Nutrition affects the development of teenagers.

Teenager is middle period of teenage and adult. This is golden period for development of both constitution and spirit. Nutrition is physical foundation to ensure normal growing and development of body.

With teenage period, your body will change quickly. Nutrition is accompanied with development. In this age, organs, muscles, fat and bone frame develop.

Nutrition affects development of teenagers.

Nutrition affects development of teenagers.

Nutrition affects the development of teenagers

According to statistics, from 12 to 18 years old, teenager’s weight will increase with medium rate about 20-30 kilograms and their height also increases about 28-30cm. To get used to and satisfy this demand and keep body healthy, it depends on providing enough nutrients or suitable order of arrangement about nutrition so that it can ensure healthy development and development of the body for teenagers.

Bringing up teenagers is a complex problem. It is different from demand about nutrition of adults. Besides satisfying basic physiological demand, energy and nutrition for teenagers need to satisfy growing and developing demand of teenagers both physicality and spirit. If parents don’t pay attention to state about physicality of teenagers and special demand, it will affect directly or obstruct normal development of teenagers. It can even lead to some diseases that can cause harmfulness to health. Among them, some damages can be restored, but some others can even affect the future life of teenagers.

Bringing up teenagers is a complex problem.

Bringing up teenagers is a complex problem.

For example, if teenagers don’t have enough protein, energy and calcium of diet in a long time, this thing can cause bone disorder of hands, legs and blond hair. Lacking vitamin A can make skin become rough. Other vitamins such as riboflavin (vitamin B2), acid nicotinic (vitamin PP), vitamin C and vitamin E play important part in protecting skin. Consequently lacking nutrients will cause many kinds of disease about skin. Moreover, minerals and micronutrients have different effects on human body. For example, lacking in Fe can lead to lacking blood, lacking zinc, obstructing development of body, and as a result, teenagers will have small stature. So, body won’t have the amount of fluorine and it will lead to tooth decay.

Moreover, boys and girls don’t have the same demand. A girl’s height can increase 15cm in 2 years; a boy’s height can increase over 20cm in 6 months. Girls develop quickly in age from 13-15 years old. The speed of development will be slow when girls have menstruation. Boys begin to develop slower with a little from 12-13 years old and it will increase to 18 years old. So, nutrition for 2 genders is different in the same age.

Necessary for teenagers

Main reasons that make balance of nutrition lose include: not having enough source to provide food, habit of poor eating and drinking, being lazy doing exercise… So, parents should pay attention to these problems in daily life so that they can provide their children with a balanced and healthy diet.

Providing energy for teenagers needs to be diversified from different foods: Starch: bread, rice, vermicelli, grain, potato...; kinds of food that are rich in calcium are yoghurt cheese, fresh milk, orange juice, mineral water; foods that are rich in Fe such as shrimp, crab, oyster, cocoa, liver, lentil, beef, lamb, chocolate, egg, poultry meat, foods that are rich in protein such as meat, fish, egg….

Providing energy for teenagers needs to be diversified from different foods.

Providing energy for teenagers needs to be diversified from different foods.

Besides, you need to create habit in eating and drinking for teenagers: drinking 6-8cups of water every day; eating enough meals including breakfast; eating and drinking with diversified foods; choosing portion that contains a lot of grains, vegetables and fruits; choosing portion with less fat, fat can cause atherosclerosis; choosing portion that contains the suitable amount of sugar and salt; choosing portion that provides enough calcium and Fe that are necessary for development of the body….

Besides, doing exercise regularly will be important element to have a body that develops totally, has balance, and healthy heart, stable bone.

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