This exclusive diet answering every workday scenario is the eating equivalent of a WorkSafe check. Tip: pin it on your partition.

Between the 'back to back meeting day servo muffin', the B 'client lunch day third course' and the 'colleague's birthday sponge', it's a minor miracle that we working women aren't hauling as many spare types as a road train. But there's something even more sinister than a muffin top in office eating. Munching al desko, working shifts and self-medicating stress with the entire box of charity lollies can seriously undermine the power of your noggin. But while it might be tempting to blame circumstance (okay, your boss) - a quarter of Aussies say their bosses derail their healthy eating intentions, according to the 2012 AIA Healthy Living Index Monitor it is reasonably easy to eat for a healthy body and mind, and work your butt off. Reality check: between Monday and Friday you get to choose around 35 meals and snacks. Even if there are a few curve balls, them 's pretty good odds. Dr. Libby Weaver, author of Accidently Overweight and USANA Health Sciences' global health educator, says that employees often overlook their power. "The reality is, there are 35 eating occasions in a week three main meals and two snacks per day. Even with a pushy boss who insists you join the team for lunch and dinner every day of the week, you still have the opportunity to make nourishing food choices for 23 of those eating occasions," she says.

The reality is, there are 35 eating occasions in a week three main meals and two snacks per day

The reality is, there are 35 eating occasions in a week three main meals and two snacks per day

Of course it's not that simple. The principles that apply to overeating generally, translate to the workplace. And let's face it, a pressure-cooker environment can almost mandate fat and sugar. And, honest moment: the stress won't go away. So if you are serious about changing your workday diet (and discovering how well your brain can really work), Dr. Weaver suggests an honest talk to your colleagues and employers, so that "they can assist you with your health and wellness goals". Rock up to the tearoom with these food answers to every workday type and we promise you won't be the one inhaling reheated office Caff Carbonara.

1.    The day with back to back meetings and no time for a proper lunch.

Beware: Foods containing fast-acting sugar will drop you    Ideally, try to eat something light also plan to have something faster than a Kardashian's husband.

Nutritionist and IsoWhey Ambassador Zoe Bingley- Pullin suggests that the most important thing for you is to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day. "This is really important to maintain your focus through a long day of complex understanding," she says. Your secondary goal, Bingley-Pullin says, is making sure you get enough nutrients when you do eat, so you'll need to snack every three hours and include nuts, seeds, dried or even fresh fruit. This will provide protein as well as a small amount of carbohydrates to sustain blood sugar levels throughout the day." Nutritionist Dr. Rebecca H. advises an early start on mornings you will be flat chat. "Get up earlier and have a hearty breakfast with healthy protein, low GI fruit/ vegies and good fats," she says. This will generate the feeling of fullness for longer and help to regulate your blood sugar throughout the day.

"This is really important to maintain your focus through a long day of complex understanding," she says

Although foods that contain high amounts of fast-acting sugar may give you a pep-up, over a long day, they can drop your blood sugar and do more harm than good. It's advisable to remain hydrated throughout the meetings. Dry air from air-conditioning, and even just talking for long periods, can dehydrate you, so make sure you have a jug of water handy to sip throughout your meetings.

2.    The day with a three-course, boozy client lunch.

Beware: The vino. Not only does booze put the brakes on torching your meal, being trolleyed doesn't scream 'promotion'.

"these will add unnecessary calories to your daily consumption".

The best advice for these situations is to avoid excess consumption of alcohol; when you're trying to impress a client, nothing looks worse than slurring over your lunch and tripping over your napkin when you make a less than graceful exit from the table. Try alternating one glass of wine with one glass of soda/tap water, while trying to consume more soda or tap water than wine. Alternatively, if the situation calls for alcohol consumption, try vodka, lime and soda or vodka and tonic; this will allow you to avoid unnecessary sugary mixer drinks and additional calories. Three course meals in themselves can be a killer to any low calorie diet plan. Bingley-Pullin recommends avoiding the complimentary table breads as "these will add unnecessary calories to your daily consumption". Also try to avoid the deep fried options and choose those that are baked or grilled. Avoid the big pasta/rice meals, if possible, and try to choose a high protein option where possible. This can include baked fish, grilled chicken, grilled beef or steak or a seafood option that isn't fried. Also, a vegetarian option may be lower in calories. "Lastly, although the dessert menu looks great, its best to avoid them, ask for a low fat flat white or cappuccino if you would like to remain sociable."

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