eat an apple to increase immune ability.

Effects of apples to fetus

Reduce the risk of catching disease to fetus

Recently, people have carried out a research about effects of apple to pregnant women: pregnant women were divided into 2 groups, 1 group didn’t eat apple and the other ate 1-2 apples. Result shows that women that eat apple regularly will reduce the risk of catching asthma for babies after they are born.

Help babies have little allergy after they are born

Antioxidants in apple not only help increase immune system of mothers but also are premise for fetus’s health. If mothers eat apples regularly, it will help babies have less allergy than others.

Ways that help you choose delicious apples

You need to know how to choose delicious apples.

You need to know how to choose delicious apples.

Choose apples that are packed. Peal of this kind of apple is cleaner; it is affected by polluted air, repellent, preservative less.

Surface of apple is fresh and it has natural wax or a kind thin of flour of fruit. To improve value and avoid making apples lose water, people use machine to polish and use preservative. Hence, you should sharpen peal before eating.

You should choose kinds of apple that have reference about clean apple, and at least, they are chosen and verified. They will be safer than other normal kinds of apple.

Delicious dishes with apple for pregnant women

Apple juice

Apple juice

Apple juice

Raw materials:

·         2 apples

·         ½ lemon

·         Salt, boiled and filtered water

How to do:

·         Apples are sharpened and cut into pieces along

·         Prepare a bowl of water and squeeze the juice out of lemon, pour a little of salt

·         Soak apples in water and water covers all of apples

·         Use juicer and press apples

·         Pour in glass and drink immediately

Apple tea – fresh milk

Raw materials:

·         1 apple, 1 tea bag (Lipton or Dimah)

·         150ml of fresh milk, sugar, ice, lemon, mint

How to do:

·         Put milk in microwave or heat, soak tea bag in 5 minutes and take it out

·         Wash apples, sharpen peal, pour them into juicer and press to take juice

·         Pour milk tea, sugar, ice, then shake so that it floats smooth froth

·         Pour it into glass, cut a slice of lemon to decorate and enjoy

Pork cooks with apples and tomatoes

Raw materials:

·         Pork: 500grams, 2 big apples, 300 grams of tomato, 30 grams of dry grapes

·         Onion: 150 grams, garlic: 3 cloves, coconut milk: 150ml

·         Curry: 4 spoons, a little of cooking oil, salt and pepper

How to do:

·         Wash pork, cut into square piece

·         Sharpen peal of apples, each of apple is cut into 6 parts

·         Tomatoes are cut into big tiny cubes

·         Onion is cut into 4 parts and then they are sliced. Garlic is ground. Pour onion and garlic into pot and fry until they have smell, pour pork into and fry in 5 minutes and give tomato and mix them.

·         Continue pouring apples, onion, curry and salt into pot, and do similar manipulation. Sprinkle coconut milk in pot, cover lid, cook with small fire in 40 minutes, you will have dish that pork is cooked with apples, tomatoes, dry grapes and fragrant curry.

·         Scoop them to dish, dust pepper, you can eat it with hot rice, soft noodles, or bread.

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